Cool Usernames: 410+ Cool and Cute Usernames

Looking for cool usernames to kickstart your online fun? Don’t look further; here, we have 400+ usernames you can consider.

A username is the first impression for any platform, and it plays a major role in getting followers or attracting others.

If you have a weird username, there are low chances of becoming popular, and it might damage your profile, so a catchy and cool username has its role in making you unique or famous.

A perfect username should show off your real character or how you want to be on that platform; for example, you want to be funny, then why don’t you try a funny username? It can easily grab the followers of your sense.

But, selecting a good username is a tiresome process, and sometimes you end up with dissatisfaction because there are lots of sources available. Still, only some of them are good, and unfortunately, they might be used by someone else like you.

So, to engrave your own perfect username, you need to put in your efforts and also if the chosen usernames are unavailable. I will jot down some tips at the end of this article to make it on your own.

I hope at the middle or end of this article; you will come up with a perfect username to fire up your new start. So let’s get started.

Cool Usernames

These usernames are suitable for any platform such as social media, gaming, etc. I tried to bring unique usernames that are not in other sources, so be quick to catch your username.

Average Guy

Soft Sprinkles

Retain Rejoice

Candy Girl

Stylish Sugar

0.2 Pixels

Simple Candy

Summer Snow

Random Girl

Little Bright

Pink Pastels

Chubby Cherub

Sour Cherry

Isn’t It Right

Knock My Profile

Masked Monkey

Dream Doll

Small Chunk of Cinnamon

Pink Pearl

Special Sweets

Happy Hundred

Playlist of Melodies

Fantasy Fuel

Choco Cheese

Simple Dimple

Definitely Not Special

Girl Beast

Being Jeopardy

Happy Cat

Fair Fantasy


Comfort Zone

Engage Everyday

Blue Ink

Marvel Maven

Clever Cookie

Fantasy Smoke

Love Therapy

Ordinary Orange

Beautiful Bliss

Paper Rose

It’s A Heyday

Random Happiness

Happy Bubbles

Something Crazy

Morning Coffee

Random Kind of Boy

I’m Not Special

Urban Falcon

Caged Thoughts

Happy Go

Do You Love

Ignores Everything

Morning Sunshine

I Didn’t Find a Perfect Username

Cherry On The Top

Princess of My Fantasy

Sweet Bread

Join in Jaunt

Evening Evince

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Cute Usernames

Brainstorming for a cute username to begin your social media journey, below are some of the usernames to consider.

Happy Dust

Blues Jammer

Enlight Everyday

Morning Musings

Little Soldier

Edgy Moods

Occult Occasion

A Cute Hogwash

Collective Thoughts

1Kb Chipset

Already Registered

Pink Berries

Sincere Agent

Versatile Vibes

Man with Dogs

Soft Honey

Saturday Party

Dream Devil

Spread a Smile

Pink Crayon

Seldom Guy

Pulpy Tomato

Rainbow Colors

Happy Cheeks

Restart Rejoice

I’m Unruly

Follow for Nothing

Cute N Sweet

Fantasy Flower

Sweet Melon

Autumn Breeze

Gorgeous N Girl

City Alien

Being Meek

Blue Shades

Swag Boy

Sorry, It’s reserved

Angel Beats

Summer Snow

Soothy Lyrics

Urban Guy

Let Me Maverick

Don’t Expect More

Fun Crash

Different World

A Short Fable

Addicted to Peace

Pink Rover

Evening Eva

Trendy Thoughts

Green Chip

Soft Dust

Floating Love

Captain of My Fantasy

Master Nothing

Crazy Shit

Knight Dreams

(Your Name) in (City)

Username Hidden

Miracle Monster

Velvet It

Feelings Jammer

Google My Name

Friend Deal

Pulpy Feelings

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Cool Usernames for Girls

A better username might gain followers, and the worst username might not bring followers. So always try to get a good username. Below I have enlisted some cool usernames for girls. Have a look.

Morning Tourist

Pink Shades

Everyday Pushups

Pen and Pencil

Unfinished Profile

Morning Breeze

Anonymous (Your Name)

Not Your Glucose

Chin Up

Freaking Cool

Neighbour Texts

Pleasing Crafts

Queen Girl

Dream Hacker

Zero Genius

Sugar Cubes

June Jennifer

This is Not My Real Name

Sugary Lime

Inspired by Nothing

I Need 2 Chat

Urban Virgin

Lemme Your Privy

Human Memory

Rose Blossoms

I’m Not Teen

Reserved Alien

Aesthetic Aroma

Dimple Dots

I’m Dulcet

Advance Guy

Crazy Poet

No Secrets

Turkey Teen

Cute Curdles

Silky Noodles

Boring Chat

Little Sarcastic

Simple Living

Mystic Basket

Timepass Thoughts

Just a Girl

Flagship Feelings

Positive Beats

Single Boys Club

Angry Angel

Open Mind

Costly Fuel

Potato Cheeks

Hey You Sorry

Danger Atomic

Dairy Doll

Do It Today

Bunk Junk

Rising Thoughts

It’s My Username

Unseen Messages

Girl Syrup

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Cool Usernames for Boys

Hey, boy, looking for an awesome username? You have navigated to a better source to get your perfect cool username. Go through the below-mentioned usernames.


What The Huck

Hungry Cat

Lonely Hunter

Right Guy

Failure Panda

Am I Audible

Dp Is Not Perfect

Bubbly Blues

Original Breed

Lonely Lyrics

Hooked On Memories

Flash Clash

Spongy Buttons

Nothing to Hide

Solar Thoughts

Social Debut

Minty Talks

Cotton Candy

Original Honey

Rapid Cool

Damn Bad

Smart Soul

Freaking Headache

Breakfast Boost

Soft Berry

Morning Message

Dropout Nugget

Custom Comfort

Super Armor

Costly Arsenal

A Boring Fable

Dream Dragon

Creative Hippo

Hate Sarcasm

Ice Rose

Vintage Writings

Serious Ninja

Sunshine Mist

Don’t Guess

Morning Shadow

Little Crayon

Grandma’s favorite

Peach Blues

Candy Rush

Cream Toffee

Happy Blast

Alien Being

Worst Cake

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Cool Usernames for Games

A catchy and cool username is a must when it comes to gaming platforms because you need to connect with them always. It must reflect your gaming character; try to get a username that shows your attitude.

Cute Sparrow

Synthetic Soul

Rising Boy

Pinkish Profile

Happy Dazzle

Silent Soul

Yes It’s Me

What You Wanna Talk About

Chill Garage

Cool Falcon

Here In The Hall

Go to Heaven

Online Commander

Infinity Choco

Bookmark Me

Damn Guy

Cookie Rookie

Come Follow Me

Silky Thread

Bachelor Blues

Spend for Her

Butter Blues

Filtered Choco

Hello Bye

Vintage Colors

Favorite Nine

Extra Cheese

Chilling Corner

Morning Dawn

Fragrant Flower

Happy for Life

Need Fuel

Old Songs Fan

Chill It

Legal Love

Silly Secrets

Pink Papers

Mint Flowers

Dirty Thoughts

Nice Nerd

Irritating Poet

I Hate Diets

Perfect Synonym

What’s Your Name

I’m Okay

Fly Like A Rabbit

Angry Monk

Silent Hunter

Southside Guy

Dry Talks

Silent Beats

Slim Sim

Rain Run

Messages Volunteer

Far from Positivity

Just One More Message

Wild Being

Cult Classic

Emotionally Disconnected

Lonely Lad

Cool Usernames for Instagram

So, you are looking for cool usernames for Instagram for an amazing social media start to gain followers. Who knows, you might be a future influencer. Whatever is the reason, but a good username helps.

Bad Ideas Cafe

Moon Breeze

Hell N Heaven

Text from Next

Clean Touch

Everything Black

Call Me If u Can

Open Door

Pink Palettes

Walking Unicorn

Imported Material

Wild Zombie

Don’t Leave

Berries Cake

Teenage Pimples

Solid Breeze

Man of Melodies

Peace Hunter

Adopt Peace

Happy Reads

City Soul

Royal Reddish

Half Things

Super Slim

Breakup Master

It’s Next

Icy Texts

Sweet Letter

Future President

Garden Flower

Filtered Talks

Pink Petals

House of Pastels

Smooth Feathers

Light of Sunrises

Monsoon Magic

New Girl In The Town

Harsh Living

What’s Wrong

Bachelor House

Hashtag Wild

Dare To Follow

Super Honey

Gamer Tears

No Limits

Crazy Alien

Imported Brain

Blue Palettes

Hell Free

Girl Bean

Polished Pearl

Terrific Butterfly

Insta Gene

City Ape

Lime Candy

Don’t Thank Me

Nature Nourish

Slow Shark

Cool Usernames for Musically

A catchy username will definitely serve the purpose in Musically because here, followers are the main motive. Get a better one from the below usernames.

One In Among

Golden Flowers

Cheesy Blast

Dancing On Earth

Cream Heaven

6th Gear

Big Laughter

Weird Guy

Let Me Bite

A Prolific Follow

Magic Arsenal

Roses Are White

Sun Light Night

Fuel My Fantasy

Sugary Cheeks

Forever You

I’m Not Twenty

Rainbow Girl

Marching Moon

Gentle Sparkles

Hot Vibes

Don’t Niggle

Wolf In

What’s On The Feed

Don’t Avoid

Minty Mind

Savage Satires

Secret Messages

Call Me (Your Name)

Morning Moist

It’s My Cucumber

Moon Wind

Crazy Symphony

I’m A Jocular

Noetic Circle

A Kind Alert

Candy Cocktail

Handle With Dare

Weird Brain

Wanna Sagacious

Shine Me

Urban Parent/Child

Beautiful Monkey

Native Guy

Rage Royal

Purple Candy

Earth Dust

Jelly Bean

Indigo Talks

Cogent Boy

How to Pick A Cool Username

If you didn’t find any perfect username or want to make a username yourself, follow the below-mentioned tips.

Observe Existing Usernames on the Same Platform

It’s better to have a look at the existing usernames because it gives some insight into how existing usernames are. Clearly observe which kind of usernames have more followers and vice-versa. If possible, note down famous usernames and bring special words from those.

Make A List of Cool Words

Before getting into the direct search of cool usernames, it’s better to search for cool words from English because everyone searches for usernames. Hence, it isn’t easy to get an available username. Therefore, you should do a different search. Now, make a list of awesome words and make a perfect username.

Consider Your Favorite Stuff

Another way is to find a username from your favorite movies, anime, or books. Even you can bring a name from your favorite people.

Ask Suggestions

There’s no mistake in seeking advice from others. You can ask your family, friends, and neighbors. It will be an added advantage if they are gaming lovers or proficient in English.


Have you got your cool username? I hope so. If not, follow some of my suggestions mentioned above. Big good luck with your new social media start. Thanks for reading.

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