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Angel Names

Hey are you looking for angel names, then you have navigated to a best place to find them. In this article we have collected more than 100+ angel names those can be used as baby names or for usernames or for anything you want.

Angels are considered as messengers of God. There are different type of angels for different type of good things. For instance, Ariel is an angel and it means "Lion of God". You did a great job by choosing angel names for naming your little one. Good Luck.


Top Angel Names List :

Christian Angel Names :

  1. Ananiel
  2. Rain of God

  3. Arakiel
  4. Fallen Angel, also called Araciel, Arkas and also belongs to Judaism.

  5. Ariel
  6. Lion of God and also found in Judaism

  7. Armaros
  8. Means cursed one and can be found in Judaism.

  9. Asbeel
  10. Is a fallen angel.

  11. Azazel
  12. Desolate place and is a fallen angel and also belongs to Islam, Judaism, Yazdânism

  13. Barachiel
  14. Related to blessings,lightning angels.

  15. Batariel
  16. Valley of god and can be found in Judaism also.

  17. Bezaliel
  18. Is a fallen angel and belongs to Judaism also

  19. Camael
  20. Angel of strength, courage and war and related to Judaism too.

  21. Cassiel
  22. Cover of God, Speed of God and can be found in Islam, Judaism.

  23. Chalkydri
  24. Related to carriers of sun's heat (+Judaism)

  25. Chazaqiel
  26. Means God's cloud (+Judaism)

  27. Cherub
  28. Belongs to unearthly beings (+Judaism)

  29. Daniel
  30. He taught signs of sun to humans (+Judaism)

  31. Gabriel
  32. Is an archangel and related destruction (+Judaism)

  33. Gadreel
  34. His duty is to deceive eve. (+Judaism)

  35. Hahasiah
  36. Not found (+Judaism).

  37. Haniel
  38. Associates with Venus and an Archangel (+Judaism)

  39. Hashmal
  40. Not found (+Judaism).

  41. Imamiah
  42. Not found (+Judaism).

  43. Jegudiel
  44. Is an Archangel.

  45. Jehoel
  46. Related to fire (+Judaism)

  47. Jequn
  48. Unknown (+Islam, Judaism)

  49. Jerahmeel
  50. Is an Archangel (+Judaism)

  51. Jophiel
  52. Angel of wisdom, judgement and understanding (+Judaism)

  53. Kokabiel
  54. Angel of the star (+Judaism)

  55. Kushiel
  56. Means rigid one of God and related to punishment.

  57. Mebahiah
  58. Not found (+Judaism).

  59. Michael
  60. General in God's military (+ Islam, Judaism,Yazdânism)

  61. Nanael
  62. Not found (+Judaism).

  63. Netzach
  64. Eternity (+Judaism)

  65. Nithael
  66. Not found (+Judaism).

  67. Ophaniel
  68. Not found (+Judaism).

  69. Pahaliah
  70. Guardian angel and related to virtuosity

  71. Penemue
  72. He is a curer of stupidity (+Judaism)

  73. Phanuel
  74. Means the face of God (+Judaism)

  75. Powers
  76. Related to authority (+Judaism)

  77. Poyel
  78. Not found (+Judaism).

  79. Principalities
  80. Related to authority (+Judaism)

  81. Raguel
  82. Also called Rakul, Raquel and Angel of Justice (+Judaism, Islam).

  83. Ramiel
  84. Means thunder of God. (+Judaism)

  85. Raphael
  86. Responsible for healing in all manners (+ Islam, Judaism, Yazdânism)

  87. Rikbiel
  88. Not found (+Judaism).

  89. Sachiel
  90. Means the covering of God (+Judaism).

  91. Samael
  92. Means venom of God, Blindness of God (+Judaism).

  93. Sandalphon
  94. Protector of unborn children (+Judaism, Islam)

  95. Sarathiel
  96. Related to Discipline and Penance.

  97. Sariel
  98. Not found (+Judaism, Islam).

  99. Selaphiel
  100. Related prayer and worship.

  101. Seraph
  102. Not found (+Judaism, Islam).

  103. Seraphiel
  104. Protector of Metatron (+Judaism)

  105. Shamsiel
  106. Means son of God. (+Judaism)

  107. Tamiel
  108. Not found (+Judaism).

  109. Temeluchus
  110. Merciless Angel (+Judaism)

  111. Thrones
  112. Not found (+Judaism).

  113. Turiel
  114. Means rock of God (+Judaism)

  115. Uriel
  116. Patron of the Arts (+Judaism)

  117. Vasiariah
  118. Not found (+Judaism).

  119. Vehuel
  120. Not found (+Judaism).

  121. Virtues
  122. Not found (+Judaism).

  123. Watcher
  124. Not found (+Judaism).

  125. Wormwood
  126. Related to war

  127. Yomiel
  128. Not found (+Judaism).

  129. Zachariel
  130. Angel of healing

  131. Zadkiel
  132. Angel of freedom, benevolence, mercy (+Judaism)

  133. Zaphkiel
  134. Means God's knowledge (+Judaism)

  135. Zaqiel
  136. Means purity of God (+Judaism)

Islamic Angel Names :

  1. Azrael
  2. Angel of death (+Judaism)

  3. Dadrail
  4. Not found (+Yazdânism).

  5. Harut
  6. Related to sorcery

  7. Hamalat al-Arsh
  8. Not found

  9. Hadraniel
  10. Guards the second heaven gate (+ Gnosticism, Judaism)

  11. Ishim
  12. Not found (+Judaism).

  13. Israfil
  14. Related to music

  15. Kalka'il
  16. Guards the entrance of fifth heaven

  17. Kiraman Katibin
  18. Related to recorders of human thoughts, acts etc.

  19. Metatron
  20. Is an Archangel (+Judaism).

  21. Artiya'il
  22. Responsible for removing grief

  23. Maalik
  24. Related to hellfire.

  25. Marut
  26. Related to sorcery

  27. Munkar
  28. Angel of death

  29. Nakir
  30. Angel of death

Judaism Angel Names :

  1. Arariel
  2. Related to waters of earth

  3. Baraqiel
  4. Means lightning of God

  5. Hofniel
  6. Is an Archangel

  7. Kepharel
  8. Is an Archangel

  9. Kerubiel
  10. Not known

  11. Lailah
  12. Related to night.

  13. Nuriel
  14. Related to hailstorms

  15. Pravuil
  16. Is a record keeper

  17. Puriel
  18. Fiery and pitiless

  19. Radueriel
  20. Unknown

  21. Raziel
  22. Angel of mysteries

  23. Sabriel
  24. Related to miracles

  25. Sahaquiel
  26. Guard of fourth heaven

  27. Samyaza
  28. Not known (+ Manichaeism)

  29. Sidriel
  30. Not known

  31. Uziel
  32. Not known

  33. Zephaniel
  34. Is an Archangel

  35. Zephon
  36. Is an Archangel

Angel Names

Tips for selecting a good angel name

First select the theology and kind of angel.

There are many theologies available such as Christianity, judaism, Islam Etc and every angel has its uniqueness like fire, kindness, merciless etc so first decide which kind of name you want.

Keep the name short and simple

Prefer selecting the name which is short and easy to remember avoid hard to spell, forgetable names.

Try to search on different internet platforms.

There are lot of websites on internet today so spending some amount of time to get a perfect name is not so bad.

Pick some set of names

Pick some angel names which you like and make a list, finally select a name

Mention :Go to Wikipedia (Angel Names Article) to get clear information about angel names

Conclusion We hope you got a perfect angel name if not try other websites also. Thanks for visiting our site.

Disclaimer: We collected these names from different sources and if anyone felt any bad we strongly apologizing for that. Thank you.