How to Choose A Domain Name for A Blog or Website

Starting a blog is a simple thing but making it successful is not that easy. Many people left the blogging career for not getting desired results. You can look at Neil Patel’s deep analysis here.

how to choose a domain name

But if you know the correct path, you can be successful in the blogging field. And I congratulate you for choosing this; I hope you would be successful in blogging.

When I started a blog, I suffered a lot, and I didn’t have sufficient guidance. I totally depend on online sources to learn to blog. After some failures, finally, I got knowledge in blogging.

The blogging journey starts with selecting a niche and a suitable name for that niche. One should be careful in finalizing a blogging niche and its name as it affects a blog’s outcome.

To make you aware, I’m going to list out some tips that help you in selecting a suitable domain name. Let’s dive into it.

How To Choose A Domain Name

Usually, the name of a blog defines the content of the site. Suppose you make a mistake in choosing a blog name that will cost you a lot.

For instance, you are starting a blog on travel, and the name you chose is tech space; here, the name tech space is suitable for a technical niche, not for travel. Likewise, if you opt for the name travel fun, it will be perfect for your travel niche.

There are many blogging niches such as technology, news, general knowledge, travel, fashion, baby care, finance, business, health, automobiles, pets, and many more. Have a look at Blogtyrant’s post on blogging niches.

Refer below mentioning tips to name your blog,

Select Your Blogging Niche

Before starting a blog, first, you have to decide on your blogging niche. As I said above, there are many blogging niches. To fix the blogging niche, you should have keyword research.

Keyword research involves knowing the monthly keyword search volume, ranking, and difficulty to rank.

If the keywords of any niche have low competition and better search volume, you can go for that niche, and that niche should be advertising friendly so that you can earn if you want so.

Here some niches can be successful within less time, whereas some niches take years to rank. So choose the niche which is easy to rank if you want to be successful in less time.

Steps to Consider Before Choosing A Niche

  1. First, find your interest because you may feel difficulty in blogging if you don’t have interest in the topic you are working on.
  2. Now, it’s time to check your knowledge; without proper knowledge of the topic, you cannot provide valuable information or content to your readers. So, the knowledge comes from your experience, education, practical work, or if you have any qualification to do so, etc. If you have knowledge of your interesting topic, go for the next step. Don’t try to misguide your readers.
  3. Now, check the existing websites on your topic, look how they are performing, are they giving sufficient information? or they missing anything. If you have more content than your competitive websites, you can go with your topic. If you provide the same information that is already available on your competitive websites, there will be no value to your content.
  4. Remember, if you go for high competitive topics, it may take so much time to rank in the search engines, and also, don’t forget to have keyword research. Don’t choose illegal content for your website. Check the topic before you decide whether that is legal or not.
  5. Finally, in short, select a topic in which you have interest and knowledge. Check competition level; you can go if that is low. Make sure you choose a topic that is legal. Now follow the next steps to fix the blog name for your topic.

Observe Existing Blog Names

After deciding on a blogging niche, now know the famous websites on your niche and observe their names, whether they are trendy or not, reflecting their niche or not, etc.

If the existing blog names are attractive and trendy, you may need to brainstorm more for choosing the best name than your competitors. Try to select a name related to your topic even if your competitor’s names are not related to the topic or niche.

If your blog name is related to your topic, that will help readers to know what is your blog about.

This is just to get the knowledge about your competitive website names so that you can inspire from their style of naming or even you can try differently than them.

There is no rule to follow them; you can explore your ideas but make sure they are unique and attractive.

A Simple Blog or A Brand

What is your purpose in making this blog, whether to provide the information or making it a branded site?

If you aim to make it a simple blog, the name of a site won’t play a big role until it reflects your niche, but if you plan to make it a brand, its name will play a crucial role.

Try to make the name unique, attractive, catchy, simple, and short for the brand. If you observe, branded sites have unique and attractive names when compared to normal blogs.

For instance, Neil Patel is a famous SEO and Digital Marketing Specialist. He started his website Neil Patel on his name instead of a name related to digital marketing or SEO.

If we look at QuickSprout, a website that focuses on blogging, digital marketing guide, etc. But the name of the website is not at all related to the content inside it.

If we look at Search Engine Land, it is all related to Search Engine Optimization, and the name is related to it. So it’s your choice to decide.

Domain Name Length Matters

It’s better to not go for lengthy domain names because they are not easy to remember. Lengthy names don’t seem unique and attractive. Try to avoid names that have more than 10 letters.

The word-length effect simply refers to the fact that lists of words that take more time to articulate—longer words—are more poorly remembered than words that take less time to articulate

(Baddeley et al., 1975; Mueller, Seymour, Kieras, & Meyer, 2003).

For example, someone liked your website and wants to refer your site to someone else, but if he/she forgot your site name because your site name is difficult to remember. Therefore, it leads to lost readers even if you are providing quality content. Don’t make the name weird in the process of making it unique; make sure the name is easy to pronounce. One-word domains have more demand in the market, and sometimes they are most expensive too.

Things To Avoid

There are two things to avoid in a domain name those are the use of numbers and hyphens. There are some reasons behind this; one is, it is difficult to type numbers, hyphens, and alphabets at a time in mobile phone keyboards, and these days, more internet searches are coming from mobile phones. In 2020-21,

The second one, using numbers, hyphens in a domain name, seem spammy. Using one hyphen is suggestable if it is necessary. Famous brands with hyphens in their website names are Mercedes Benz, Coca Cola.

Make Sure It’s Not Trademarked

Don’t forget to check the trademark of the name; if you don’t, that may lead to a big mistake because trademark infringement involves many legal actions. Sometimes, website owners forget to renew their names, therefore expired domain names available to buy; there are chances of buying trademarked domain names. You can check registered trademarks here.

Domain Name Extension

There are different types of TLDs ( Top-Level Domains), and some of them are gTLDs (generic Top-Level Domains), CCTLDs ( Country Code Top Level Domains). Anyone can register gTLDs, but some of them have restrictions.

Famous gTLDs are .com, .org, .net, .info and .biz .name, .pro are also gLTDs but have some restrictions to register. CCTLDs are country-specific domains, for example, .us is for the United States and .in for India. These CCTLDs are restricted to local people.

If you want to go for global, prefer .com extension or any other gTLD. If you want to target local, choose your CCTLD.

Don’t Copy Others

If you want to establish your brand and planning to grab a good name in the market, then it’s better to far away from copying others. Because you can’t impress people if you copy others, they see you like a copy cat. The same goes with your brand name, don’t copy big brands. Think out of the box; it should be unique. You can inspire from others, but you shouldn’t copy them.

Begin Your Search

After making decisions, it’s time to finalize your name. You can have an internet search for blog names, but there’s no guarantee of availability as everyone searches for them.

So you have to choose a different way; try random name generators as they provide you with names combining different words. Search for catchy, awesome, and cool words; note down all the good words so that you can use them for your blog name.

More to Consider

Here I’m attaching few more points to consider while making decision

  1. Ask friends and family for suggestions; if they are already in the blogging field, that will be more beneficial. They may give you better suggestions than what you find on the internet.
  2. Don’t fall behind famous sites’ names; you will be a copy cat. Just observe how they are.
  3. Don’t forget to check the availability of a name; it hurts if the desired name is registered. Usually, attractive names and short names will be already registered, and it is difficult to get them. So make sure your name is available.

Some Tips From My Experience

As we discussed above, people who don’t know a perfect way can end their blogging life. But if you follow suggestions from top bloggers, you may get success, and sometimes it will take time based on your blogging niche. Here I will suggest you some tips; let’s get into it.

Choose Less Competitive Niche

Niche selection is the first step for your blogging. If you make a mistake here, it will cost your time and hard work because some niches will take more time to give you results.

For example, if you take health niche, you cannot rank easily; it may take years. Likewise, for the tech niche also as there are already high authority websites. So go for a very low competitive niche where you can easily get success.

Go for Best Registrar and Hosting

Always choose the best domain registrars. Never tempt for low price offers; they may charge you an extra amount when you renew it. So have a research and find the best domain registrar. When it comes to hosting, it plays a key role in the maintenance of the site.

If you choose a cheap host, the service will also be cheap. So go for the premium host. Site speed also matters in site rankings, so be careful while choosing a hosting provider.

Responsive and User-friendly Site Design

Site design should be user-friendly and responsive. Consider the themes with a responsive design, provide navigational menus, and give the best user experience.

Provide Quality Content

You won’t get good rankings if you provide low-quality content. Always try to give better than your competitors. Don’t copy from others; use your own thoughts. You can inspire from top blogs and try their style.

Backlinks Matter

Some say backlinks don’t matter, while others say they won’t. But to get initial rankings, you should have some backlinks to your site.

Don’t build spammy backlinks. You can reach top blogs through guest posting, and if the content of your site is unique and quality, automatically, you will get the links.

Share on Social Media

Social media became a major factor for getting visitors and it will make your site famous. So don’t forget to share on major social platforms.


Once again, a big congratulation for choosing blogging and good luck with your success. You have more work to do after selecting a blog name; all those involve technical aspects, so follow online tutorials to avoid mistakes. Don’t step back if you fail at any step; learn from mistakes. One day you can also be a guide for blogging. I hope this article helped you to choose your domain name. Thanks for reading.

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