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Are you trying to find the best edgy usernames for your new social media account? Consider our trendy and cool usernames that are perfect for your fantastic social start.

edgy usernames
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Choosing a new username for a new platform can be an overwhelming task. Nowadays, it’s hard to find people without social media accounts because people are getting changed and started adapting to the trend.

Social media has become a part of our lives, and people want to share their regular happenings with others. Even some are sharing their routine, what they eat and what not, everything.

But, finding a better username for us would be a complicated process because social media is flooded with many people as well as usernames, so you will be damn lucky if you got your favorite username.

The best way to find a unique and edgy username is to look for famous usernames and modify them with new words or make a similar username but make sure it does not look like a copy.

Edgy Usernames

You can try your own methods if you fail to find a perfect edgy username from the below list. Let’s get started.

  1. Average Boy
  2. Candy Guy
  3. Uber Cool
  4. Soft Hearted
  5. Random Boy
  6. Cherish Cherub
  7. Stylish Mind
  8. Don’t Knock Profile
  9. Green Pearl
  10. Sweet Melodies
  11. Choco Girl
  12. Your Soldier
  13. Ever Pink
  14. Unknown Beast
  15. Comfort and Cool
  16. Happy Smoke
  17. Summer Girl
  18. Tourist Guy
  19. Paper Plane
  20. Miracle Man
  21. Choise Rejoice
  22. Random Joy
  23. Love Hacker
  24. Mad Melodies
  25. Blue Pastels
  26. Morning Dew
  27. Pink Shadow
  28. Sugar Boy
  29. Uraban Uncle
  30. Moon Sunshine
  31. Evening Angel
  32. Better Go
  33. Slow Fellow
  34. Be My Cherry
  35. Fantasy Princess
  36. Future Bright
  37. Earth Dust
  38. Moon Moods
  39. Military Man
  40. Reserved Seat
  41. Sour Honey
  42. Rainbow Girl
  43. Best Shades
  44. Useful Fellow
  45. Be My Glucose
  46. Pleasing Purple
  47. Fantasy Roses
  48. Moon Flower
  49. City Lion
  50. Urban Alien
  51. Sweet Dust
  52. Miracle Moon
  53. The Boy
  54. Fate Crayon
  55. The Innocent
  56. Sarcastic Soul
  57. Being Single
  58. Modern Melancholy
  59. Hate Me Love Me
  60. Everyday Eight
  61. Lovely Cherub
  62. Cutie Pizza
  63. Erase Ink
  64. Sunday Fantasy
  65. Monsoon Mango
  66. Lyrical Love
  67. Human Robo
  68. Time for Pushups
  69. Freaking Hot
  70. Mindless Genius
  71. Blue Blossoms
  72. Simple Dimple
  73. Positive Boy
  74. Vivid Vivify
  75. Mr. Swanky
  76. Unseen Girl
  77. Failure Feathers
  78. Pure Pearls
  79. Debut Profile
  80. Pleasing Redolent
  81. Genius Soul
  82. Custom Guy
  83. Colors Girl
  84. Morning Miracles
  85. Silent Soldier
  86. Still Bachelor
  87. Vintage Velvet
  88. Chilling Chillies
  89. Fragrant Glues
  90. Irritating Minds
  91. Bad Synonym
  92. Silent Symphony
  93. Cult Cool
  94. Witty Style
  95. Lovely Lad
  96. Close The Profile
  97. Mad Musings
  98. Select Next
  99. Garden Smells
  100. Dulcet Girl

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Cool Edgy Usernames

Have you found your edgy username from the above list? If not, you can try the below-listed usernames. I hope you will find your perfect username at the end of this article.

If you fail to find a username, don’t worry; pick some catchy words from these usernames and make a better username by combining them.

  1. Flicker Thing
  2. Fresh Fantasy
  3. Sunday Sunlight
  4. Urban Fellow
  5. I’m One
  6. Let Me Think
  7. City Wolf
  8. Cool Candy
  9. I’m Twenty
  10. Unfollow Me
  11. Soft Doll
  12. Sincere Scintilla
  13. Beatific Girl
  14. It’s Pink
  15. Color My World
  16. Minty Taste
  17. Eat Nougat
  18. Bright White
  19. Purple Petals
  20. Stellar Minds
  21. Magenta Miracles
  22. Everly Ever
  23. Summer Arsenal
  24. Divine Divas
  25. Jelly Belly
  26. Chubby Cherish
  27. Candid Guy
  28. Vintage Villain
  29. Secret Symphony
  30. Aesthetic Moods
  31. Pulpy Apples
  32. Flying Wolf
  33. Pink Paradise
  34. Elegant Eva
  35. Simple Simper
  36. Being Jocund
  37. Call Me Perfect
  38. Pure Pastels
  39. Fun Toxic
  40. Candy Cubes
  41. Pink Berry
  42. Bun Cake
  43. Down Dawn
  44. Day Dreamer
  45. Modern Cinderella
  46. Minty Melodies
  47. Nasty Lime
  48. Trendy Tulips
  49. Modern Maven
  50. Savage Minds
  51. Dark Dreams
  52. Miseries Guy
  53. Incognito Ink
  54. Confused Soul
  55. Ninja Lad
  56. Username Not Found
  57. Downcast
  58. Cool Dade
  59. Night Sparkles
  60. Morning Blossoms
  61. Deft Guy
  62. Rapture Some
  63. Morning Tequila
  64. Grumpy Being
  65. Swag Master
  66. Soft Sprog
  67. Revive Life
  68. Opulent Lad
  69. I’m Maverick
  70. Mettle Guy
  71. Obscure Thoughts
  72. Nitwit Profile
  73. Fully Hogwash
  74. Seldom Girl
  75. Best Maxim
  76. Pleasure Jaunt
  77. Mr Foster
  78. Need Placid
  79. Defunct Robot
  80. A Peevish Guy
  81. My Privy
  82. Being Hone
  83. Eliminate Naive
  84. Love Chaser
  85. Bold Fantasy
  86. Feral Flower
  87. Soft Gesture
  88. Rage Ruler
  89. Raw Rules
  90. Rare Feats
  91. Haughty Honey
  92. Kitsch Teen
  93. Fantasy Arena
  94. View My Facet
  95. A Fiasco
  96. Don’t Faze
  97. Morning Smog
  98. Super Moniker
  99. Angry Autumn
  100. Missing Jaunty
  101. It’s Taciturn
  102. Onerous Alien

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edgy usernames

How To Pick An Edgy Username

First Decide the Kind of Username You Want

Before choosing a username, it will be better to decide which type of username you want because this will save you time.

Some points to check yourself before getting into the actual search are 1. Do you want to be like a common person or to be an influencer? 2. You want a short or long username. 3. Is it related to business? 4. Do you want to hide your profile?

Inspire by Others

Don’t ever feel shy to get inspired by others, and it’s a good thing to have inspiration. Apply the same thing in username selection also.

Find Cool and Catchy Words

The best way to make your own username is to make a list of awesome English words so that you can make many usernames from those words. But if you don’t know how to start it, don’t worry, you will find many posts about cool English words on the internet.

To make your username more unique, you can try other languages’ words with English words. For example, we have Greek, Hebrew, and Japanese words that have beautiful meanings.

CONCLUSION: I hope you have found your edgy username and if not, follow the tips mentioned above to make your own username. Thanks for reading.

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