There are many apps available for android mobiles. They could be of social media, games, news, and education, etc. All those apps are not useful for students. Today we are going to list out the top 10 android apps that are helpful for students especially. Personally, I used these apps when I was in college. Based on my experience, I made this list. Let’s dive in

10 android apps for students

Math Exercises for the brain, Math Riddles, Puzzle

Some students usually don’t like mathematics, but this app makes learning mathematics easy and fun by simple math exercises, riddles, and puzzles. This app will help you increasing brain power as it offers mathematics problems through puzzles. It slowly creates a love for mathematics. Mathematics became necessary for some major competitive exams or to join in higher educations, so it is better to learn mathematics. Therefore, by using this app, you can easily solve mathematics. It also provides basics so you can pick up on mathematics easily. It offers a puzzle game with the name quick brain. It has different levels, and it also offers multiplayer so you can have fun with your friends.

Playstore Link: Here

Duolingo: Learn English Free

This app is for English learning. English became a common language to communicate with others. For students who are suffering from English learning, this app is for them. It offers English lessons in a game-like manner, so you can learn English without boring. You can learn by writing, speaking, and reading. It helps you in improving your English vocabulary and pronunciation. With this app, you can learn new words, and it will ask you answers by showing pictures. It provides you sentences and phrases for daily activities so that you can use them in daily life. You can learn not only English but also Japanese, French, Chinese, Spanish, etc.

Playstore Link: Here

Free Trivia Game. Questions & Answers. QuizzLand

This app is useful to improve general knowledge and mind power. It offers questions in a fun way so that you can enjoy using this app. It asks questions with images and multiple options; you have to choose the right answer. This app will give you points for correct answers. You can use those points for playing another level. Your points will be deducted if you answer wrong, so you have to play carefully. The difficulty level of the questions increases if you play more levels without making mistakes. Here you can get hints and lives by using coins.

Playstore Link: Here


Quora is an online platform where you can ask questions, and users will give you answers. If a question has multiple answers, it provides the best answer. You can raise a question, or you can also answer others’ questions. This is simply helping each other concept. In Quora, you could find officials of any field who provide you high-quality answers. Students can use this app to ask any questions about the subject or any other question to get good answers from experienced people. Quora has many topics, and you can follow them. Quora is a good source of knowledge.

Playstore Link: Here


Almost everyone knows Wikipedia. It is a big source of information and knowledge. It covers almost every topic, and they are useful students. So many publishers contribute Wikipedia, and the information is verified time by time. You can also edit the information if you are an authorized user and have an account on it. It was started in 2001, almost 20 years ago. The Wikimedia Foundation maintains it, and the best thing is Wikipedia is 100% free. They don’t advertise. It is available in 300+ languages. When it comes to its mobile application, you can get the same information as on the website, and you can save the posts and read them offline.

Playstore Link: Here


Evernote is a kind of virtual notepad; you can note down anything that is important. We don’t have a notepad and pen every time, and it is a big problem if we need to record any important information. In that case, Evernote is super helpful; in Evernote, you can note anything that might be any text, web pages, website links, etc. Even you can add images, colors to text, video clips, audio clips, and more. You can also use the camera to scan essential documents, handwritten notes, etc. We can organize them in the desired manner. Evernote is also useful for everyday to-do lists.

Playstore Link: Here

Khan Academy

Khan academy is a well-known online platform for providing lectures that are useful for students, teachers, and others who are interested to learn new topics. This app has a lot of videos and articles that help you in learning. If you miss any school class, you can easily learn from this app. You can practice what you have learned from curative exercises. You can learn any subject whether it is mathematics or science or finance etc. You can also learn English grammar, economics, history, politics and many more. It has tests and quizzes with instant answers. You can also learn offline by saving them. Khan academy is a non-profit organization, and everything is free.

Playstore Link: Here


This app is a question-based platform like Quora, but it is specially designed for students. Here students can help each other in finishing their home works. You can get answers from experts also. You can also search for answers from previously answered questions. Users will get points for helping other students and can improve their rankings. So using this app, you can gain and share knowledge. It has moderators to verify the answers so that there’s no tension of wrong explanations. It can help all the education level students such elementary, high school, college, etc.

Playstore Link: Here

To Do List

This app will help you to list everyday activities so that you can accomplish them without fail. You can add important tasks, and it will remind you to do that. Students can use this app to record their class works and can double-check if they complete them.

Playstore Link: Here

Google Translate

It is a very useful app for translating languages. You can translate using text, voice, photos, and etc. It supports 108 languages if you translate via typing. It is a better replacement for a dictionary.

Playstore Link: Here


What are your thoughts on the list of top 10 apps for students, do comment. I hope this list will help you. Thank You.

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