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Are you looking for cool Arabic nicknames to nickname someone special? Don’t wait anymore; here, we have 100+ nicknames that are from Arabic.

Arabic is an ancient language that emerged in the 1st to 4th centuries CE, and it’s the language of Arabs.

Arab has beautiful names and words with awesome meanings; even Arab names are famous among baby names irrespective of religion and place.

Arabic nicknames are the best choice if you are looking for a unique and cool nickname as these are not common and also look beautiful.

Cool Arabic Nicknames

As these nicknames are also used by people other than Arabs, so I have included the meanings of the nicknames, and I made this list of nicknames by using some cool and cute Arabic words and names.

Let’s get started.

Hubb – Love

Zahrah – Blossom, flower

Amira – Princess

Jamil – Lovely, handsome

Jamila – Beautiful

Fatin – Cute, captivating, alluring

Sahir – Charming

Hulw – Sweet

Quwwat – Strong

Fatan – Intelligent

Qamar – Moon

Al Shams – Sun

Thameen – Precious

Noor – Light

Sadiqa – Truthful

Arif – Expert

Hakim – Wise

Warda – Rose

Namir – Tiger

Askari – Soldier

Fazil – Superior

Jahid – Hard Worker

Leith – Lion

Hosni – Good looking

Hafiz – Guardian

Nadir – Beloved

Lahav – Flame

Shakir – Thankful

Asfar – Yellow

Ahmar – Red

Akhdar – Green

Aswad – Black

Azraq – Blue

Abyad – White

Haleeb – Milk

Gishda – Cream

Matar – Rain

Reeh – Wind

Thalj – Snow

Moshmis – Sunny

Barakah – Blessing

Shujaa – Bold, courageous

Lami – Shining

Maksur – Broken

Rassasa – Bullet

Inaaya – Care, Attention

Damir – Conscience

Zulma – Darkness, gloom

Ragba – Desire, wish

Qadir – Capable

Istimta – Pleasure

Jawhar – Essence

Abadi – Eternal

Kabir – Expert

Iman – Faith

Qadar – Fate

Haza – Fortune

Samah – Forgive

Tazij – Fresh

Karim – Generous

Dahab – Gold

Batal – Hero

Kasul – Lazy

Malik – King

Amin – Loyal

Muwaffaq – Lucky, fortunate

Wardi – Pink

Haqiqi – Real

Muqadas – Holy

Fidda – Silver

Salam – Peace

Majnun – Mad

Jadid – New

Naisha – Special

Gamid – Mysterious

Diq – Narrow

Aisha – Living

Asli – Original, authentic

Khatar – Danger

Ibtisam – Smile

Lin – Soft, gentle

Ruh – Soul, spirit

Hajar – Stone

Ahmaq – Stupid

Mutib – Tedious, dull

Hikma – Wisdom

Hamas – Zeal

Amara – Mercy

Giaa, Jiya – Sweetheart

Mahek – Fragrance

Rabia – Breeze

Nabeel – Noble

Zara – Flower

Haniya – Happy

Leah – Ruler

Refa – Happy

Yasmin – Jasmine

Adil – Wise

Asad – Lion

Farid – Unique

Kamal – Excellence

Naji – Survivor

Hadi – Leader

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arabic nicknames

How are these Arabic nicknames? I hope you have got your nickname; if you fail to get a nickname, follow the below-mentioned tips to get one.

How To Get A Perfect Arabic Nickname

Arabic nicknames are difficult to find on the internet; usually, you will end up getting Arabic baby names. There’s no article on this topic, so I have decided to write an article on this. I have tried my best to provide you with the best nicknames.

I used Arabic words and names to make this list, so make sure to recheck their meanings on other sources before choosing one.

Use Shortened Version of Real Name

The easy way to find a nickname is to use the simplified version of the real name. It takes no time and also looks cool. For example, if the real name is Ashraf, Ash is good for a nickname.

Go for Famous Nicknames

Every place, religion, or community has some famous nicknames for people, so try to find them, and if you find a better one, you can go with that. For example, Munna is a famous nickname among Muslims, and likewise Sunny, Nick is also famous among English people.

Try Arabic Names

You can also try some Arabic names to nickname your special one but here, try to select short names with special meanings, make sure it shouldn’t look like a regular name.

Search for Arabic Words with Beautiful Meanings

And another way is to find a list of good Arabic words to use for nicknames. Every language has some beautiful words with deep meanings. So spend some time to get them, you will definitely find the best words.

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