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Looking for Goddess names starting with K, then here we have a collection of Goddess names that start with the letter K.

Goddess names are commonly used for naming a baby girl or some people use them for different things such as team names, usernames, etc.

Every religion has gods, goddesses, and even evils or demons. According to some religious texts, a goddess is a female deity who is extremely admired and has spiritual powers.

Not all goddesses and gods have positive traits, and there are some gods and goddesses who have negative traits.

If you decided to name your child a Goddess name, which name could be more suitable to a baby girl than a powerful and inspirational Goddess name?

Now let’s enter into our topic, goddess names starting with K,

Top Goddess Names that Start with Letter K

Kamira: Kamira is a Goddess of Greek mythology. She is the daughter of Danaus.

Kanya: She is a Goddess from Hindu mythology. Her full name is Devi Kanya Kumari and she is another form of Goddess Parvati.

Ker: She is a Goddess from Greek mythology. She is a death spirit.

Kashtha: She is a Goddess from Hindu mythology who is a quarter of the world.

Kriti: She is a Goddess of Hindu mythology and another name for Goddess Durga. Kriti means creation.

Khione: She is the snow Goddess of Greek mythology.

Kamalika: Goddess of Hindu mythology and another name for Goddess Lakshmi.

Kuanja: She is a Goddess from Angolan mythology and the Goddess of hunting.

Kamini: An incarnation of Goddess Durga from Hindu mythology.

Kianda: She is a Goddess of the Sea from Angolan mythology.

Kaishori: Another name for Goddess Parvati.

Karta: Fate Goddess of Latvian mythology (Baltic mythology).

Krumu: Latvian Goddess (Baltic mythology).

Kaladuti: Goddess from Buddhism.

Kaikara: Goddess from African mythology.

Kali: Form of Goddess Parvati and chief of Mahavidyas. Also known as Kalika.

Kunapipi: Goddess from Australian mythology.

Kakasya: Goddess of Buddhism.

Karini: Same as above.

Krumine: Goddess from Baltic mythology.

Kotys: Goddess of Greek mythology and mainly worshipped by Edones.

Kesini: Goddess of Buddhism.

Kushinada-hime: Goddess of Japanese mythology who is one of the wives of God Susanoo.

Korrigan: She is a Goddess of Celtic mythology and it means small dwarf.

Kishimojin: Goddess from Buddhist Mahayana in Japan.

Kayano-hime: Vegetation Goddess of Japanese mythology.

Kamimusubi: Japanese Goddess.

Karatgurk: Goddess of Australian mythology.

Kannon: Boddhisattva Goddess of Japanese.

Kulisankusa: Goddess of Jainism.

Kanayama-hime: Goddess of Japanese.

Kotisri: Goddess from Buddhism.

Kurukulla: Tibetan Buddhism Goddess.

Kubaba: Sumerian Goddess.

Kauket: Goddess of Egyptian mythology.

Kishar: Goddess of Mesopotamian mythology.

Kotharat: Goddess of West Semitic mythology.

Kulisesvari: Buddhism Goddess.

Kakia: Goddess of vice from Greek mythology.

Kalamainu’u: Lizard Goddess of Hawaiian mythology.

Kadlu: Goddess of Inuit mythology who creates thundery weather.

Khipa: Hittite mythology Goddess.

Kamadhenu: Goddess of Hinduism and she is the mother of all cows (Gau Mata).

Ken: Goddess of Egyptian mythology.

Kupala: Goddess from Slavic mythology.

Kára: Norse mythology Goddess.

Kohara: Tuna Goddess from Polynesian mythology.

Ka’ohelo: Volcanos Goddess from Hawaiian mythology.

Kuvava: Goddess from Hittite mythology.

Kamar: Goddess from Georgian mythology.

Kalma: Death Goddess of Finnish mythology.

Kiririsha: Goddess of Mesopotamian mythology.

Kshama: Goddess of Hindu mythology.

Kebechet: Goddess from Egyptian mythology and the name means cooling water.

Kanike: Goddess of Hindu mythology and the name means granule.

Khensit: Patron Goddess of Egyptian mythology.

Kaushiki: She is a Hindu Goddess and emerged from Goddess Parvati.

Kimaya: Another name for Goddess Durga.

Kamakshi: Another name for Goddess Parvati

Khasa: Goddess of Hindu mythology.

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goddess names starting with k


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