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Struggling to find the right playlist name for your list of songs on Spotify. To simplify your task I made a list of the best playlist names.

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It’s a good idea to have a catchy playlist name to stand out in the crowd or to grab the attention of users. A suitable name for a playlist describes what content inside it, and there would be no need for a user to open it and come back if it is not a desired category of songs.

Choosing a regular playlist name or copying an existing name is not a good deal, and it makes no difference from others. Most of the people tend to go beyond boring names, therefore end up with no followers. Some people go with their names or with a combination of words they like, and they forget to check the suitability of that name to their playlist.

Some people prefer cool names, funny names, aesthetic names, while others go for catchy names for Spotify playlist names. To satisfy all types of tastes, we have included all kinds of names for playlists. Usually, creating a playlist for songs is a thing of some people as most of the people don’t spend time creating playlists for different types of songs or music. In this digital world, readymade playlists are available on online music platforms then; who prefers to do that.

Those who show interest in arranging songs in an order based on their genre or creating a list of songs they like most to quickly access can create a playlist. When it comes to Spotify, based on the interest, users create playlists, and if that playlist is public, Spotify users can play them. In this list, I have included beautiful one line quotes also you can use them too. Now we get into the list of names.

Cool Spotify Playlist Names

As we know, everyone prefers cool things first, then why should I go for other things. Let’s get into cool names list for Spotify playlists.

cool spotify playlist names
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  1. Magical Chamber
  2. Getting Out of Pain
  3. Crazy Candy
  4. It’s the Pro
  5. Feeling Myself
  6. Just Your Favorite Part
  7. My Sunshine
  8. Now I’m In the Right Track
  9. Happy Vibes
  10. Other Soul
  11. Thanks for Memories
  12. Find Me Attractive
  13. It hurt because it mattered. – John Green
  14. Hey Get In
  15. Feed Your Brain
  16. You Know I’m Gravity
  17. You Know You’re in Love
  18. Surf the list
  19. Let Them Happen
  20. And Still, I Rise – Maya Angelou
  21. Inside U
  22. Unplug Mood
  23. Cloud Nine Acoustics
  24. Hits You Hard
  25. Magic Melody
  26. Every moment is a fresh beginning. – T.S Eliot
  27. Chords Cafe
  28. Soul Beats
  29. Hold Me Tight
  30. Soft Sounds
  31. All You Need is Love
  32. Nothing is Fine
  33. Music License
  34. My Cup of Coffee
  35. Source of Relief
  36. Sometimes Love is Not Enough
  37. When nothing goes right, go left.
  38. Hi-Fi Chords
  39. Ask Nothing Further
  40. Being Rhythm
  41. Feel My Notes
  42. Dream Chaser
  43. Prove them wrong.
  44. Peaceful Plug
  45. You matter
  46. You Should be Kissed
  47. Cloud Nine Covers
  48. Brings Breeze
  49. Melophile Music
  50. No guts, no story. – Chris Brady
  51. Gentle Tunes
  52. Hangover Hub
  53. The Moment I Met You
  54. Soft Shots
  55. Love without limits.
  56. Music Sauce
  57. A Heart can be Broken
  58. No Signout
  59. Actually, you can.
  60. Amour Airs
  61. Core Breaker
  62. I Love Those Hugs
  63. Elegant Chords
  64. Choose Joy
  65. Naughty Neighbour
  66. Feel Together
  67. I like slow
  68. Dream big. Pray bigger.
  69. Jazz Bells
  70. Boy’s Beats
  71. A Girl Thing
  72. Shuffle Soul
  73. Listen Hard
  74. I Would Rather Stay Alone 
  75. Live the Moment
  76. A Premium Note
  77. My Happy Hour
  78. Time Tracks
  79. Dream without fear.
  80. Hype It
  81. Chord Pulse
  82. Melodies Mix
  83. Strong The Soul
  84. Mood Swings
  85. Heart Is Beating
  86. Morning Rider
  87. Cheesy Bits
  88. Night Waves
  89. Techno Tunes
  90. So-Called Melodies
  91. Tune It
  92. Chords Flow
  93. Find Yourself
  94. Keep Rising
  95. Melody Candy
  96. Fresh Airs
  97. Shutdown Sorrows
  98. Gold Mould
  99. Premium Edition
  100. A1 Channel

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Good Spotify Playlist Names

Good boys/girls in the town go for good names for Spotify playlists; I’ve included some good names for them.

  1. Love Yourself
  2. Star Strings
  3. Music Avenger
  4. Best Beats
  5. Champion Chords
  6. Force In You
  7. Brings Rejoice
  8. Heat Beats
  9. Hustle Hits
  10. Lightning Thoughts
  11. Peak Sounds
  12. PowerHouse
  13. Rebel Reels
  14. Music Squad
  15. My Empire
  16. Trigger Beats
  17. Musical Arsenal
  18. Rampage Roars
  19. Unstoppable Thunders
  20. Wild Wings
  21. Potential Picks
  22. Newbie In the Town
  23. Unique Lounge
  24. An Another List
  25. Second Choice
  26. Music Cake
  27. Sugar Cubes
  28. Alpha Beats
  29. Beats Bee
  30. My Blossoms
  31. White-Collar Sounds
  32. Crazy Crunch
  33. Different Dragons
  34. Music Squad
  35. M-Force
  36. Golden Eagles
  37. Incredible List
  38. Music Beams
  39. Blue Diamond
  40. Bombshell
  41. Music Marvel
  42. Happy Makers
  43. Spread A Smile
  44. Classic Things
  45. You Only Live Once
  46. Alternative Hits
  47. Scent of Music
  48. Noise Beats
  49. Music Pulp
  50. Lots of Music
  51. Gentle Guitar
  52. Intense Beats
  53. I Maybe Crazy
  54. Simple Sounds
  55. Green Waves
  56. Being Quiet
  57. Collect moments
  58. On the Edge of Paradise
  59. Hello Melody
  60. Find Your Soul
  61. Chilled Beats
  62. Keep Bass
  63. Another Bad Dream
  64. Flying Blues
  65. Heavy Listener
  66. Counting Dollars
  67. Beats Lounge
  68. Feel the Real In You
  69. Iconic Notes
  70. Sound Shimmers
  71. Melody Crossover
  72. Essential Beats
  73. Metal Music
  74. Heart Core
  75. Fresh Blood
  76. Music Strings
  77. Swing My Heart
  78. My Originals
  79. Beats Butter
  80. Mush Notes
  81. Hear Me Cry
  82. Love Me Again
  83. Something Beautiful
  84. All That We Need
  85. Come Over and Startup
  86. Follow My Lead
  87. I Still Fight
  88. Come Back
  89. Thinking out Loud
  90. Beating Heart
  91. It’s All Over
  92. Breakup Thoughts
  93. Let Me Live
  94. Dream Big
  95. Music is My Companion
  96. A Beautiful Lie
  97. Time to Kickstart
  98. Waiting for Tomorrow
  99. Electric Symphony
  100. Happy Harmony
  101. Butterfly Beats
  102. Nothing Special Inside

Creative Spotify Playlist Names

Those who try to expose themselves always try to be creative and unique. And that would be a good deal rather than choosing to be stuck in the routine. For that creative gang out there, I’m listing some creative Spotify playlist names.

  1. Feel The Heaven
  2. Cloud 9 Beats
  3. Purely Classics
  4. Soul Chargers
  5. Music for Hire
  6. High Voltage Beats
  7. Jaw-dropping Shots
  8. Rage Acoustics
  9. Let Me In
  10. Deal Breakers
  11. Leaders in Melodies
  12. Made In Heaven
  13. Policy Breakers
  14. Real Royal
  15. Songholders
  16. Collective Notes
  17. Empower Emperor
  18. Elite Evenings
  19. Urban Kings
  20. Introvert Feelings
  21. Hey, Lovely, It’s for You
  22. The Music Team
  23. Unique Warriors
  24. Best of Better
  25. Second Choice
  26. Light and Dark
  27. Don’t Mess with Lions
  28. Sparkle the Soul
  29. Bless this Beat
  30. High Tempo
  31. Nobody but You
  32. Turn the Playlist On
  33. It won’t be Long
  34. I can Feel the Beat
  35. Spent Your Time
  36. I Need Your Hours with Me
  37. Late Night Talks
  38. Sit Me Close
  39. White Gold
  40. Just Listen
  41. Valley of Shadows
  42. Walking In Midst
  43. I don’t Heal Hearts
  44. Every Other Notes
  45. I Got You
  46. Ever Get Lonely ?
  47. Sweat Dripping off Me
  48. Your Hope for Tomorrow
  49. Gold Metallic Knife
  50. Sapphire moonlight
  51. One that I Got
  52. Shuffle the Memories
  53. Memories Can Bring Back
  54. Go and Raise
  55. Watch Me
  56. Just Dive Right
  57. Someone Waiting for Me
  58. Singing in the Dark
  59. My Secrets
  60. You Deserve This
  61. Get the Best of Me
  62. Atleast I’m Good
  63. You’re in My Way
  64. Chase Me
  65. Hot Night
  66. This is Crazy
  67. When You Need Love
  68. Everybody Knows
  69. Need No One Else
  70. I’m still Kid
  71. I’m Not Perfect
  72. My Dreams
  73. When the Morning Arrives
  74. Flame in the Wind
  75. When the Evening Knocks
  76. Wait until Loading
  77. Between You and Me
  78. Here with Me
  79. Every Single Time
  80. Can I tell You Something
  81. Falling in Deep
  82. Beat it Up
  83. Swipe It
  84. Tie Me Up
  85. Ride My Horse
  86. Now You can Go
  87. Matte Black
  88. Tell Me Nothing
  89. Make No Sense
  90. Sideways
  91. Restart
  92. Hide Emotions
  93. Beautiful Memories
  94. I ain’t
  95. First Things First
  96. Inside My Head
  97. I was Broken
  98. My Drive
  99. Come with Me
  100. Come Again

Funny Spotify Playlist Names

Being funny is a great thing because everyone wants fun, and life without fun is odd. There are people who want their playlist name also to be funny. So to satisfy their taste, I’m providing some funny Spotify Playlists names also. Have a glance.

  1. Amateur Beats
  2. Ding Dong Bell
  3. Fast and Melodious
  4. An Average List
  5. Collective Garbage
  6. Copied Playlist Name
  7. Incomplete Playlist
  8. Unfollow Me
  9. Blah Blah Beats
  10. The Worst Playlist Ever
  11. Don’t Open You Need to Pay Time
  12. Rose is Red Playlist is Bad
  13. A Monkey’s Favorite
  14. Not Fast, Just Curious.
  15. No Songs to Hear
  16. Forgot to Add Songs
  17. Game of Beats
  18. Scrambled Songs
  19. Breaking Beats
  20. Unpleasant Songs
  21. The Incredibeats
  22. No Song will be Played
  23. Monkey Minds
  24. Unsarcastic Sarcasm
  25. Cheesy Classics
  26. The Big Flow
  27. Song Farter
  28. Mind Crusher
  29. Access Denied
  30. Purely Unoriginal
  31. Headache Sounds
  32. Not Found
  33. Just Farty Things
  34. I’m Dumb
  35. Just Adult Things Go Away, Baby
  36. Huskymedia
  37. Brainless Brains
  38. Great Minds Drink Food
  39. The Unpleasant Pool
  40. Earth Is the Limit
  41. Get Set Sit
  42. Middle Finger Melodies
  43. Get out Please
  44. Not Working
  45. PowerMouse
  46. Bat Attitudes
  47. Shots of Thunder
  48. Boom Boom Zoom Zoom
  49. Let Me Waste Your Time
  50. Click At Your Own Risk
  51. Diaper Batch
  52. Sponge Beaters
  53. Epic Shit
  54. Recycle Bin
  55. Please Go Away Create Your List
  56. Fantastic Farts
  57. Its All Your Business
  58. The Ball Breaker
  59. The Unknown Pirates

How To Create A Good Spotify Playlist Name

Apart from my listed names, if you want to create your own name for the playlist, I will give you some tips. Let’s get started.

Find Your Theme

Usually, there are different kinds of genres in music. Everyone has their own taste. I go for melodies and classics while you may like modern music. Therefore first decide what your theme is.

Look at Famous Playlist Names

You might know famous playlists in the town such as One Playlist of Lushness, The Longest Mixtape, Homemade Dynamite, and the list goes on. Look at the creativity level of them. You can find more on Spotify to get inspired from. So first, look at trending playlists and do brainstorm based on your theme.

Simple but Catchy

Everyone likes simple. Don’t go beyond long sentences; no one spends more time reading your playlist name. The name should be simple and grab users’ attention. Don’t fall for regular names; no one will find you different.

Try Famous One Line Quotes or Attractive Lines from Lyrics

There are a lot of one-line quotes which has more power in them. Someone line quotes are more straight forward than bulky quotes. You can get lines from them. And one more thing, we have lots of awesome songs with amazing lyrics; why don’t we take a line from them.


Hey, what are your thoughts on this big list of names? I hope you have got your good name for your awesome Spotify Playlist (I know it would be awesome). I forgot to say, this list ( Spotify Playlist Names ) is created totally by me and not copied from anywhere else but inspired by some famous lyrics and quotes for some names.

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