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Are you searching for a list of cool character names to name the characters in your story? Or you might be searching them for usernames or nicknames. Either way, this post will help you get your desired name.

Whether you’re writing a novel, a short story, or experimenting with someone else’s universe, coming up with a good name can be difficult. Because a character’s name should be related to the character’s behaviour, for example, if you want to name your villain character, names with negative connotations are preferable, and vice versa for good characters.

Following the creation of a successful story and perfect characters, you must determine the best suitable names for the characters in order to capture the reader’s attention and make them memorable.

For example, if you create an excellent villain character for your story and give him a funny name rather than a villainy name, then readers may find it difficult to digest your villain character.

You must also use your imagination when coming up with names for the characters. If you use common or well-known names, readers will find nothing new in your story, so try using names that are less common and have better meanings.

You can also make up new names by combining words from different languages, but make sure they reflect the character’s behaviour.

But for now, I’ve compiled a list of cool names for characters, along with their meanings, so you can easily choose a name for your character. Without further ado, let’s get started.

Cool Character Names

  1. Acacia: This name is of Greek origin, meaning thorny, and it’s a cool name for a villain character.
  2. Adair: It means powerful and fortunate. This name can be used for both male and female characters.
  3. Adeline: It means noble, kind and is of French origin.
  4. Aden: It means noble in Irish.
  5. Agatha: It means good and honourable.
  6. Aimee: This name is of French origin, meaning beloved.
  7. Aisha: In African origin, it means life.
  8. Alana: It means fair, precious.
  9. Albert: It means bright, noble in French.
  10. Alex: It means helper of mankind and is of Greek origin.
  11. Aliza: It is of Hebrew origin, meaning joy.
  12. Amanda: It means worthy of love and is of Latin origin.
  13. Amira: In Arabic, it means princess, and it’s a good pick for a female lead character.
  14. Anderson: It means courageous in Greek.
  15. Aria: It means warlike and is of Greek origin.
  16. Athena: It means wisdom and is of Greek origin.
  17. Aurelie: It means gold and is of Latin origin.
  18. Axel: It means father of peace in Hebrew.
  19. Beatrice: It means she who makes others happy and is of Latin origin.
  20. Bianca: In Italian, it means white.
  21. Bobby: It means bright fame in German.
  22. Bridget: It means strong in Irish origin.
  23. Bryan: In Celtic, it means strong.
  24. Caitlin: In Greek, it means pure.
  25. Callie: In Greek, it means beautiful.
  26. Cara: In Irish, it means friend.
  27. Casey: It means brave in Irish origin.
  28. Cesar: It means long-haired in Latin.
  29. Chaya: It is of Hebrew origin, meaning life.
  30. Cohen: It means brave in German.
  31. Cynthia: It means moon in Greek.
  32. Cyrus: It means sun in Persian.
  33. Danica: In Slavic, it means morning star.
  34. Davian: It means beloved in English.
  35. Deacon: It means messenger in Greek.
  36. Dillon: It means faithful and is of Irish origin.
  37. Donovan: It means dark warrior in Irish.
  38. Drake: It means dragon in Latin.
  39. Eddie: It means happy guardian in English.
  40. Edwin: It means rich friend in English.
  41. Elle: It means light in English.
  42. Erin: It means peace in Irish.
  43. Estrella: It means star in Latin.
  44. Evan: It means young warrior in Welsh.
  45. Eve: It means life in Latin.
  46. Felicia: It means happy in Latin.
  47. Finn: It means fair in Irish.
  48. Gage: It means a pledge in French.
  49. Gia: It means God’s grace in Italian.
  50. Grady: It means famous in Gaelic.
  51. Greta: It means pearl in Greek.
  52. Hailee: In Irish, it means hero.
  53. Harold: It means soldier in Scottish.
  54. Hassan: It means handsome in Arabic.
  55. Helena: It means light or torch in Greek.
  56. Ingrid: It means hero’s daughter in Old Norse.
  57. Jada: In Spanish, it means precious stone.
  58. Jamari: It means warrior in French.
  59. Jason: It means healer in Greek.
  60. Jenna: It means a small bird in Arabic.
  61. Jenny: It means fair in Welsh.
  62. Kaelyn: It means beloved in Arabic.
  63. Kaiden: It means warrior in Celtic.
  64. Katria: It means pure in Greek.
  65. Keira: It means dark or black in Irish.
  66. Kelly: In Irish, it means warrior.
  67. Khalil: It means friend in Arabic.
  68. Larry: It means crown in Latin.
  69. Leo: It means lion in Latin.
  70. Lexi: It means defender of man and is of Greek origin.
  71. Lilian: It means lily in Latin.
  72. Linda: In Spanish, it means pretty.
  73. Luca: It means light in English.
  74. Maggie: It means pearl in Greek.
  75. Makena: It means happiness in African origin.
  76. Mara: It means bitter in Hebrew.
  77. Maritza: It means blessed in Arabic.
  78. Mateo: It means gift of God in Hebrew.
  79. Maura: It means dark in Latin.
  80. Melvin: It means polished chief in Gaelic.
  81. Noah: It means peace, rest in Hebrew.
  82. Noemi: It means beautiful in Hebrew.
  83. Phoenix: It means dark red in Greek.
  84. Quinn: It means wise in Irish.
  85. Raegan: It means royal in Celtic.
  86. Raina: It means mighty in Old German.
  87. Reid: It means red-haired in English.
  88. Russel: It means red in English.
  89. Ruth: It means friendship in Hebrew.
  90. Sarah: It means princess in Hebrew.
  91. Shayna: It means beautiful in Hebrew.
  92. Stephen: It means crown in Greek.
  93. Stella: It means star in Latin.
  94. Teagan: It means beautiful in Welsh.
  95. Theodore: It means divine gift in Greek.
  96. Tiara: It means crown in Latin.
  97. Titus: It means to honour in Greek.
  98. Vincent: It means conqueror in Latin.
  99. Viviana: It means alive in Latin.
  100. Xavier: It means bright in Arabic.

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Cool Names For Characters

Here we have another list of character names to help you get your perfect name. Let’s dive in.

  1. David Thomas
  2. Arla Stowe
  3. Catherine Howard
  4. Carlos Perez
  5. Christopher Sanchez
  6. Victor Brown
  7. Jesse Murphy
  8. Blythe Blanco
  9. Shanae Bronson
  10. Fleta Wren
  11. Laura Williams
  12. Lelah Gibbons
  13. Kelly Garcia
  14. Earl Rodriguez
  15. Teresa Lewis
  16. Elisabeth Jessup
  17. Deann Burrow
  18. Florine Durden
  19. Thomas Jenkins
  20. Margit Ngo
  21. Helen Morgan
  22. Melita Armijo
  23. Christina Diaz
  24. Dennis Davis
  25. Fred Flores
  26. Anna Adams
  27. Britni Ferrell
  28. Kathy Bryant
  29. Shizuko Stringer
  30. Gregory Baker
  31. John Wood
  32. Michael Turner
  33. Kenneth Long
  34. Jarred Finch
  35. Stephanie Brooks
  36. Jacqueline Price
  37. Stephen Cooley
  38. Ronald Smith
  39. Kathleen Miller
  40. Carl Nelson
  41. William Cooper
  42. Judith Parker
  43. Betty Gonzales
  44. Wayne Martinez
  45. Debra Stewart
  46. Kiara Blackwood
  47. Steve Watson
  48. George Foster
  49. Shirley Hughes
  50. Liane Middleton
  51. Hiedi Dunaway
  52. Michell Peace
  53. Heather Peterson
  54. Chris Griffin
  55. Rona Mcnair
  56. Frances Robinson
  57. Richard Simmons
  58. Norma Ward
  59. Dorothy Hall
  60. Phyllis Carter
  61. Larry Phillips
  62. Jean Green
  63. Deborah Hill
  64. Antonietta Armstead
  65. Hedy Begay
  66. Josphine Borden
  67. Syble Hilliard
  68. Pamela Clark
  69. Diana Coleman
  70. Michelle Johnson
  71. Timothy Washington
  72. Patrick Mitchell
  73. Scott Richardson
  74. Tandy Vernon
  75. Tinisha Chisolm
  76. Philip James
  77. Esteban Shade
  78. Amanda Gonzalez
  79. Eugene Russell
  80. Angela Ramirez
  81. Randy Perry
  82. Katherine Scott
  83. Lawrence Harris
  84. Kevin Thompson
  85. Carolyn Alexander
  86. Joyce Lopez
  87. Tina Campbell
  88. Sharice Nall
  89. Ossie Eagle
  90. Jonathan White
  91. Arianna Herring
  92. Theresa Bennett
  93. Alan Sanders
  94. Coralie Kirby
  95. Melissa Wilson
  96. Mozella Bean
  97. Robbie Chism
  98. Brian Hernandez
  99. Elizabeth Edwards
  100. Tammie Ruff
  101. Ernest Barnes
  102. Kimberly Ross
  103. Ethan Ochoa
  104. Dulce Aaron
  105. Matthew Morris
  106. Damian Roach
  107. Irene Rogers
  108. Tamica Harlow
  109. Russell Allen
  110. Todd Lee
  111. Lisa
  112. Patricia Gray
  113. Johnny Bailey
  114. James Collins
  115. Peter Young
  116. Nancy Bell
  117. Ezequiel Mayo
  118. Vickey Gannon
  119. Lucienne Kimmel
  120. Tyra Reichert
  121. Joe Reed
  122. Sarah Evans
  123. Anne Rivera
  124. Craig Kelly
  125. Frank Powell
  126. Sharon Walker
  127. Colby Gilson
  128. Walter Jackson
  129. Nicole Roberts
  130. Christoper Word
  131. Alvina Mcelroy
  132. Michiko Gary
  133. Vasiliki Bingham
  134. Terry Martin
  135. Dusti Moser
  136. Nicholas King
  137. Ralph Patterson
  138. Samuel Wright
  139. Julie Jones
  140. Evelyn Anderson
  141. Petronila Larsen
  142. Edward Henderson
  143. Leeann Forbes
  144. Benjamin Moore
  145. Daryl Moseley
  146. Kathryn Cox
  147. Linda Cook
  148. Brenda Taylor
  149. Margaret Butler
  150. Doris Torres
cool character names

How To Find Cool Character Names For Your Story

Character naming is challenging, especially if you have no experience with it. Writers build distinct and believable characters in order for their readers to connect with the plot. A good name can assist them in achieving their objective, but how to find them. Let’s see some tips.

Make A List Of Characteristics Of Your Characters

If you want to give your characters great names, the first step is to establish a list of your story characters and the key traits that reflect them. You can choose a name for your characters based on them.

Consider Names From Other Cultures

You can experiment with names from various languages or cultures, such as Japanese or Greek. Japan is well-known for its artistic culture. Character names can be found in a variety of languages, including Hebrew, Latin, Spanish, and many others.

Consider Time Period

If your story has any particular time period, consider using names from that period so that readers can recognise the creativity and also connect to the story. There will be no match if your novel is set in the nineteenth century and your characters have modern names.

Name Based On The Theme

Every story has a theme in it, and you can use that theme to create names for your story. For example, you can consider using love-related names if you are into a love story.

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