Biblical Boy Names: 300+ Unique Biblical Names for Baby Boys

If you are looking for Biblical boy names to finalize your baby boy’s name, here we have a collection of 300+ beautiful names to simplify your work. Bible consists of religious content that is sacred to Christians, Jews, and others, and it is a big source of inspiration.

biblical boy names
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Bible is a holy source for baby names; in the Bible, there are Prophets, Priests, Kings, Angels and Apostles of Jesus, etc. Therefore we can easily grab a good name from the Holy Bible.

Some think that Biblical names are getting old and regular as many people use them, but that is a total misconception; biblical names are evergreen. For every new couple, the Bible is the first and foremost source for naming their baby. Biblical names have domination all over the US.

According to the Social Security Administration, US, the top 10 baby names(male) in the year 2019 are Liam, Noah, Oliver, William, Elijah, James, Benjamin, Lucas, Mason, and Ethan. And the great thing is that the 6 names out of the top 10 baby names are biblical names only 4 names are from outside the Bible those are Liah, Oliver, William, and Mason. Based on this, we can know the greatness and demand of biblical names still in 2020.

Based on the report from Social Security Administration, US, among rank 1 names from the last 100 years, biblical names took first place in almost 80 years. But in recent years, from 2016 to 2019, Liam took over the first rank; even after that, majority domination is from biblical names.

Compared to the old testament of the Bible, the new testament is a treasure of amazing names that are well apt for this generation. Almost every biblical name has its forte and astonishing meaning. So biblical name could be a great choice for naming your baby boy; your little one with those chubby cheeks, tiny fists, and big eyes deserves a splendid name. Now we get into the list of names.

Top Biblical Boy Names

  1. Aaron: He is a Prophet, and the name means strong
  2. Hanun: King of Ammon and it means mercy
  3. Abagtha: Court official, and it means wine press father
  4. Matthew: Jesus’s apostle and it means Yahweh’s gift
  5. Japhia: Lachish’s king and it means illuminating
  6. Eleazar: Priest, and it means God helps
  7. Mehir: Chelub’s son
  8. Agee: Shammah’s father and also part of David’s army
  9. Caesar: It is derived from Roman general Julius Caesar’s name, and it is used by Roman emperors.
  10. Harhas: Shallum’s ancestor
  11. Phlegon: A Bishop
  12. Ahab: Israel’s King
  13. Sisera: Caananite army’s Commander
  14. Ophel: A city
  15. Nimshi: No clarity on details, might be Jehu’s father
  16. Kish: Saul’s first King
  17. Alvah: Edom’s chief
  18. Melech (Moloch): God’s name and it means King
  19. Phicol: Military leader
  20. Lysias: A logographer
  21. Ahi: Abdiel’s son
  22. Sivan: It is a month name
  23. Adna: He is a Priest
  24. Mishael: Uzziel’s son and it means who is like Yahweh
  25. Nisan: Month name
  26. Yuval (Jubal): Son of Lamech
  27. Joktan: Son of Eber
  28. Abel: Son of Adam; it means breath
  29. Noah: Pre flood patriarch
  30. Ahian: This name is mentioned only one time in the Bible, Manasseh’s descendent
  31. Caleb: Belonged to a tribe of Judah, and the name means bold.
  32. Kishon: Is a river
  33. Mushi: Merari’s son
  34. Rinnah: Shimon’s son
  35. Elhanan: Son of Jair and the name means grace
  36. Jeezer: Gilead’s son
  37. Rosh: One of Benjamin’s sons
  38. Sachia (Sakia): He was mentioned as Shaharaims’ son
  39. Abidan: He was a judge, and the name means father of judgment
  40. Jokshan: Abraham’s son and means toughness
  41. Seba: Cush’s son
  42. Abiram: Also spelled Abiron, son of Eliab and it means proud
  43. Minnith: A city name
  44. Elias: Prophet and it means Jehovah is God
  45. Kanah: It is a stream
  46. Mesha: Moab’s King and it means salvation
  47. Lael: Eliasaph’s father and it means belongs to God
  48. Jahiel: There are 14 people with this name and some are Elam’s son, the Levite musician
  49. Haran (Aran): Son of Terah
  50. Kelita: He was a Levite
  51. Ophir: Joktan’s son
  52. Mikloth: An Officer
  53. Laish: Father of Palti
  54. Kemuel: Nahor’s son and it means God raised him
  55. Michael: One of 12 Spies and it means who is like God
  56. Elijah: Same as above (Elias is the Greek form of Elijah)
  57. Cephas: Another name of Saint Peter means rock
  58. Jonah (Jonas): A Prophet
  59. Pagiel: Ocran’s son
  60. Adina: Member of David’s army
  61. Pinon: Edom’s chief
  62. Kenan (Cainan): Salah’s father
  63. Hara: A place mentioned in the Bible
  64. Libni: Gershon’s son
  65. Shaphat: King David’s son
  66. Chaldea: A country
  67. Jareb: Mentioned in old testament and it means he’ll struggle
  68. Gera: Benjamin’s son
  69. Raguel (Reuel): Easu’s son and the name means God’s friend
  70. Elymas: A sorcerer
  71. Mahali (Mahli): Merari’s son
  72. Likhi: Shemida’s son
  73. Elon: A member of the Zebulun tribe
  74. Jehiah: Gatekeeper
  75. Melchi: Addi’s son and it means my King
  76. Pekah: Israel’s King
  77. Nahash: A King and it means serpent
  78. Linus: A Rome bishop
  79. Geber: Uri’s son
  80. Olympas: A disciple
  81. Salah (Shelah): Israelites ancestor
  82. Elika: Also called Alika and is a village, it means God’s pelican
  83. Gaash: Name of hill
  84. Ohel: Zerubbabel’s son and it means tent
  85. Nabal: A Carmelite
  86. Peleg: Eber’s Son
  87. Omar: Eliphaz’s son and it means the speaker
  88. Madai: Japath’s son
  89. Peor: Peek of Mountain
  90. Naphtali: Jacob’s son
  91. Luke: An Evangelist and form of Lucas
  92. Rufus: A Christian of the 1st century and it means red
  93. Ishbak: Abraham’s son
  94. Tabrimon: Aramaean’s King
  95. Helon: Eliab’s father
  96. Ashur: Noah’s son and Assyrian’s God and it means force
  97. Pashur: A Priest
  98. Harum: Aharhel’s father

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Cool Biblical Boy Names

  1. Raphah: Bejamin’s son and it has several meanings one of them is relax
  2. Abishua: Priest; means father of salvation
  3. Meres: An official
  4. Jakeh: Agur’s father
  5. Melea: Jesus’s ancestor
  6. Raham: Shema’s son, it is an Arabic name it means mercy
  7. Cherith: A name of the seasonal valley.
  8. Enon: Also called Aenon, it is a place, and it means cloud
  9. Rechab: Malchiah’s father
  10. Ginath: Father of Tibni
  11. Jamin: Simeon’s son and it means right hand
  12. Elizur: House of Reuben’s Prince
  13. Silvanus: Roman deity
  14. Epher: Grandson of Abraham and the name means lead, dust
  15. Sinon: Aesimus’s son
  16. Chilion: Son of Elimelech and the name means complete.
  17. Felix: Procurator and it means happy.
  18. Shishak (Susac): Egyptian Pharaoh
  19. Ephah: Midian’s son, and it is an ancient measure
  20. Adiel: Azmaveth’s father, and it means God’s ornament.
  21. Nimrod: Cush’s son
  22. Shamgar: Anath’s son
  23. Elkanah: Hannah’s husband, and it means God has created.
  24. Adriel: Nobleman and the name means God is my aid
  25. Clement: He is a saint of Rome and means mild.
  26. Festus: Procurator and it means prosperous
  27. Coniah: King of Judah, and it means the Lord’s strength
  28. Ahaz: King of Judah; means possessor.
  29. Rabbi: Spiritual leader
  30. Sceva: Priest
  31. Andrew: Saint, it means brave
  32. Raamah (Rama): Cush’s son and the name means lofty
  33. Eliphaz: Son of Esau and it means God’s endeavor
  34. Darius: Persian king, and it means rich
  35. Abner: King Saul’s cousin, means God is my light.
  36. Abida: Son of Midian, means worshipper, and it is a feminine name in Arab.
  37. Ezel: A rock
  38. Justus: An Archbishop
  39. Samson: Judge
  40. Ezer: A place of community settlement
  41. Abihu: Son of Aaron and my father is God
  42. Gispa: Gishpa, name of a leader, minor mention in the Bible
  43. Sargon: Neo-Assyrian’s King
  44. Darda: Means pearl of wisdom
  45. Asher: Son of Jacob; it means joy
  46. Samlah: Edom’s King
  47. John: Saint and it means Yahweh is gracious
  48. Ibhar: David’s son and it means elected
  49. Joah: Asaph’s son and it means God is his brother
  50. Dishan: Son of Seir the Horite, and it means a threshing
  51. Eber: Israelites’ ancestor, it means anger
  52. Ishvah: Asher’s son
  53. Daniel: Noble youth of Jerusalem and means God is my judge.
  54. Amon: Kong of Judah and it means true.
  55. Ethan: Cymbal player and means strong
  56. Barak: Ancient Isreal’s ruler
  57. Gideon: Military leader and it means feller
  58. Joel: Prophet and it means Yahweh is God
  59. Jotham (Yotam): Gideon’s son and it means Yahweh is perfect
  60. Hebron: Palastenian city
  61. Jucal: Shelemiah’s son
  62. Anak: Ahiman’s father
  63. Gaddi: Susi’s son
  64. Benoni: Another form of Benjamin, Rachel’s son, and the name mean pain.
  65. Heman: A Levite and means faith
  66. Jerah: Joktan’s son
  67. Arah: Ulla’s son
  68. Matthan: Jesus’ patrilineage according to Matthew
  69. Crispus: Son of Roman Emperor Constantine and means curly-haired.
  70. Igal: Joseph’s son and it means he redeems
  71. Cyrus: Empire Achaemenid’s founder
  72. Jahath: Judah’s son
  73. Mash: Aram’s son
  74. Hadad (Hadar): Son of Ishmael
  75. Arnan: David’s descendent
  76. Jalon: Ezrah’s son
  77. Alvan: Shobal’s son
  78. Jesher: Caleb’s son
  79. Mashal: A parable and in Arabic it means light
  80. Gershon: Son of Levi and it means stranger
  81. Dan: Son of Jacob; means master
  82. Ginath: Tibni’s father
  83. Gaddiel: Sodi’s son
  84. Mark (Marcus): An Evangelist
  85. Jadon: A Prophet and it means a judge
  86. Hethlon: A biblical city
  87. Jahzeel: Naphtali’s son
  88. Malchiel: Beriah’s son
  89. Adalia: Haman’s son
  90. Ibzan: A judge
  91. Jachin: Copper pillar and it means he establishes
  92. Eden: Means God’s garden
  93. Lior: Jewish name and it means my light
  94. Elah: Son of Baasha
  95. Abdon: He is Micah’s son
  96. Malchus: Servant of Priest
  97. Addi: Cosam’s son
  98. Gihon: Name of a river

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Cute Biblical Boy Names

  1. Resen: Cush’s son and it means spring
  2. Onan: Judah’s son and it means strength
  3. Laban: Rebekah’s brother
  4. Hasupha: Name of a clan
  5. Babel: Shinar’s city
  6. Geliloth: A place name
  7. Obal: Joktan’s son
  8. Tarah: Serug’s son
  9. Balak: Moab’s King
  10. Heber: Asher’s grandson
  11. Ocran: Pagiel’s father
  12. Hiel: He rebuilt the Jericho
  13. Artemas: Lystra’s Saint
  14. Eder: Chief of Benjaminite
  15. Hamul: Pharez’s son
  16. Abdi: A name from the old testament and it means Yahweh’s servant
  17. Reuben (Reuven): Jacob’s son and it means son
  18. Ohad: Simeon’s son and it means power
  19. Machir: Manasseh’s son
  20. Perez: Judah’s son
  21. Hagab (Agabus): He is a Prophet as per the new testament
  22. Tidal: Goyim’s King
  23. Nepheg: David’s son
  24. Hanniel: Tribe Manasseh’s Prince
  25. Enan: Ahira’s father
  26. Hareph: Caleb’s descendent
  27. Carmi: Reuben’s son
  28. Naphish: Ishmael’s son
  29. Riblah: A town name
  30. Harhas: Shallum’s ancestor
  31. Ehi: Benjamin’s son
  32. Arnon: It is a stream name
  33. Bela: Benjamin’s son
  34. Nogah: David’s son
  35. Arioch: He mentioned in the book “King of Ellasar”
  36. Chelub: Judah’s descendent
  37. Uphaz: Another form of Ophir
  38. Eliphal: Ur’s son
  39. Abarim: Mountain range
  40. Haggi: Gad’s son
  41. Dalphon: Haman’s son
  42. Bethel: Name of a place
  43. Eker: Bahrain’s area
  44. Yohanan: Another form of John
  45. Abdeel: Shelemiah’s father and it means God’s servant
  46. Salmah (Salmon): Nahshon’s son
  47. Birsha: Gomorrah’s King
  48. Eben: A location mentioned in the Bible
  49. Arba: He is mentioned in Joshua’s book and in anakites, he is known as the greatest person
  50. Hamor: Shechem’s father
  51. Ebed: Gaal’s father
  52. Serug (Saruch): Reu’s son
  53. Cabbon: A place name mentioned in the Bible
  54. Rezin: A King and the name means messenger
  55. Hanoch: Son of Midian and it means dedicated
  56. Aquila: A name from the new testament and it means eagle
  57. Yonah: He is a Prophet and it means dove
  58. Jabez: Ancestor of Judah kings and the name means he makes the pain
  59. Mahath: A Levite and it means breaking
  60. Chislon: Elidad’s father
  61. Shicron: A landmark
  62. Ishpak: Shashak’s son
  63. Ben: Short form of Benjamin
  64. Sharon: It means plain
  65. Abaddon: An Angel’s name and it means destruction
  66. Becher: Benjamin’s son
  67. Azmon: A site name and it means strength
  68. Naashon (Nahshon): A tribal leader
  69. Asa: A King’s name mentioned in the old testament and it means strong
  70. Abiah (Abijah): This name is used for both male and female and the name means My father is Lord
  71. Ozias (Azariah): Judah’s King
  72. Abraham: He is a Patriarch and it means father for many
  73. Irad: Enoch’s son
  74. Shelomi: Prince Ahihud’s father
biblical boy names

Conclusion: I hope this list of biblical boy names brought a smile on your face. Kindly share with others.

Note: If you like any name from this list don’t forget to check with other sources also and after getting clear information go with a name. We are not responsible for any of your decisions.

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