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Unique Boy Names

Hey busy in finding unique name for your baby boy don't worry here we have 150+ names to help you. Choosing perfect unique name is a struggle thing but it makes you fun and responsible. It is the first gift from you to your baby. Sometimes it makes you stress but don't leave it until you find a good name as I already said it's gift to your baby.

We made this names list unique by including different names together. Now it's your duty select a best one from this list. So lets get started.


Unique Boy Names

  1. Aarav
  2. It's a Hindu origin name and it has several meanings such as peaceful.

  3. Desmond
  4. It is a place name in Ireland.

  5. Diego
  6. Spanish origin and short of San Diego.

  7. Aaron
  8. It belongs to Hebrew origin and it means high strength, enlightended.

  9. Caleb
  10. Hebrew origin means faithful

  11. Carson
  12. Means Christian and is of English origin

  13. Caspian
  14. Is of Englsh origin and it is a sea name.

  15. Chandler
  16. Means candle maker and is of English origin

  17. Cody
  18. It means helpful and is of English origin.

  19. Colby
  20. Means coal town and is of Englsih origin

  21. Cole
  22. Means charcoal and from English origin.

  23. Collin
  24. Variant of Nicolas and it is from English origin.

  25. Abdiel
  26. It is Hebrew origin name and it stands for "servant of God".

  27. Adan
  28. It belongs to Spanish origin and it means "man of earth"

  29. Aiden
  30. It derived from Aidan belongs to Irish origin and it means fire.

  31. Dayton
  32. Means town of day and is of English origin.

  33. Declan
  34. Means goodness and is Irish origin

  35. Derek
  36. Means ruler and is of English origin.

  37. Donovan
  38. Is of Irish origin and means brown one.

  39. Cruz
  40. Means cross and is of Spanish origin.

  41. Dax
  42. Means leader and is of French origin.

  43. Duke
  44. Means ruler and is of English origin.
  45. Dylan
  46. Son of sea and is from Welsh mythology

  47. Elijah
  48. Hebrew origin and it means "my god is Yahweh"

  49. Alvaro
  50. It is from Spanish origin and means Guardian.

  51. Alvin
  52. It is of American origin and it means noble friend or old friend.

  53. Emiliano
  54. Means rival and is of Italian origin.

  55. Emory
  56. Means ruler of workplace and is of English origin

  57. Ayaan
  58. It belongs to both Hindu and Arablic origins and it means God's gift.

  59. Barrett
  60. It means trader and is of English origin.

  61. Bennett
  62. Means blessed and is of English origin

  63. Bentley
  64. Means from bent grass field and is of English origin.

  65. Blake
  66. Derived from old English and it is a surname

  67. Brett
  68. It refers people belonging to Britain can be used as girl name also.

  69. Briar
  70. It means small tree and from English origin.

  71. Briggs
  72. It means bridges and used as Scottish surname

  73. Brock
  74. It is a another variant of Brook from English origin

  75. Brody
  76. It is a place name and from Scottish origin

  77. Arlo
  78. It was derived from Anglo-Saxon means fortified hill and is of German origin

  79. Asher
  80. It is from German origin means ash maker

  81. Atticus
  82. It is from Roman origin and it means "of Atticus"

  83. Avery
  84. It is a surname from English origin.

  85. Bryan
  86. It is a variant of Brian means noble and from Irish origin.

  87. Bryce
  88. Celtic origin and means swift.

  89. Brycen
  90. Another version of Bryce.

  91. Bryson
  92. Means son of Brice and is of American origin.

  93. Colson
  94. Variant of cole.

  95. Colton
  96. Means town of cole and is of English origin

  97. Connor
  98. It is from Irish origin and means wolves lover.

  99. Crosb
  100. Means cross settlement and is of English origin

  101. Titus
  102. It is a Greek name and it means title of honour.

  103. Toby
  104. Means God is good and is of English origin

  105. Travis
  106. French origin and means cross over.

  107. Lance
  108. It means land and from English origin

  109. Larkin
  110. Irish origin and it means fierce

  111. Leonidas
  112. Greek and means lion's son.

  113. Leroy
  114. Norman origin and means King.

  115. Liam
  116. Short form of William and from Irish origin

  117. Lochlan
  118. Lake land and from Irish origin.

  119. Lorenzo
  120. Italian name and means winner.

  121. Lucas
  122. Greek name and stands for light.

  123. Trenton
  124. Related to river Trent and is of English origin

  125. Vicente
  126. Latin baby name and means conqueror

  127. Wade
  128. It means ford and is of English origin

  129. Wilder
  130. Wild animal and English origin

  131. Wyatt
  132. Means brave and belongs to English origin

  133. Fletcher
  134. Maker of arrows and from English.

  135. Franco
  136. Spanish origin and means frank,free.

  137. Gavin
  138. Celtic origin ,it means white hawk

  139. Giovanni
  140. From Italian origin and means God is gracious.

  141. Griffin
  142. Welsh origin and it means strong in faith( is a monster)

  143. Gunnar
  144. Nordic origin and means fighter.

  145. Hamza
  146. Arabic origin and it means lion

  147. Harlan
  148. Army land and is from English

  149. Santino
  150. Means Italian origin and means little saint

  151. Sergio
  152. Italian origin and means servant.

  153. Shiloh
  154. It means peace and Biblical name.

  155. Rhett
  156. Means advice and from English origin.

  157. Rhys
  158. Means passion and is of Welsh origin

  159. Ricky
  160. Powerful ruler and is of American origin.

  161. Rodrigo
  162. Spanish origin and it means famous ruler.

  163. Rogelio
  164. It means famous soldier and from Spanish origin.

  165. Ronan
  166. Little seal from Irish origin.

  167. Ronin
  168. Variant of Ronan

  169. Rory
  170. Means King with red hair and is of Irish origin.

  171. Martin
  172. Latin name and it means warrior.

  173. Maverick
  174. Independent and is of American origin

  175. Maxim
  176. Roman origin and it means greatest.

  177. Mekhi
  178. American origin and it means who is like God.

  179. Melvin
  180. Strong friend and is of American origin.

  181. Milan
  182. Kind and is of Latin origin.

  183. Musa
  184. Arabic origin and it means newborn

  185. Nash
  186. From the ash tree and is of English origin.

  187. Niko
  188. Slavic origin and means people of victory.

  189. Nixon
  190. Son of Nicolas and is of Irish origin

  191. Noah
  192. Peace and is of Hebrew origin

  193. Noe
  194. Hebrew origin and means repose.

  195. Oliver
  196. The olive tree.

  197. Quinton
  198. It is a place name

  199. Rafael
  200. Spanish origin and means God has healed.

Extra Names

  1. Raul
  2. Rayan
  3. Enoch
  4. Enrique
  5. Enzo
  6. Ernesto
  7. Everett
  8. Ezra
  9. Felipe
  10. Felix
  11. Finley
  12. Hendrix
  13. Henrik
  14. Hudson
  15. Ian
  16. Iker
  17. Ishaan
  18. Ivan
  19. Jace
  20. Jagger
  21. Jaime
  22. Jamison
  23. Jasper
  24. Jax
  25. Jensen
  26. Josue
  27. Juan
  28. Kaiden
  29. Keegan
  30. Keenan
  31. Keith
  32. Kenzo
  33. Kevin
  34. Kian
  35. Kieran
  36. Koa
  37. Konnor
  38. Kyng
  39. Luis
  40. Luke
  41. Malachi
  42. Marcelo
  43. Marlon
  44. Nate
  45. Reece
  46. Remington
  47. Remy
  48. Rene
  49. Reuben
  50. Ryker
  51. Yehuda
  52. York
  53. Zeke
Unique Boy Names

Tips for selecting unique boy name

Be unique.

Searching for a unique name for your baby show your uniqueness in finding that name.

Look at names of other babies around you.

You are searching for a unique so look at others names to avoid them.

Take a look on too old names.

There will be some old but gold names so try them.

Take suggestions.

If you are unable to find unique try help from others.

Conclusion We hope you got a perfect unique boy name if not try other websites also. Thanks for visiting our site.

Disclaimer: We collected these names from different sources and if anyone felt any bad we strongly apologizing for that. Thank you.