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Searching for space aesthetic usernames or space-themed usernames, don’t worry here we have 100+ usernames that are inspired by space.

Space has stars, planets, constellations, comets, meteors and many more and our earth is one of them. All of them have beautiful names and you made a wonderful decision of having an aesthetic space username.

In this post, you can also find planet usernames, star usernames, astronomy usernames, aesthetic moon usernames, and space-related usernames.

So without wasting time let’s get into the topic.

Space Aesthetic Usernames | Space Usernames

Adhara: It is a star name and girl name of Arabic origin which means virgins.

Nashira: Star name, it is also an Arabic girl name and it means good news bearer.

Stella: It means star and is of Latin origin.

Belinda: Beautiful.

Lyra: It is a constellation name.

Orion: It is a famous constellation.

Taurus: It is an astrological sign and also a constellation

Ophelia: Greek girls’ name which means help.

Estella: Variant of Stella.

Nova: New star.

Arpina: Girls’ name and it means sun’s rising.

Starla: Means star.

Lintang: Indonesian boy’s name means star.

Luna: Moon in Spanish.

Sally: Sudden attack on the enemy.

Alzir: Star of Leo constellation.

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Caelum: Means sky.

Tarique: Morning star.

Rigel: Brightest start in the Orion constellation.

Castor: A star in the Gemini constellation.

Alpha: Name of the brightest star in the constellation.

Vega: A star in the Orion constellation which is the second brightest.

Phoebe: Means bright.

Despina: Neptunes’ moon and it means lady in Greek.

Navi: Means kind to people.

Solaris: Related to the sun.

Aelius: Sun.

Danica: Girl’s name in Slavic origin and it means morning star.

Luke: Form of Lucas means bright one.

Ceilo: Means sky in Spanish.

Alya: Sky, heaven in Hebrew.

Aurora: Coloured light in the sky.

Vulcan: Fire God in Roman origin.

Aries: A small constellation.

Mayank: Moon in Indian origin

Mercury: A planet name.

Libra: Constellation name.

Alioth: A star name.

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Gunay: Means moon in Turkish.

Astra: To the stars in Latin.

Elara: A small moon of Planet Jupiter.

Hoku: Means start in the Hawaiian language.

Jericho: Moon in Canaanite.

Puppis: Constellation.

Hilda: Asteroid name.

Aerglo: Night sky’s natural glow.

Felis: A constellation name.

Saros: A lunar cycle.

Cygnus: A constellation.

Nevaeh: Star.

Mensa: Constellation.

Oberon: Uranus planet’s moon.

Hilal: Crescent of the moon.

Carina: Constellation

Titania: Big moon of Uranus.

Larissa: Neptune’s satellite.

Altair: 12th brightest star in the night sky.

Ariel: Moon of Uranus.

Vesta: Name of an asteroid.

Alula: Star name.

Pisces: Constellation.

Astrea: A large asteroid.

Arawan: A name of the star.

Ancha: A star.

Despina: Neptune’s satellite.

Gemini: A constellation.

Astrophel: Star lover.

Bianca: Uranus’s satellite.

Apollo: A group of asteroids name.

Ain: A star name.

Janus: Satellite of Saturn, god of the Sun according to Greek mythology.

Aibek: Means master of the moon.

Ascella: It is a star’s name.

Helia: Another moon of Uranus.

Auriga: A constellation.

Bellatrix: Star of Orion.

Leda: Jupiter’s moon.

Cosmos: Means universe.

Flora: Asteroid.

Miranda: Moon of Uranus.

Regulus: Star of Leo.

Sabik: A star.

Lynx: A constellation.

Sitara: Means star in Sanskrit.

Zenith: Point of the celestial sphere.

Aster: Means star.

Canopus: Second brightest start in the night sky.

Phoenix: A small constellation.

Procyon: The brightest star.

Atlas: A star name.

Hamal: A star in the Aries constellation.

Celestial: Relating to the sky.

Faye: Lunar impact crater.

Capella: A star in Auriga constellation.

Larissa: Inner satellite of Neptune.

Sirius: A star.

Pollux: Star of Gemini constellation.

Spica: Star name.

Crux: Constellation’s name.

Alhena: A star.

Grus: Constellation

Adhil: A star’s name.

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space aesthetic usernames

Tips for Selecting Space Aesthetic Usernames

Get Suggestions.

Before directly searching on the internet, first, have a try by asking suggestions from your friends and family. They may suggest better names and one thing mention here, space names are related to science, everyone cannot suggest space names so ask persons who have good knowledge of science.

Do internet search.

If you get a good suggestion from your family or friends then that’s fine. But if you don’t get any good suggestions, then you need to do an internet search. Here you may find a good amount of space names so make a list of names you like.

Short list the names.

After making a list of names, now you need to shortlist them. After that, you can select one of them or if you are confused about what to select, you can ask someone to pick one of them

Check it’s meaning.

Don’t forget to check the meanings of names after you select them, sometimes names look good but not their meaning.

Try other languages names.

Stars, Planets, and the things related to space have different words in different languages so consider trying other languages like Greek.

Try combining two or more words.

Combine two or more good words to make an awesome name for your username. You can try adding some common name to a space to make it beautiful

Conclusion: I hope you have liked all these space aesthetic names. Thanks for visiting

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