120 Space Aesthetic Usernames 2023 [Space, Moon, Star, Planet]

Are you searching for space-themed usernames or celestial usernames? Don’t worry; here, we have 100+ usernames inspired by space, including the moon, stars, and planets.

Space has stars, planets, constellations, comets, meteors, and many more, and our earth is one of them. They all have beautiful names, and you made a great decision to choose an aesthetic space username.

We already know about space, but the word aesthetic looks new and fresh. It is nothing but beautiful. This term is more famous on Instagram. So, I make sure all these usernames are aesthetic and inspired by Space.

I referred to many sources and made this beautiful list of usernames; I hope you will get your aesthetic space username. Without wasting time, let’s get into the topic.

Space Usernames

In this article, we have listed star usernames, moon usernames, planet usernames along with space usernames or astronomy usernames.

Not only for usernames, but space-related names are also famous among baby names as they have beautiful meanings and look aesthetic.

Lyra: It is a constellation name, and it is a Greek-origin girl’s name.

Orion: It is a famous constellation.

Taurus: It is an astrological sign and also a constellation

Ophelia: Greek girl’s name, which means help.

Arpina: Girls’ name, and it means sun’s rising.

Sally: Sudden attack on the enemy.

Caelum: Means sky.

Phoebe: Means bright.

Despina: Neptune’s moon, and it means lady in Greek.

Navi: It means kind to people.

Solaris: Related to the sun.

Aelius: Sun.

Danica: A girl’s name of Slavic origin, and it means morning star.

Luke: The form of Lucas means bright one.

Cielo: Means sky in Spanish.

Alya: Sky, heaven in Hebrew.

Aurora: Coloured light in the sky.

Vulcan: Fire God of Roman origin.

Aries: A small constellation.

Mercury: A planet name.

Libra: Constellation name.

Astra: To the stars in Latin.

Hoku: This means star in the Hawaiian language.

Puppis: Constellation.

Hilda: Asteroid name.

Aerglo: Night sky’s natural glow.

Felis: A constellation name.

Saros: A lunar cycle.

Cygnus: A constellation.

Nevaeh: Star.

Mensa: Constellation.

Carina: Constellation

Larissa: Neptune’s satellite.

Altair: 12th brightest star in the night sky.

Pisces: Constellation.

Astrea: A large asteroid.

Vesta: Name of an asteroid.

Despina: Neptune’s satellite.

Bianca: Uranus’s satellite.

Gemini: A constellation.

Apollo: A group of asteroids name.

Janus: Satellite of Saturn, god of the Sun according to Greek mythology.

Aibek: Means master of the moon.

Auriga: A constellation.

Cosmos: Means universe.

Flora: Asteroid.

Lynx: A constellation.

Sitara: Means star in Sanskrit.

Zenith: Point of the celestial sphere.

Aster: Means star.

Canopus: Second brightest star in the night sky.

Phoenix: A small constellation.

Larissa: Inner satellite of Neptune.

Celestial: Relating to the sky.

Grus: Constellation

Adhil: A star’s name.

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Moon Usernames

Are you looking for moon usernames for Instagram to make your username cool, like the moon? You are in the right place to get a set of aesthetic moon usernames.

Here we have listed different names of moons; you can use them as usernames directly or add some cool words to make them cooler.

Luna: Moon in Spanish.

Ainar: It has two origins; in Scandinavian origin, it means fire moon, while in Kazakh, it means male moon.

Miranda: Moon of Uranus.

Leda: Jupiter’s moon.

Mayank: Moon of Indian origin.

Arche: It’s Jupiter’s moon, and it means beginning in Greek.

Gunay: Means moon in Turkish.

Jericho: Moon in Canaanite.

Elara: A small moon of Planet Jupiter.

Oberon: Uranus planet’s moon.

Atlas: It’s Saturn’s moon, and it means enduring.

Hilal: Crescent of the moon.

Titania: Big moon of Uranus.

Hyperion: Saturn’s moon.

Ariel: Moon of Uranus.

Kale: Jupiter’s moon, and in Hawaiian, it means free man.

Helia: Another moon of Uranus.

Narvi: Saturn’s moon.

Aitne: Jupiter’s moon.

Artemis: Greek moon goddess, and it means butcher.

Callisto: Moon of Jupiter, and it means fair or good.

Bianca: Moon of Uranus, and it means white.

Dione: Saturn’s moon.

Liviana: In Hebrew, it means white moon.

Neoma: New moon in Greek.

Sasi: Moon in Thai.

Selena: Moon goddess in Latin.

Elatha: Moon-god in Irish.

Luan: Moon in Portuguese.

Mayar: Glow of moon in Arabic.

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Star Usernames

Here you can get an amazing list of star usernames. All these are names of famous stars, so you can add some cool words to make a username.

Adhara: It is a star name and girl name of Arabic origin, which means virgins.

Nashira: Star name, it is also an Arabic girl name, and it means good news bearer.

Stella: It means star and is of Latin origin. Usually, this name is used for girls, and it is best suitable as a username with a combination of any other words.

Belinda: It means beautiful, and it is a feminine given name. It is a name of German and Spanish origin; it also means pretty one, serpent. It is a satellite of Uranus.

Estella: Variant of Stella. It is of Greek origin, which can be a better choice for girls as a username. You can even add your name to it.

Nova: New star.

Starla: Means star.

Lintang: Indonesian boy’s name means star.

Alzir: Star of Leo constellation.

Tarique: Morning star.

Rigel: The brightest star in the Orion constellation.

Castor: A star in the Gemini constellation.

Alpha: Name of the brightest star in the constellation.

Vega: A star in the Orion constellation, the second brightest.

Alioth: A star name.

Procyon: The brightest star.

Atlas: A star name.

Hamal: A star in the Aries constellation.

Faye: Lunar impact crater.

Capella: A star in Auriga constellation.

Sirius: A star.

Pollux: Star of Gemini constellation.

Spica: Star name.

Crux: Constellation’s name.

Alhena: A star.

Alula: Star name.

Arawan: A name of the star.

Ancha: A star.

Astrophel: Star lover.

Ain: A star name.

Ascella: It is a star’s name.

Bellatrix: Star of Orion.

Sabik: A star.

Regulus: Star of Leo.

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Sky Related Usernames

Haven’t you satisfied with the above-listed usernames? If so, here I have another list of usernames related to Sky.

  1. SkyGazer
  2. CloudChaser
  3. Sunbeam
  4. MoonWhisperer
  5. StarryNight
  6. HorizonSeeker
  7. TwilightDreamer
  8. DaylightWanderer
  9. NightfallSerenade
  10. SunriseExplorer
  11. SunsetLover
  12. BlueSkyAdventurer
  13. ClearSkiesAhead
  14. OvercastSoul
  15. RainDancer
  16. ThunderStriker
  17. LightningBolt
  18. StormRider
  19. RainbowHunter
  20. AuroraBorealis
  21. CumulusCloud
  22. StratusWanderer
  23. CirrusSky
  24. NimbusWatcher
  25. DuskDreamer
  26. DawnChaser
  27. CelestialWanderlust
  28. AtmosphereEnthusiast
  29. NebulaObserver
  30. GalaxyTraveler
  31. CometSeeker
  32. MeteorHunter
  33. StarryConstellation
  34. MilkyWayDreamer
  35. PerseidsWatcher
  36. SolarEclipse
  37. LunarGazer
  38. EclipsesExplorer
  39. ZephyrWhisper
  40. SkylightGlimmer
  41. CanopyWanderer
  42. FirmamentDreamer
  43. HeavenBound
  44. AirborneSoul
  45. WindWhisperer
  46. BalloonRider
  47. ParachuteJumper
  48. KiteFlyer
  49. AvianSoarer
  50. InfiniteJourney
  51. SkyDiveAdventurer
  52. CloudscapeArtist
  53. SunflowerChild
  54. MoonlitDreamer
  55. StellarVoyager
  56. HorizonChaser
  57. TwilightHaze
  58. DaylightRoamer
  59. NightfallCraze
  60. SunriseSerenade
  61. SunsetSailor
  62. AzureDreamer
  63. CrystalClearSkies
  64. NimbusRider
  65. ThunderousRoar
  66. LightningSpark
  67. StormSailor
  68. RainbowSeeker
  69. AuroraSpecter
  70. CumulusCrafter
  71. StratusRoamer
  72. CirrusSkimmer
  73. DuskEnthusiast
  74. DawnJourneyer
  75. CelestialRoamer
  76. AtmosphereWanderer
  77. NebulaTracer
  78. GalaxyGlider
  79. CometTrail
  80. MeteorStreak

Usernames for Sky Lovers

Hey sky lover! This is your list of usernames.

  1. CelestialDreamer
  2. NebulousGlow
  3. StellarRadiance
  4. LuminousSerenity
  5. AstralEnchanter
  6. RadiantTranquility
  7. EtherealMesmerizer
  8. SereneGalaxy
  9. EnchantingSublime
  10. TranquilAstronomy
  11. MesmerizingCosmos
  12. GalacticalMystic
  13. MysticalSparkle
  14. SublimeAstral
  15. AstronomicalWonder
  16. TranscendentBeauty
  17. BreathtakingNebula
  18. NebulaicGlimmer
  19. SparklingAstronomy
  20. AstralRealm
  21. CosmicHarmony
  22. ResplendentStar
  23. InterstellarGaze
  24. SupernovaShine
  25. StarlitJourney
  26. OrbitingDreams
  27. DreamlikeEthereal
  28. EffulgentGlow
  29. TranscendentalStargazer
  30. StargazingBliss
  31. EclipsingRadiance
  32. DazzlingCelestial
  33. LunarWhisper
  34. ZephyrOfStars
  35. InfiniteCosmos
  36. PhosphorescentGlow
  37. MysteriousAstral
  38. GalaxyExplorer
  39. CelestialVelvet
  40. VelvetySerenity
  41. SoothingEclipse
  42. EnigmaticWanderer
  43. IridescentTranquil
  44. AstralHarmony
  45. HarmoniousGlow
  46. IncandescentDreamer
  47. AstronomicalJourney
  48. SerendipitousSparkle
  49. AstralWanderlust
  50. CelestialInfinity
  51. EtherealGlow
  52. SereneRadiance
  53. RadiantSerenity
  54. LuminousDreamer
  55. TranquilBliss
  56. CelestialEnchant
  57. BreathtakingAura
  58. SerendipitousWhisper
  59. EnchantingSerenade
  60. ResplendentGrace
  61. GracefulGlow
  62. MajesticMelody
  63. HeavenlyHarmony
  64. SoothingSilhouette
  65. BlissfulAzure
  66. ScintillatingDream
  67. DreamyRhapsody
  68. CaptivatingLullaby
  69. HarmoniousWhimsy
  70. AzureSeraph
  71. PastelTranquility
  72. SeraphicGlimmer
  73. SublimeEnchantment
  74. WhimsicalRadiance
  75. TranquilityMelody
  76. SilhouetteGlow
  77. EnrapturingEthereal
  78. EffervescentDreamer
  79. MelodicLuminosity
  80. RhapsodicSerene

Planet Usernames

  1. OrbitExplorer
  2. CelestialTraveler
  3. LunarAstronaut
  4. StellarVoyager
  5. CometHunter
  6. MercuryMaven
  7. VenusVoyager
  8. EarthExplorer
  9. MartianTraveler
  10. JovianJumper
  11. SaturnSeeker
  12. UranusAdventurer
  13. NeptunianNomad
  14. PlutonianPioneer
  15. LunarLover
  16. SolarSystemSurfer
  17. StellarStargazer
  18. GalaxyWanderer
  19. NebulaDreamer
  20. CelestialVoyage
  21. NovaSeeker
  22. CosmicQuester
  23. SolsticeJourney
  24. ZenithExplorer
  25. RocheLimitRider
  26. AstrobiologyGeek
  27. RedPlanetAdventurer
  28. SolarSystemSailor
  29. NeptuneExplorer
  30. AtmosphereObserver
  31. GalaxyGazer
  32. LunarEclipseWatcher
  33. GravityMaster
  34. ExoplanetEnthusiast
  35. IceGiantSeeker
  36. InterplanetaryPilot
  37. CelestialMechanic
  38. RingsOfSaturn
  39. AstronomicalJourney
  40. TidalForcesSurfer
  41. DwarfPlanetLover
  42. PlanetarySystemExplorer
  43. MarsMissionary
  44. TransNeptunianTraveller
  45. CosmologySage
  46. HeliocentricPathfinder
  47. MeteorChaser
  48. SpacecraftPilot
  49. AstroExplorer
  50. SaturnianRingWatcher
  51. InterstellarQuester
  52. EarthAdventurer
  53. TelescopeObserver
  54. ExtraterrestrialQuest
  55. CometCompanion
  56. PlanetaryWanderlust
  57. UranusUtopia
  58. SolarEclipseChaser
  59. PlanetariumFanatic
  60. MarsMartian
  61. AstralNomad
  62. AstronauticDreamer
  63. PlutoSeeker
  64. TerrestrialTraveler
  65. MoonbeamChaser
  66. SatelliteObserver
  67. EllipticalPathFinder
  68. MeteoricWonderer
space aesthetic usernames

Tips for Selecting Space Aesthetic Usernames

Get Suggestions.

Before directly searching on the internet, first, have a try by asking for suggestions from your friends and family.

They may suggest better names, and one thing to mention here, space names are related to science; everyone cannot suggest space names, so ask persons who have good knowledge of science.

Do an internet search.

If you get a good suggestion from your family or friends, that’s fine. But if you don’t get any good suggestions, then you need to do an internet search. Here, you may find a good amount of space-related names, so make a list of names you like.

Shortlist the names.

After making a list of names, you now need to shortlist them. After that, you can select one of them, or if you are confused about what to choose, you can ask someone to pick one of them.

Check its meaning.

Don’t forget to check the meanings of names after selecting them; sometimes, names look good but not their meaning.

Try other languages’ names.

Stars, Planets, and things related to space have different words in different languages, so consider trying other languages like Greek.

Try combining two or more words.

Combine two or more suitable words to make an awesome username. You can try adding some names to space words to make it beautiful.

Conclusion: I hope you have liked all these space aesthetic usernames. Thanks for visiting.

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