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Hey, looking for baby girl names that start with AK, don’t worry here we have a large list of baby girl names starting with AK along with their meanings.

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  1. Akeelah: It means eagle and noble (American Origin)
  2. Akemi: It means bright and beautiful (Japanese Origin)
  3. Akilah: Means bright and intelligent (Arabic Origin)
  4. Akala: Powerful and complete (Australian. Hawaiin Origins)
  5. Aki
  6. Akaula: Means red shadow (Hawaiian Origin)
  7. Akyra: Means bright and clear (Japanese Origin)
  8. Akira: It means sun light (Japanese Origin)
  9. Akilina: Means eagle (Russian Origin)
  10. Akamai: Means intelligent (Hawaiian Origin)
  11. Akili: Means wisdom (Swahili Origin)
  12. Akahana: It means red rose (Japanese Origin)
  13. Akiara: Means bright person (Japanese Origin)
  14. Akayna: Means noble, beautiful
  15. Akina: Bright (Japanese Origin)
  16. Akahele: Careful (Hawaiian Origin)
  17. Akasha: Sky (Hindu Origin)
  18. Akasya
  19. Akhona: Luck, destiny (African Origin)
  20. Akahi: Means “For the first time, never before” (Hawaiian Origin)
  21. Akiryana: Goal-oriented (Indian Origin)
  22. Akeeva: Protect (Hebrew Origin)
  23. Akalka: Moonlight (Hindu Origin)
  24. Akosua: Means born on Sunday (African Origin)
  25. Akela: Noble (German Origin)
  26. Akara: Means letter (Cambodian Origin)
  27. Akarshita: Means attractable (Hindu Origin)
  28. Akua: It means born on Wednesday (Akan Origin)
  29. Akifa: Means devoted to (Muslim Origin)
  30. Akhila: Means whole (Hindu Origin)
  31. Akiko: Sparkle (Japanese Origin)
  32. Akrita: Means daughter who is having rights of the sun (Hindu Origin)
  33. Akarsha: Attract (Hindu Origin)
  34. Akayla: Gift to God (English Origin)
  35. Akita: It is a Japanese dog breed.
  36. Akiha: Protected (Hebrew Origin)
  37. Akeisha: Beauty (African Origin)
  38. Akiyo: Means white world (Japanese Origin)
  39. Akiria: Bold, Sun (American Origin)
  40. Akeya: Powerful
  41. Akansha: Desire (Hindu Origin)
  42. Akulina: Eagle (Latin)
  43. Akchitha: Another form of Akshitha means permanent (Hindu Origin)
  44. Akhisha
  45. Akesha: Beautiful girl (Hindu Origin)
  46. Akasa: Another form of Akasha means sky (Hindu Origin)
  47. Aktavia: Means born in October (Indonesian Origin)
  48. Akshaini: Another name of Goddess Parvathi (Hindu Origin)
  49. Akhani: Means build (South African Origin)
  50. Akanksha: Means desire (Hindu Origin)
  51. Akruthi: Means shape (Hindu Origin)
  52. Akna: Goddess of fertility (Inuit Origin)
  53. Aksana: Means welcoming, guest (Greek Origin)
  54. Akyria
  55. Akasma: Means white climbing rose (Turkish Origin)
  56. Akshi: It means eyed (Hindu Origin)


These are the baby girl names starting with AK. I hope you loved this post. Thanks for visiting.

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