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Looking for goddess names, then you have landed on a good place to find them. We have collected more than 100 goddess names which are collected from different religions. Usually, goddess names are used for naming a baby girl and some are used as usernames etc. Whatever is the use this list can do that.

There are many religions and have many goddess names. So we have grabbed the top 100 names and also with their meaning. Take a look at the list of Goddes Names

Goddess Names for Baby Girl

  1. Selena
  2. It is a greek goddess name and it means moon. It is also called as selene, celina.

  3. Bia
  4. Bia is a greek goddess and goddess of force.

  5. Aine
  6. She is a goddess of love from Celtic origin.

  7. Sabrina
  8. She is goddess of river Severn and belongs to Celtic origin.

  9. Febris
  10. She is a goddess from Roman mythology and that name means River.

  11. Alala
  12. She is goddess of Greek mythology and belongs to war cry.

  13. Diva
  14. Is a celebrated female singer and this name is derived from Italian

  15. Gaia
  16. Personification of earth and from Greek mythology.

  17. Diana
  18. Goddess of hunt and wild animals from Roman religion

  19. Ancasta
  20. Celtic goddess and name means swift

  21. Andarta
  22. Goddess of darkness, savagery and is Celtic goddess.

  23. Amalthea
  24. Tender goddess from Greek mythology

  25. Beyla
  26. Goddes of fertility from Norse mythology

  27. Anahita
  28. Goddess of fertility, water, health and healing from ancient Persian mythology

  29. Lyssa
  30. Goddess of rage, madness and is a Greek goddess.

  31. Anona
  32. Goddess of corn supply and is a Roman goddess.

  33. Arien
  34. No information

  35. Parvati
  36. Goddess of Hindu religion and goddess of fertility.

  37. Astarte
  38. Goddess of fertility and war and semitic goddess

  39. Athena
  40. Greek goddess and of wisdom, handcraft.

  41. Seren
  42. Crystallimne goddess of elves

  43. Aura
  44. Greek goddess of brezze and fresh.

  45. Avalon
  46. No info.

  47. Aveta
  48. Mother goddess and from Celtic origin

  49. Vesta
  50. Goddess of hearth from Roman religion

  51. Belinda
  52. Babylonian mythology and goddess of heaven and earth.

  53. Rosmerta
  54. Goddess of fertility and abundance from celtic and roman religion.

  55. Senuna
  56. Celtic goddess of water.

  57. Sequana
  58. Gallo-Roman religiona and goddess of river Seine.

  59. Artio
  60. Swiss bear goddess from celtic mythology

  61. Bellona
  62. Goddess of war from Roman

  63. Britt
  64. No info.

  65. Brittania
  66. Latin name of Britain and name given to female personification

  67. Ceres
  68. Goddess of agriculture from Roman religion

  69. Yara (Iara)
  70. Brazilian mythology and goddess of seas

  71. Charis
  72. Goddess of charm, beauty from Greek mythology.

  73. Nessa
  74. Goddess of life and nature from Irish mythology.

  75. Annea Clivana
  76. Celtic goddess.

  77. Clementia
  78. Goddess of clemency form Roman mythology.

  79. Demetria
  80. Goddess of earth from Greek mythology.

  81. Cleta
  82. One of the charities goddess from Greek mythology.

  83. Concordia
  84. Personification of concord and she is Roman goddess

  85. Cynthia
  86. Means born on mount cynthus and she is a Greek goddess.

  87. Decima
  88. Measurer of thread of life from Roman mythology.

  89. Venus
  90. Roman goddess of love, beauty, desire, sex.

  91. Demeter
  92. Goddess of fertility, grain and harvest.

  93. Devika
  94. Hindu name of goddess.

  95. Uma
  96. Goddess of fertility from Hindu religion.

  97. Pax
  98. Roman goddess if peace.

  99. Sirona
  100. Celtic goddess of healing.

  101. Verbeia
  102. Healing goddess of Celtic origin

  103. Eachna
  104. No info.

  105. Aeron
  106. Goddess of battle from Celtic origin.

  107. Easter
  108. Goddess of fertility and sex and also is a celebration of Ishtar

  109. Eirene
  110. Greek goddess of peace.

  111. Tacita
  112. Goddess of dead from Roman mythology.

  113. Enyo
  114. Goddess of war from Greek mythology.

  115. Selket
  116. Goddess of dead and she is Egyptian goddess

  117. Arduinna
  118. Goddess of foresr from Celtic origin.

  119. Ersa
  120. Greek goddess of dew.

  121. Eudora
  122. From Greek mythology and name means well gifted.

  123. Epona
  124. Celtic goddess of fertility.

  125. Icauna
  126. Celtic goddess of river.

  127. Inciona
  128. Celtic goddess of Treveran region

  129. Bormana
  130. Celtic goddess of healing.

  131. Bricta
  132. Gaulish goddess

  133. Brigantia
  134. Tribes goddess of Celtic religion.

  135. Fama
  136. Personification of fame from Greek mythology.

  137. Tana
  138. Tana and Diana are same.

  139. Fauna
  140. Roman goddess of fertility.

  141. Anaka
  142. Personification of inevitability from Greek religion

  143. Pomona
  144. Goddess of fruitful abundance from religion

  145. Clota
  146. Goddess of river from Celtic mythology.

  147. Coventina
  148. Celtic goddess of sacred water.

  149. Artemis
  150. Goddess of wild animals from Greek religion

  151. Ferentina
  152. Goddess of ferentium city from Roman religion

  153. Aditi
  154. Goddess of Earth from Hindu religion

  155. Feronia
  156. Roman goddess associated with wild life, fertility and abundance.

  157. Flora
  158. Roman goddess of flowers.

  159. Fortuna
  160. Roman goddess of chance.

  161. Rhea
  162. Greek goddess of female fertility and motherhood.

  163. Freya
  164. Norse goddess of love, fertility, battle and death.

  165. Grania
  166. Grain goddess of Iris mythology.

  167. Hestia
  168. Goddess of hearth from Greek religion.

  169. Idony
  170. Goddess of apples and youth from Norse mythology.

  171. Ariadne
  172. Greek goddess of crete.

  173. Iris
  174. Greek goddess of rainbow.

  175. Yavanna
  176. No info

  177. Isis
  178. Goddess of moon from Egyptian mythology.

  179. Annona
  180. Goddess of ceres from Roman religion.

  181. June
  182. Roman Goddess of women, marriage and child birth.

  183. Juno
  184. June, Juno are same.

  185. Kali
  186. Hindu goddess of destruction.

  187. Tanith
  188. Goddess of Carthage.

  189. Laverna
  190. Roman goddess of thieves.

  191. Leto
  192. Greek goddess of motherhood.

  193. Hora
  194. Greek goddess of seasons.

  195. Levana
  196. Roman goddess of childbirth.

  197. Iouga
  198. No info.

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More Goddess Names

  1. Latis
  2. Naria
  3. Onuava
  4. Ritona
  5. Augusta
  6. Lucina
  7. Thora
  8. Luna
  9. Lyssa
  10. Macaria
  11. Eris
  12. Melian
  13. Hebe
  14. Minerva
  15. Antheia
  16. Sirona
  17. Morgan
  18. Neith
  19. Nienna
  20. Nixi
  21. Nona
  22. Oba
  23. Padma
  24. Aurora
  25. Pele
  26. Phoebe
  27. Rhya
  28. Damona
  29. Divona
  30. Roma
  31. Sanvik

Tips for selecting a good goddess name

First select the reliogion or mythology.

We have so many religions and mythologies so select from which you want goddess name

Which kind of goddess name you want.

There is a specific goddess for a specific character so decide on that.

Keep it simple.

Select a goddess which is easy to pronounce, easy to remember and also should be beautiful.

Grab a list of names

After making a list select a name from that list.

Conclusion We hope you got a perfect goddess name if not try other websites also. Thanks for visiting our site.

Disclaimer: We collected these names from different sources, there might be some mistakes(unintentional) and if anyone felt any bad we strongly apologize for that. Thank you.

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