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Are you looking for last names that mean moon to choose the first name for your little one or to name your character? If so, let’s get started.

The trend of using last names as first names is still on, and many parents are choosing last names to name their children over first names.

But why are parents doing this; there could be many reasons behind this, and some of them might be last names’ aesthetic nature, beautiful meanings, or uniqueness.

Among the many popular first names, last names have become parents’ choice to stand out from the crowd.

Moreover, last names with aesthetic meanings have more craze than regular ones, and for story writers, meaningful last names will be an added advantage for character creation.

Last Names That Mean Moon

Moon: It’s a habitational name of Norman origin, and it’s also a nickname for a monk. You can pick this last name for your fictional character, but for a baby name, you need to think.

Mhoon: A variant spelling of moon. If you want a different version for the name Moon, this could be a better one to choose.

Moone: It’s also a variant of the moon.

Lunetta: It’s an Italian personal name in which luna means moon. This is a good last name to use as a first name, as it has an aesthetic look and pronunciation.

Chanda: It means moon in Indian origin. This simple and short last name is perfect for a personal name.

Chandra: It means moon and is of Indian origin. This name is another version of Chanda; you can pick this if you want a simple and exotic name.

Soman: It’s from the name Soma and Soma means moon in Sanskrit and is another beautiful last name of Indian origin with an aesthetic meaning.

Luna: It’s a habitational name of Spanish origin and a personal name from Jewish. Luna is quite popular as a personal name, so you can go with this last name.

Mochizuki: It’s habitational of Japanese origin and means full moon. If you are an anime lover and want an exotic name, this could be your last name.

Diana: This last name was derived from a Personal name Diana and is the name of the moon goddess of Roman mythology.

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Chand: A short and simple variant of Chandra, and if you want a short name with a good meaning, this is yours.

Chander: It’s the last name of Indian origin and is derived from the Sanskrit word candra meaning “moon” and “shining.”

Kamara: It’s from the Arabic personal name Qamar which means moon. You can pick this name for a baby girl or for your female character.

Som: A variant of Soma which means moon in Sanskrit. It’s a super simple and cute last name, perfect for a first name.

Amar: This last name was derived from the Arabic name Qamar which means “moon.”

Alam: Alam is the last name of Arabic origin, meaning “full moon of the world.”

Lusignan: It’s from the personal name Lusin which means moon and is of Armenian origin.

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That’s all for last names that mean moon; I hope you liked the post; thanks for reading.

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