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Are you looking for last names that mean light and last names that mean fire? Don’t look further because I’ve got you covered.

last names that mean light
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Choosing a perfect last name is somewhat difficult when we don’t have more options, and the same also can happen with your choice.

You should be diligent when choosing a last name, especially when it’s for the first name, and it has become quite common to use last names as first names for babies.

Everyone wants their last name to be powerful and strong; sometimes, it depends on why you are choosing.

If you are looking for a last name for a novel character, obviously, the last name should be related to the nature of the character.

And if you need a last name for a username or gamertag, you can change your mind based on the options you have.

We have many last names but finding their meanings is challenging and time-consuming if you need last names with particular meanings such as light.

Last Names That Mean Light

There are not many last names meaning light, but I have tried my best to provide you with as many as possible. Without further ado, let’s get started.

Light: It is a variant of lyght, light, and it means happy, a cheerful person from Medieval English. This was first used as a nickname for happy and jovial persons. In Old English, it was the form of leoht, which means bright, and cheerful.

Chiaro: This is an Italian last name, and it was derived from the word Chiari. It was first used as a nickname for people who have fair and bright looks. This last name means light, fair, famous, and luminous.

Lite: This last name is from the ancient Anglo-Saxon culture, and it is from the Old English word leoht, which means bright and light.

Licht: It has footprints in three origins, German, Jewish, and Dutch. It is mainly famous as a Jewish surname that means light.

In Dutch, it’s a nickname for persons with fairly thin and delicate-looking bodies and an occupational name for a chandler in German.

Lucibello: In Italian, it means beautiful light.

Spera: It has different variants such as Speirs, Spier, and Spear, and it was used as a nickname for tall, thin persons or skilled spear users. It’s also a Southern Italian nickname that means ray of light.

Rayos: It’s a Spanish family name that means ray of light or lightning, and it was used as a nickname for active and cheerful people.

Abner: It is also a personal name, and it is a Biblical name meaning God is light; this is famous among New England and southern states.

Lucero: It is from Spanish, and it’s derivative of luz which means light, and other meanings include star, morning, or evening star.

Claro: It has roots in Spanish and Portuguese, and it means light and bright.

Gale: It was used as a nickname for cheerful and jovial people, in Old English, it means light and pleasant, and in Medieval English, it means jovial. Now it is another form of Gail and also a nickname for Abigail.

Blitz: It’s a German and Jewish family name; in German, it means lightning, and it was assumed to be used as a nickname for a fast runner.

Urias: The English form of this Spanish name is Uriah, which means God is light, and it’s a Biblical name and a Hispanic surname.

Dia: It’s an Arabic surname, and it means light, glow, and illumination.

Noor: It is also an Arabic surname that means illumination and light.

Leclair: The surname Leclair originated from the French word Clair, which means light or bright.

Zia: Initially it was a personal name and was derived from the Arabic word diya which means light.

Melchoir: It has several origins, such as German, French, Spanish Dutch, etc., and in Hebrew, ‘Melech’ means king, and ‘or’ means light or splendor.

Fackler: There are two possibilities for this last name, one is torch makers’ occupational name, and the other one, it’s a name for torch-carrier. It’s a German last name.

Luz: It’s a surname from Portuguese and Spanish which means light. This surname is also a feminine given name.

Hellweg: It’s a German habitational name; in German, hell means bright or light, and weg means path or way, and it becomes light way or bright way.

Prakash: It’s an Indian last name, and it means light.

Leger: It has roots in French, English, and Dutch. In French, it means light, and in Dutch, it’s an occupational name for a tax collector.

Meyer: It’s the last name from German, Dutch and Jewish, in German and Dutch; first, it was used for the steward and later for the tenant farmer.

Originally, it was used to denote the village headman. In Hebrew, it means enlightener or light.

Hiramitsu: It’s a Japanese surname; in Kanji, a Japanese culture, Hira means flat, and Mitsu means light, shine.

Lichtenberg: It’s a German and Dutch last name, and it used to be a habitational name. In Lichtenberg, Licht means light and Berg means hill.

Zohar: It’s a Hebrew name and surname which means radiance, and splendor.

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Last Names That Mean Fire

Finding last names with specific meanings is a more difficult task than finding common last names, so it took me more time to craft this list of last names for you.

Now, without further ado, let’s get into the topic.

Azar: This last name is also a personal name that means fire, flame, and shine in Persian, and this is a unisex name. It also refers to the ninth month of the Solar Hijri calendar.

Brand: This surname has different origins, such as German, England, Netherlands, etc. It’s the Germanic short form of the personal name Brando and it means sword.

In Swedish and Jewish, it’s the ornamental name, which means fire. Some of the last names with Brand are Brander, Brandsma, Brandt, and Brandvold.

Brandel: It’s another form of the last name brand that means fire and is also a habitational term for someone from a place having the brand in its name.

Brantley: It’s the Americanized form of the German last name Brandle or Brandli, in which brand means fire.

And also, it’s a topographic name for someone who lives in a burned-out section of town. And similar last names are Brantner, and Brendlinger.

Brenton: It’s an Old English surname, and it denotes that people with this last name have ancestors from a place called Brenton.

Brenton means Bryni’s homestead, and Bryni means fire and flame. Some of the similar last names are Brent and Brinton.

Eld: It’s from the Old Norse name Eldr which is an ornamental name that means fire, flame.

Elden: It’s a habitational name derived from eldr, which means fire. Elden is also a personal name of English origin, and it means noble friend.

Fayer: It’s from the Yiddish origin name Fayer which means fire. In English origin, it’s generated from the word fair, which means beautiful or handsome.

Feuer: It’s an ornamental name from German, which means fire, and ancestors with this surname were the shedders of light.

Fire: The last name fire derives from the German word feuer, which also means fire.

Fogo: It’s a Portuguese last name that means fire.

Fuoco: It has origins in Italian and Latin; in Italian, it means fire, and in Latin, it is the fireplace.

Hayes: It originated from the Gaelic last name O hAodha, and Aodh means fire. Hayes is also a boy’s name, and it means hedged area.

Heth: It’s the Anglicized last name from the Gaelic name Aed which means fire.

Hugh: In Ireland and Scotland, this surname is considered the equivalent of Aodh, which means fire, and this is also famous as a boy’s name.

Keegan: It is both a surname and a personal name. It means son of Aodhagán, and we already know Aodh means fire. This name is often used for boys, but it has become gender-neutral.

Kurnik: This Austrian last name evolved from the name kuriti, which means “to make fire.”

Laflamme: It might be the occupational name from French for a torchbearer, and flamme means fire.

Lang: It’s a nickname for tall people in many countries such as Germany, Scotland, Sweden, etc. but in Hungaria, it means flame, and it’s used as a nickname for people with a fighting spirit, and it also might be the occupational name for people who involved in the fire-related works.

McKay: It’s the surname from Ireland and Scotland. It’s the English form of Gaelic Mac Aodh, and Aodh means fire.

Nett: This surname evolved from a Slavic personal name Netu which means fire, burning.

Zapalac: It’s a nickname for arsonic, which means a person who starts a fire to destroy something, and it evolved from zapalovat, which means “to set fire to.”

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last names that mean light

That’s all for last names that mean light, fire, and moon. There are only fewer last names on this, and I have included the maximum last names for you. Thanks for reading, have a good day.

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