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Are you looking for short and unique 3 letter Japanese names? Here you can get 100+ three-letter names from Japanese to choose a perfect name.

These names are a good choice for people who need a short yet beautiful name. We have many options in Japanese names to get ours. Let’s get started.

3 Letter Japanese Girl Names

Japanese names usually have two or more words, and they have separate meanings, so we have provided all meanings.

Mio: Heart, sun; light, cherry blossoms.

Aki: Light; Beautiful, hope.

Kae: Flower, branch.

Ema: Flourish, kindness.

Sae: Bloom.

Rio: Smart, central.

Ena: Clever, beautiful.

Yui: Dream.

Emi: Laugh.

Eri: Blessed, beautiful.

Aoi: Vivid, cherry blossoms.

Rie: Gallant, blessed.

Ami: Love.

Yuu: Superiority, forgive.

Miu: Kindness, rabbit.

Ria: Smart, love.

Yua: Help someone, love.

Ayu: First, princess.

Mao: Real, cherry blossoms.

Nao: Calm, harmony.

Mia: Light, sky.

Kie: Rare, blessed.

Aya: Beautiful, night.

Umi: Ocean, song.

Yae: Call, blessed.

Mai: Dance.

Mei: Bright, reason.

Ito: One, ten.

Yue: Moon.

Asa: Tomorrow.

Moe: Sprout.

Kei: Aromatic.

Oto: Sound.

Rei: A tinking sound.

Kai: Free.

Toa: Second, sky.

Rui: Tear.

Ari: Yes.

Iyo: Progress.

Sei: Star.

Tae: Strange.

Noe: You, bloom.

Eru: Beautiful, love.

Kio: Princess, cherry blossoms.

Sui: Vertical, living.

Rua: Flow, bright.

Koa: Pride, love.

Uka: Help someone, orchid.

Rea: Hope.

Eko: Forever and ever, love.

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3 Letter Japanese Boy Names

Ren: A pure heart.

Ken: Sword.

Rei: God’s annunciation.

Jin: Strong.

Aki: Trust.

Aya: Blessed.

Kei: Firefly.

Kio: Joy, living.

Ari: Sensible, storm.

Rui: Ocean.

Kou: Healthy.

Gen: Origin.

Rai: Thunder.

Zen: Good.

Yui: Emphasis.

Gin: Silver.

Dai: Big, living.

Azu: Bright, long life.

Rin: Forest.

Gou: Strong.

Jio: Growing up, central.

Ian: One, gentle.

Oto: Second.

Sai: Year old.

Teo: Mystic, precision.

Nao: Field.

Kon: Navy blue.

Tai: Big.

Ban: Companion.

Ben: Endeavor.

Dan: Vigor.

Aoi: Dark blue.

Ran: Storm.

Ito: String.

Yua: Tie, love.

Asa: Morning.

Sui: Water.

Isa: Righteousness.

Edo: River, door.

Ume: Plum.

Mai: Dance.

Iro: Color.

Aku: Chin.

Usa: Right, left.

Gai: Victory song.

Koi: Love.

Hao: Clear, king.

Miu: Beauty, wing.

Ron: Logical.

Hei: Flat.

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3 letter Japanese names

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