3 And 4 Letter Unisex Names For Your Little One

Hello parent! I guess you’re here to find the best name for your baby, right? A good unisex name is the best choice for your baby and these are simple, sweet, and attractive.

3 letter unisex names
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In this article, we have selected the 100 best 3 and 4-letter unisex names for your lovely little one. Yes, these are perfect for boys and girls; female or male doesn’t matter.

Unisex baby names have gained in popularity over the years, with more parents opting for unisex names for babies without gender designation.

But, it’s not that easy to find a perfect unisex name for your baby because there are fewer names when compared to gender-specific names. Although, you can find many names if you don’t consider the origins of the names.

Names with 3 and 4-letter are the best picks for baby names as they are short, simple, and easy to remember. If you find the perfect unisex name with 3 or 4 letters, your kid will be damn lucky but make sure the name is aesthetic and meaningful.

Now, let’s get into the list of names.

3 Letter Unisex Names

Adi: Adi is a Hebrew name, and it has multiple meanings, including jewel, ornament, and fire.

Ali: Meaning “lofty” or “sublime,” Ali is a popular Arabic name for girls and boys, made even more popular by boxer Muhammad Ali.

Ala: The name Ala comes from different origins, such as Arabic and Greek, and the meaning of the name Ala in Arabic is excellence or praise.

Ara: Ara, as a girl’s name, has its root in Arabic, and Ara means “brings rain.”

Ari: It is of Hebrew origin, and the meaning of Ari is “lion.”

Asa: It means doctor or healer and is of Hebrew origin.

Ash: It means happy and is of British origin.

Ave: Ave is a Latin word that means “bird.”

Bay: A name of English origin that means “berry.”

Cal: It means devotion and bald.

Cam: Cam is short for Cameron and means “crooked nose” in Scottish.

Dee: It means swarthy and is of Welsh origin.

Dru: It means man or warrior and is of Welsh origin.

Eli: Eli means “high” in Hebrew, as well as being a shortened form of Elias, Elijah, Elihu, and other names that mean “my god.”

Eva: Eva is the Latinized form of Eve and means “life” or “living one.”

Fay: Fay is a shortened form of Faith and Faithful.

Fee: An alternate form for Felicity, which comes from the Latin “Felix,” meaning fortunate/lucky

Hao: A Chinese name meaning good.

Hue: It means lily, bright, and is of Vietnamese origin.

Ira: Ira is a gender-neutral name that comes from Hebrew and means “watchful” or “watcher.” It also has roots in Sanskrit, meaning “wind.”

Isa: A variation of the Hebrew name Isabella, Isa means God is my oath.

Jan: Jan is short for Jane, which means God is gracious.

Jay: It means victory in Sanskrit.

Jet: Jet is a gemstone with a very dark tone, which is another way to say black.

Jun: Jun is a great gender-neutral name because its meaning can be either masculine or feminine. In Japanese, it means “pure”.

Kai: Kai is an excellent name for any child who likes water or water activities because it means “sea” in Hawaiian.

Kei: This one is of Japanese origin and is a unisex name that can also be spelled as Kei or Kie. It means “blessing” or “celebration.”

Lea: Similar to Lee and Leigh, this can be used for either gender and means “woodland meadow.”

Lee: It means meadow; also Hebrew for ‘oak tree.’

Lei: It means garland in Hawaiian.

Lou: Lou means “famous warrior” or “famous fighter” in French and light in Latin.

Lux: In Latin, it means light.

Mat: Short for Matthew or Matteo, it means “gift of God.”

Max: Short for Maxwell, it means “greatest.”

Nat: Short for Nathaniel, it means “God has given.”

Nil: It means champion in Gaelic.

Noe: It means “Comfort or Peace.”

Nur: Nur means “Light” or “Brightness” in Arabic.

Oli: Oli is a French name that means Elf Army.

Pat: Pat comes from Patrick and can mean Noble, Patrician, or of Noble Descent.

Pax: Pax is Latin for Peace:

Ray: Ray comes from Raymond which has Spanish origins and means Wise Protection.

Rae: Rae is Scottish for Grace.

Rio: It’s a river in Portugal, but it’s also a city in Brazil.

Rye: This one’s a grain, but it’s also occasionally used as a nickname for Ryan.

Sam: It’s a short form of Samuel, and it means God hears.


Tam: It means twin and is of Aramaic origin.

Teo: It means gift of God.

Tex: It means friend.

Val: It means strong, healthy.

Zoe: It means life and is of Greek origin.

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4 Letter Unisex Names

Aden: Is of Hebrew origin and means “handsome.”

Alex: A Greek name meaning “defender,” Alex is a unisex option that’s been steadily climbing in popularity among parents for years.

Andy: It means “manly” or “mankind.” If you’re looking for a strong name for your son or daughter, this might be the perfect one.

Aria: This Italian name has Latin roots and means “air.” It’s also similar to a musical term meaning “melody.”

Avia: It is a beautiful name with Hebrew origins meaning “my father is Lord.”

Arin: This Hebrew name has Old French roots and means “mountain of strength.”

Aris: It means best and is of Greek origin.

Avis: It means bird in Latin.

Blue: The color blue.

Clay: It is of English origin, and it means clay worker.

Cody: It means helpful and is of Irish origin.

Cole: It means victory of the people and is of English origin.

Dale: It means valley and is of English origin.

Dana: It means God is my judge and is of Hebrew origin.

Dane: Another form of Dana.

Drew: Manly, strong, wise. Diminutive of Andrew.

Eden: It means paradise and delight and is of Hebrew origin.

Elon: It means oak tree and is of Hebrew origin.

Erin: It means peace and is of Irish origin.

Evan: It means God is gracious and is of Welsh origin.

Finn: It means white or fair and is of Irish origin.

Gael: It means Gaelic and is of Welsh origin.

Glen: The name Glen is of Irish and Gaelic origin. It means “from the narrow valley.”

Grey: The name Grey is of English origin. It means “grey-haired.”

Jack: The name Jack is of English origin. It means “God is gracious” or “supplanter.”

Jade: The name Jade is of English origin. It means “stone of the side.”

Jody: The name Jody is of English origin. It means “God will increase.”

Jude: The name Jude is of Aramaic and Hebrew origin. It means “praised.”

Kade: The name Kade is a variant spelling of Cade, which is an English baby name meaning “round and lumpy.”

Kaya: It means pure and is of Scandinavian origin.

Kori: It means hollow and is of American origin.

Kyle: A name of Celtic origin, it means “narrow piece of land.”

Lake: A body of water surrounded by land.

Lane: A name of English origin, it means “lane or path.”

Leah: A name of Hebrew origin, it means “delicate and weary.”

Luca: A name of Italian origin that is a variation on the name Luke. It means “light” or “bringer of light.”

Nico: A name of Greek origin, it is a variation of the name Nicholas. It means “victory of the people” or “people’s victory.”

Nova: A Latin word meaning “new,” it is used as a given name for girls.

Remi: A French-origin boy’s given name means “oarsman, rower.”

Rene: Of French and Germanic origins, this unisex name is also a surname. It means “reborn.”

Rory: From the Irish word róraí, meaning “red king.”

Ryan: From the Irish name Rían, meaning “little king.”

Sage: From the Anglo-Norman word sage, meaning “wise and knowledgeable.”

Sean: From the Irish name Seán, meaning “God is gracious.” The name Sean is a variant of John.

Shay: From the Gaelic word séigh, meaning “hawk-like.” An alternate origin is the Hebrew name Shai, meaning “gift.”

Tate: It means “cheerful” and comes from an Old English surname.

Teri: Teri (or Terry) can be used as both a first or last name, and it’s unisex! It has a Latin origin, originally meaning “harvester.”

Tobi: It means “God is good.”

Tori: It means “victorious” and “conqueror” and is of English origin.

Yara: A Brazilian name meaning “water lady”. In Arabic, it means small butterfly.

3 letter unisex names

That’s all for 3 and 4-letter unisex names, and I hope you loved this post. Keep reading.

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