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Are you looking for cool Spanish playlist names for your awesome list of songs? If so, I have got you covered. Here I have listed some cool playlist names that are inspired by Spanish.

Spanish playlist names
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Every music lover likes to share their favorite music with their friends and family. The best way to do this is to create a playlist on famous music platforms so that we can share music with many people.

If you are one of them and eager to share your music with others, let’s get into this post.

The first thing that comes into our mind when creating a playlist is its name because the playlist name reflects the theme of the songs inside it.

So, the playlist name should be creative and unique, and at the same time, it should reflect the theme of your songs.

For example, if you are a lover of melody songs and want to create a playlist that includes melody songs, then melody candy or melody fantasy are suitable names for your playlist.

Creating a playlist and giving it a perfect name is nothing but art, and it’s also a great thing that you want to share your music with others.

Anyway, I don’t want to waste your time anymore; let’s start your hunt for a perfect playlist name.

Spanish Playlist Names

Deciding on a perfect playlist name can be annoying and also time-consuming, but the result will be awesome if you do it.

And I know the struggle behind finding a suitable name for your list of songs because I do this frequently.

But, to help you and give your songs an awesome playlist name, I have spent the time and curated this wonderful playlist names list. So let’s get into it.

Canciones de melodía: It means melody songs, a good playlist name for your list of melodious songs.

Mi alma gemela: It means my soulmate; you can use this name if you feel the songs in your playlist are your soulmates. Many people spend time with music, and they treat music like soulmates.

Colección de sueños: It means dreams collection, an awesome collection of dream-like songs.

En el Espacio: It means in the space; this name is suitable for songs that make us feel like we are flying in space.

Melodías mente: It means melodies mind; you can try this name if you are a melodies lover.

El Mundo de un chico: It means a boy’s world; if you have songs that are boy’s centric, go for this playlist name.

Mi Amor: It means my love, and you know for which songs this playlist name is perfect.

Voces encantadoras: It means lovely voices; you can pick it for a collection of famous singers’ songs.

Soy yo: It means it’s me and a good name for your favorite list of songs; there are no boundaries and limits

Ritmos frescos: It means fresh beats (rhythms) and a cute name for newly released fresh music.

Dulce Caramelo: It means sweet candy and is an apt name for sweet-like songs.

Errores locos: It means crazy mistakes (errors), and you are already mentioning that there are some crazy songs in your playlist.

Cartera de música: It means music wallet, and this playlist name is for a list of precious songs. Because we only keep important things in our wallet.

Hermosos latidos: It means gorgeous beats and is a perfect name for a playlist that has gorgeous songs.

Vibraciones de la mañana: It means morning vibes and it is perfect a playlist that has refreshing songs.

Noches de amor: It means love nights and is a suitable name for romantic and love songs.

Sudor matutino: It means morning sweat, and you can pick this name for a playlist that has workout music.

Chica moderna: It means modern girl, and this playlist has modern songs, and this is a girl’s playlist.

Cosas suaves: It means soft things, and it could be a good name for a playlist that has slow and soft songs.

Mejores Canciones: It means best songs, and this name is perfect for a playlist of the best songs.

Canciones geniales: Cool songs.

Melodías: Melodies

Cosas Lindas: Cute things

Encantadora: Lovely

Nieve: Snow

Canciones de la mañana: Morning

Hora de la tarde: Evening time

Felicidad: Happiness

Fantasía: Fantasy

Danza: Dance

Trueno: Thunder

Poderosa: Powerful

Mística: Mystic

Alma: Soul

Guerrera: Warrior

Los lobos aúllan: Wolves howl

Mis recuerdos: My memories

Cosas preciosas: Precious things

Mis cosas: My things

Caña de azúcar: Sugar crane

Belleza: Beauty

Hermosas mejillas: Beautiful cheeks

Mi querida: My darling

Sus favoritas: Her favorites

Hermosas letras: Beautiful lyrics

Latidos oscuros: Dark beats

Sin sentido: No sense

Notas personales: Personal notes

Nada fresco: Nothing fresh

Gotas de lluvia: Raindrops

Latido del corazón: Heartbeat

Escucha cuidadosamente: Listen carefully

Solteros: Singles

Noches musicales: Musical nights

Basura: Garbage

En una fiesta: In a party

Recordándote: Remembering you

Recuerdos de la infancia: Childhood memories

Gurú del amor: Love guru

Tiempo divertido: Funny time

Echándote de menos: Missing you

Mejor amigo: Best friend

Calmante: Soothing

Ser feliz: Be happy

Despierta: Awake

Cielo: Heaven

Paraíso: Paradise

Brillar: Shine

Ojos azules: Blue eyes

Ensoñaciones: Daydreams

Canciones agradables: Pleasant songs

Vibras positivas: Positive vibes

Sentirlo: Feel it

Soleada: Sunny

Girasol: Sunflower

Fuego: Fire

Agua: Water

Brillo solar: Sunshine

Algodón de azúcar: Cotton candy

Solitaria: Lonely

Chico amante: Lover boy

Novio: Boyfriend

Novia: Girlfriend

En viaje: In journey

Tranquila: Peaceful

Enfriar: Chill

Lluviosa: Rainy

Hogar: Fireplace

Romántica: Romantic

Narrador: Stroyteller

Otoño: Autumn

Puesta de sol: Sunset

Gotas de lluvia: Raindrops

Magia: Magic

Gobernante: Ruler

Aumento: Rise

Relajarse: Relax

Pura: Pure

Dulce: Sweet

Tratar: Treat

Asombrosa: Awesome

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Spanish playlist names

That’s all for Spanish playlist names, and I hope you got your playlist name. Thanks for reading.

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