Hebrew Girl Names: 150 Elegant Hebrew Names for Baby Girls

Looking for Hebrew girl names for your little one? If yes, you are in the right place to grab a beautiful name for your baby girl. Check out our list of 150 elegant baby names from Hebrew to pick an awesome name.

hebrew girl names
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Hebrew is a native language of Israel, and it is spoken by nearly 10 million people over the world. It is one of the Canaanite language and the only language of Canaanite which is spoken even today. The use of Hebrew was discontinued between the years 200 and 400 CE; in the meantime, Aramaic and Greek were used as international languages.

Even though Hebrew came into existence in the medieval period in the forms of Jewish liturgy and rabbinic literature. In the 19th century, Hebrew fully evolved because of Jews international alertness. After Israel, the US has the largest Hebrew-speaking population. Now Modern Hebrew is the official language of Israel.

Due to the impact of early Christianity, most Hebrew names are biblical. In the Bible, there are beautiful Hebrew names for Baby girls. US people widely use Hebrew names as they have great meaning and very familiar with English speaking people. Moreover, it’s an arduous task to differentiate English names and Hebrew names.

And you know, if we see the report of the top 5 female names 2019 from Social Security Administration US, the two names are from Hebrew; those names are Ava, Isabella. Interestingly the same thing happened with the top 5 male names. Therefore you can understand the gravity of Hebrew names. Now we get into the list of names. Let’s get started,

Elegant Hebrew Girl Names

  1. Leah: It means weary
  2. Abigail: It means Father’s happiness
  3. Edna: The name means happiness
  4. Bina: Means intellect
  5. Danielle: Female form of Daniel and it means My Judge is God
  6. Galenka: Alternate form of Galina and it means God has redeemed
  7. Chaviva: Means beloved
  8. Abital: This name is also called Avital, it is mentioned in the old testament and it means God of dew
  9. Ela: It means tree
  10. Sarah: Means Princess
  11. Adina: It means mild
  12. Chaya: It means life
  13. Yemima: Means Dove
  14. Ahuva: It means beloved
  15. Noya: Means God’s beauty
  16. Leora: The name means light
  17. Stav: It means Spring
  18. Ada: Means nobility
  19. Yael: Means mountain goat
  20. Aliza: It means cheerful
  21. Nachath: It means quietness
  22. Emuna: Means trust
  23. Hannah: The name means Grace
  24. Sachlav: It means Orchid
  25. Daphne: Means triumph
  26. Zofia: Means wisdom
  27. Adama: It means soil
  28. Eshel: Means tamarisk tree
  29. Nurit: Buttercup flower
  30. Yakira: Means valuable
  31. Sariya: Also called Suriya and the name means Princess
  32. Mila: It means the word
  33. Levona: The meaning of the name is tree
  34. Varda: Means rose
  35. Nachal: Means stream
  36. Keren: It means strength
  37. Mariah: It means teacher and the form of Moriya
  38. Esther: She is Abihail’s daughter in the Bible and the name means star
  39. Hila: Means hope
  40. Shira: Means song
  41. Rivka: Another form of Rebecca
  42. Deborah: The meaning of this name is bee and it is a name Prophetees mentioned in the Old testament
  43. Alona: Sturdy as an Oaktree
  44. Johanna: Lord is Gracious
  45. Reshef: Meaning of this name is fire
  46. Ravit: It means You quenched your thirst
  47. Milka: It means Queen
  48. Tehila: It means prayer
  49. Levana: Means Moon
  50. Zehava: It means Gold
  51. Dina: Daughter of Jacob in the Bible and it means judged
  52. Amira: It is also a name of Arabic and it means treetop in Hebrew while in Arabic it means princess
  53. Mira: It means light
  54. Aileen: It means light
  55. Shimrit: Means guarded
  56. Rachel: Means ewe
  57. Zera: It means seed
  58. Tamar: It means palm tree
  59. Shoshan: Another form of Susan and it means lily flower
  60. Nogah: The meaning of this name is the brightness
  61. Dikla: Date tree
  62. Maya: It means Water
  63. Adriana: It means dark
  64. Rachat: Means delight
  65. Amita: It has multiples origins other than Hebrew such as Hindu, Italian and it means truth.
  66. Nava: It means pretty
  67. Rae: It can be used for both male and female and it is the shortened version of Rachel
  68. Ardeth: Also called Ardith and it means fields
  69. Hagar: Means stranger
  70. Agnes: It means pure
  71. Moran: It means the teacher
  72. Savyon: It means Senecio plant
  73. Ariel: It is the name of an angel and it means God’s lion, it is a unisex name
  74. Rinat: The name means joy
  75. Noa: Mentioned in the old testament and it means motion
  76. Rebecca: Strong fighter
  77. Yuval (Jubal): Means stream
  78. Adela: It means noble
  79. Zakiya: Means pure
  80. Anita: It means grace and it is available in multiple origins
  81. Shoshana: Means lily
  82. Mazal: Means luck
  83. Talia: It means dew from heaven
  84. Orit: It means light
  85. Adele: Means nobility
  86. Liron: Means my happiness
  87. Rina: It means pleasure
  88. Aviva: It means fresh
  89. Samina: Means Yahweh has heard
  90. Alana: Means Oaktree
  91. Zivah: Means brightness
  92. Bracha: It means blessing
  93. Amalia: It means labor
  94. Mikhal: The name means stream
  95. Dafna: It means laurel
  96. Bertha: The meaning of the name is bright
  97. Keturah: Means fragrance
  98. Ayla: It means light of the moon
  99. Lilah: It means lily flower
  100. Bilcha (Bilhah): The name means bashful
  101. Shiloh: It means he who is to be sent
  102. Eleora: The name means God is my light
  103. Amanda: It means deserving to be loved
  104. Ruth: Means friend
  105. Annalise: Means God’s grace
  106. Basmat: It means a pleasant smell
  107. Ilana: It means tree
  108. Annie: It means prayer
  109. Davina: The meaning of this name is cherished
  110. Judith: Means Jews’ woman
  111. Elizabeth: It means my God is an oath
  112. Malka: It means Queen
  113. Brenda: It means the sword of flame
  114. Atalia: Means God is superior
  115. Nizana: It means bud
  116. Eve: It means alive
  117. Naomi: It means pleasant
  118. Madeline: Means little girl
  119. Adiva: Means polite
  120. Dalia: It also belongs to Arabic and the name means branch
  121. Adva: Means wave
  122. Eliza: It means joyful
  123. Idit: Means the best
  124. Behira: Means bright
  125. Giva: It means hill
  126. Orna: It means pine tree
  127. Iris: It is a flower name
  128. Marnie: It means joy
  129. Delilah: It means delicate
  130. Ariella: Female form of Ariel
  131. Nessa: It means miracle
  132. Shalva: It means peace
  133. Candice: Means fire-white
  134. Abilene: It means grass
  135. Shirel: Song of God
  136. Liba: It means beloved
  137. Renana: It means happiness
  138. Benita: The name means blessed
  139. Sharon: It means plain
  140. Riva: It means to bind
  141. Teshura: It means gift
  142. Aria: It means air
  143. Maytal: It means dew drops
  144. Yarona: It means she will rejoice
  145. Peri: The meaning of this name is fruit
  146. Liraz: It means my secret
  147. Beula: It means married
  148. Vashti: It means thread
  149. Yiska: Form of Jessica
  150. Yoana: It means God is gracious

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hebrew girl names

Conclusion: I hope that you satisfied with these Hebrew girl names. Also check with other resources and some of the names have two or more meanings so before committing to one name refer with different sources. If you like this post please share with your friends and family. Have a nice day.

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