Best WordPress Plugins for Designing Homepage 2021

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A website’s homepage should be attractive and informative to grab the user’s attention. It is the first impression of any website, so it should be the best impression. Many website owners neglect the design of the homepage or front page.

WordPress plugins for designing homepage

A homepage should reveal everything about a website, like what it is about, its blog posts, about the administrator, contact details, and other things related to the website. In simple words, the core of a website should be understandable by a homepage.

Advantages of Having a Better Homepage

  1. It builds the trustworthiness of a website if it has a better and eye-catchy design. Even if a website is trustworthy, it may lose users because of its weird design and lack of details. According to a report by Stanford, the credibility of a business depends on its website looks based on 75% of people.
  2. If your website attracts visitors, they may suggest to others, and even they use your website frequently. Automatically it leads to building the authority of your site.
  3. With a better homepage with all the details, you will have a positive vibe on your website because you cannot find every detail on all the websites.
  4. As I said above, the first impression of a website is the homepage; according to research, 94% of the first impressions are related to a website’s design.

Best Homepage Designing Plugins for WordPress

Below, mentioning plugins can be used to design any WordPress pages; they have many editing features compared to the default WordPress editor. So without any further delay, let’s dive in.

1. Elementor Website Builder

Elementor is a well-known page builder plugin in WordPress. You can design pages and posts with this plugin by the simple drag and drop method. They have both free and premium versions.

They offer enough designing elements with a free version. It has 5 Million plus active installations, and that’s huge. For those who don’t have programming knowledge and want to build a good-looking website, Elementor is the best choice.

It has a simple drag and drop feature; you can simply choose from the available widgets. You can divide the width of the available space into different columns and use them for different widgets.

There is an option to change the width of the container also. For every widget, you can change the padding, margin, and even typography for some widgets.

Elementor has 35+ free widgets to design your pages, some of them are,

Heading: With this widget, you can change the typography of headings, such as changing font styles, font family, even you can change the font colors.

Image: You can edit the images with this widget; with the default WordPress editor, you cannot get more editing options. But with Elementor, you can crop, resize, change opacity, etc.

Icons: You can use different icons from the list 600+ icons and also change social icons.

And other widgets are text editor, button, image gallery, progress bar, tabs, alert, sidebar and more.

My Opinion

No doubt Elementor is the best page builder plugin for WordPress. Even I personally use Elementor for designing my pages and posts.

It has an attractive interface and an easy drag and drop feature. But with a bundle of options and editing features, a beginner may feel difficulty in using this. Sometimes, I feel the loss of some features available in WordPress editor when using Elementor, so it will be good if they permit using them also.

2. Page Builder by SiteOrigin

It is another famous plugin for page designing in WordPress. It has above one million active installations. It supports almost every theme in WordPress, but you need to check before using this.

It has a simple editing panel for using its widgets and features. Even a new WordPress user can easily understand how to use it without following any tutorials.

You can create or import the page layouts and add rows. You can add background images, change the colors. The widgets of the page builder are the button, editor, post carousel, slider, post content, post loop, etc. You can also use WordPress widgets with this plugin.

My Opinion

The good in this plugin is it is easy to use. It offers only a few widgets along with default WordPress widgets. It doesn’t have more widgets like Elementor, and the user interface is not so attractive. For minimal customization, it is good, but for more attractive designs, Elementor is the option.

3. Beaver Builder

Coming to this page builder, it has above three lakh active installations in WordPress. It has a simple but attractive user interface. It supports default WordPress widgets, and it has widgets like audio, button, heading, HTML, icon, sidebar, etc.

You can add rows with customization; it allows up to 6 columns in a row. And the unique and best thing, you can even add columns in sidebars. Currently, it is offering 4 free templates, including a blank template. It has more widgets and templates in the pro version; the basic version doesn’t have many widgets.

My Opinion

Comparing to Elementor, it doesn’t have more widgets in the free version. The user interface is good comparing to the SiteOrigin page builder.

The less number of widgets in the free version may be the reason for low active installations. This plugin is just for some simple designing, but you can get more with this page builder if you go for pro.

4. Starter Templates

This plugin is super awesome for pre-built templates. With this template, you don’t need to suffer for designing a layout and customizing with spending more time.

Starter templates plugin supports major page builders like Elementor, Beaver, and famous themes like Astra, OceanWP, GeneratePress, etc. It also supports the default WordPress editor in the form of Gutenberg blocks.

With templates, it also has some well-designed blocks to use in posts and pages; those are a call to action, services, about, features, etc. It has both a free and premium version; the free version has enough templates to use.

My Opinion

It’s a perfect plugin for those who don’t want to spend hours designing pages as it has amazing pre-built templates and blocks. It’s a wonderful combination with Elementor. Go for it without a doubt.

5. Gutenberg Template Library & Redux Framework

Like Starter templates, it is also a library of pre-designed templates. It supports major themes like Astra, Neve, Avada, etc. It has one million active installations so that you can understand the benefits of this plugin. Supports WordPress 5.0+ editor.

My Opinion

It has beautiful templates and blocks, but the bad thing is it doesn’t support page builders like Elementor, Beaver. And also, it gives us only 5 imports, which means we can import their templates 5 times only; after that, you need to go for the pro version. You cannot get more with the free version.

6. Elementor – Header, Footer & Blocks Template

You might have understood the plugin by seeing its name. Yes, it is especially for the header and footers of the website. Using this plugin with Elementor, you can design and customize your header and footer; even you can replace the header and footer of your installed theme.

You can add navigation menus, change the fonts and also make them responsive for mobile devices. In this plugin, you can find widgets like copyright, retina image, site logo, site title, etc.

My Opinion

You may feel bored with regular headers and footers of installed themes; you can design your header and footer with this. I’m also using this; you can too.

7. Essential Addons for Elementor

It’s an amazing plugin to get the most out of Elementor; it has 70+ designing elements. It also has above a thousand blocks and templates with templately plugin. The elements in these plugins come with fully customized options. One problem with this kind of plugins is, they slow down the website with messy codes, but this plugin doesn’t slow down your website. Some elements of this plugin are,

Post grid: Using this feature, you can display your posts in different styles; the default post style comes with themes that don’t appear attractive; in those cases, it is beneficial.

Fancy text: This is a unique feature that is very rare in designing plugins; you can animate your text in eight different styles using this feature.

Buttons: Again default editor has boring and no customizable buttons, but with this plugin, you can modify your button with different styles and colors.

Forms: It has different forms like contact form 7, ninja forms, caldera forms, wp forms, etc.

Others: Other than these elements, it also has count down, team members, testimonials, pricing table, call to action, progress bar, features list, and many more.

My Opinion

It is a must-have plugin to design your pages beautifully; you can customize more with the Elementor plugin. As I said above, it has many elements and blocks. So, in my opinion, you should try this plugin.


All these plugins have free and premium versions; you can make a better homepage with a free version. Try all the above plugins, keep the design which you like most. I hope this post has impressed you. Thanks for reading.

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