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Looking for Japanese names that mean moon to name your cute and beautiful little one? With so many options for choosing names for a baby, you have chosen Japanese names to stand out from the crowd and present a unique name to your child.

Japanese names that mean moon
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But, you might have struggled to narrow down Japanese names to choose one. But don’t worry; these are the precious and most exciting things in everyone’s life.

Finally, you have made the task simple by selecting a subcategory of Japanese names, a Japanese name meaning moon. Japanese names have become one of the preferred choices for baby names globally because of their unique culture and noble lifestyles.

Let’s not forget about the moon; it’s a part of our spiritual thoughts and the reason for natural happenings like the ocean’s tides. And it also helped people as a compass to navigate on earth.

We have had strong relationships with the moon throughout the years, and how anyone can forget our mother’s song about the moon in our childhood.

It would take more time if we start talking about our loving moon, so we dive into our today’s topic.

Japanese Girl Names Meaning Moon

We have more names that mean moon, but there are not many Japanese names that mean moon. But I have tried my best to bring you the names.

In Kanji ( A Japanese culture), one name is divided into two or more parts, and they have different meanings; for example, Hatsuki, here Ha has several meanings like clear, leaf, and Tsuki means moon, to give it a perfect shape, we can call them the clear moon, leaf moon.

Let’s have a look.

Aruna: This name has several meanings in Kanji; Aruna has love, moon; nitrous, moon; have, and beautiful meanings. Aruna is also a Sanskrit name, it is mainly used by Telugu people in India, and it means brilliant, dawn, crystalline reddish-brown.

Azuki: In Kanji, it has many meanings; those are large hill, moon; blue, moon; encounter, moon, and it is a unisex name.

Hatsuki: It is a unisex name, and it has the meanings clear, moon; leaf, moon; wave, moon.

Hazuki: It is also a unisex name, and it means earl, moon; spiral, moon; much far, moon; spring, moon.

Hisakata: It means sky, moon, and also called moon in the sky.

Hizuki: It means princess, moon; sun, moon; holly, moon; the light, moon, and it is a gender-neutral name.

Keigetsu: It means blessed moon in Kanji.

Mangetsu: It has two meanings in it, and those are full, moon, with combination, it will be a full moon.

Meigetsu: It means great moon.

Mikazuki: It means new moon or crescent moon; in Kanji, it has three meanings three, sun, moon.

Mitsuki: It means beauty, moon; charge, moon; light, moon; three, moon; light, princess; light, prayer, and it’s a unisex name.

Miyu: It means beautiful moon and also means heart, much far; hope, evening; the ocean, tie.

Mizuki: It means beautiful moon, water moon, and an auspicious hope.

Mochizuki: It means hope, moon, and it also means full moon.

Natsuki: In Kanzi, it has many meanings like the calm, moon; seven, moon; south, moon; summer, joy; summer, princess; summer, hope; summer, prayer.

Otsukimi: It means moon viewing.

Satsuki: It’s a unisex name, and it means five, moon; be skillful, moon; bloom, moon; color, moon; the first day, moon; sand, moon.

Shigetsu: It means rember, moon.

Shizuki: In Kanji, it has meanings like aspire, moon; new, moon; wink, moon; arrive, moon; poetry, moon; leisure; restful, hope.

Tsukiko: It has many meanings like the moon, bright, child; the moon, child; the moon, name of the ritual; the moon, live longer; the moon, hope, child.

Tsukimi: It means moon, snake; moon, kindness; the moon, progress; moon, hope; the moon, ocean; the moon, beauty; the moon, see; the moon, look.

Tsukina: The meanings of this name are the moon, beautiful; the moon, seven; moon, name; the moon, play the music, moon, bark.

Tsukino: It has the moon, you; the moon, field; the moon, rare, you; harbor, hope, you meanings.

Tsukiyo: It means moon, night; the moon, given; moon, world; moon, joy; the moon, wing.

Usagi: In Kanji, it means moon, princess, rabbit; rabbit, sand, craft.

Yue: It means moon; flower, moon; dream, beautiful; superiority, love; friend, blessed, friend, love.

Yuzuki: It means superiority, moon, princess; citrus fruit, moon; citrus fruit, precious; orange, season; tie, moon; friend, moon.

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Japanese Boy Names Meaning Moon

Akari: In Kanji, it has moon, bright, star, and light meanings.

Atsuki: It means nitrous, moon; love, moon; dark blue, moon; precious, yourself; spring, hope; sincere, standard.

Getsumei: It means moonlight, in which Getsu means moon, and Mei stands for clear, bright, light.

Getsurin: Getsu means moon, rin means ring, loop so that it will be moon ring.

Katsuki: It means flower, moon; wins, moon; hairpin, moon; triumph over, hope; wins, joy; wins, living.

Shiduki: It means a purple moon.

Tsuki: Means moon; capital, hope; harbor, season.

Tsukigami: It means moon god.

Tsukito: It means moon, human; the moon, ladle; the moon, passed; the moon, climb; the moon, capital.

Tsukikage: Means moon, shadow.

Tsukiyomi: Tsuki means moon, and Yomi means reading and counting.

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Japanese Names That Mean Ice And Snow

Are you browsing for Japanese names that mean ice and Japanese names that mean snow for your newborn baby? If so, here we have some beautiful Japanese names that are ice and snow-inspired.

Basically, names with snow and ice meanings are similar, this is why we didn’t make a separate list for this. Below, you will find names that are related to ice, and snow. Let’s get started.

Chiyuki: It’s a unisex name and it means thousand, snow; smart, snow.

Fuyuki: It’s a unisex name and it means winter, snow; winter, princess.

Hanayuki: It’s a girl’s name and it means flower, snow.

Hiroyuki: It’s a male name and it means broad-minded, snow; leading widely, snow.

Hiyuki: It’s a girl’s name and it means scarlet, snow.

Kiyuki: It’s a female name and it means hope, snow; joy, snow.

Miyuki: It means beauty, snow and it’s unisex.

Noriyuki: It’s a boy’s name and it means law, snow.

Riyuki: It’s a unisex name and it means management, snow; gallant, snow.

Sayuki: It’s a unisex name and it means vividness, snow; cherry blossoms, snow.

Shirayuki: It’s a female name meaning white, snow.

Yuki: It means snow; luck; lead and it’s a female name.

Yukiji: It’s a unisex name and it means snow, a road; aspire, a road.

Yukio: It means snow, male; snow, living and it’s a boy’s name.

Yukiharu: It means snow, spring; snow, sun; fortune, clear; fortune, flourish and it’s a boy’s name.

Yukihime: It’s a female name and it means snow, princess; fortune, princess.

Yukihira: It’s a male name and it means snow, flat; snow, scales; snow, forever and ever.

Yukito: It means snow, human; lead, human; help someone, samurai and it’s a boy’s name.

Yukina: It’s a Japanese girl’s name and it means snow, flower; come, beautiful; lead, greens.

Yukine: It’s a male name meaning snow, sound.

Yukinari: It’s a Japanese boy’s name and it means snow, formation; fortune, call; fortune, castle; conqueror, call.

Yukishiro: It’s a unisex name and it means snow, white.

Yukiteru: It’s a boy’s name meaning snow, illuminate; aspire, shine.

Yukiya: It’s a Japanese unisex name and in Kanji, it means snow, arrow.

Yukiyo: It’s a unisex name and it means snow, night; snow, world; snow, generation.

Japanese names meaning moon

That’s all for today. Have you got your Japanese name that means moon? It took lots of time to make this list as these names are scarce. I hope you have loved these names and picked a good name. Thanks for reading. Come again.

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