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Are you looking for sad usernames to show dispirit on something? Don’t think of other choices because I have decided to help you on this rare topic.

I don’t know what’s the reason behind this decision of choosing a sad username. But I hope something good will happen to you very soon.

But remember, even if you choose this kind of username, don’t forget to make it unique and stand out. Even you can add digits or favorite things names to make them so.

This list consists of usernames that we framed, words, and names that mean sad, depression. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started.

Sad Usernames

Here we go.

Dolor Dude

Hello Woe

Filled with Blues

Bad Sad

Finding Unfortunate

Dark Guy

Blue Man

Worst than U

Busy Bad

Dark Lion

Out of Sorts

Man On Miseries

Dejected Piece

Chap Fallen

Glum Gun

Distress Ruler

Tragedy King

Sluggish Son

Melancholy Mike

Blue Sniper

Low Spirits Soul

A New Gloom

Hello Hardship

Unlighted Youngster

Unlucky Lad

Blue Funk

Change the Fate

A Downcast

Incognito Blues

Dismal God

Bad Beats

Mr. Miserable

Sorrow Candy


Joy 404 Error

Gloomy Monkey

Dear Despondent

Confused Misery

Big Bang Blahs

Unhappy Now

Cool As Hell

Woe Ninja

Crazy Woe

The Blues

Blues Surrounded

Far From Fortunate

Captain Dolor

Big Tragic

Crazy Crummy

Blues Lover

Master Melancholy

Father of broken

Glum Player

Sob Story

Distress Hacker

Easy Ennui

Vast Vapors

Heartbreak Hacks

Downhearted Dawn

Gloom Gear

Digging Dolors

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Sad Usernames for Instagram

Here we enlisted some English words that mean depressed and sad that are better suitable for usernames. If you didn’t find any better username from the above list, you could use these words.

Despondent: Means unhappy and having no hope.

Melancholy: Means feeling of sadness, no spirit.

Woe: Extreme sadness.

Gloom: Low of spirits, darkness.

Doldrums: State of depression.

Blue funk: Being depressed, worried.

Inert: Slow or unable to move.

Tedium: State of being bored.

Lugubrious: Sad and depressed.

Downhearted: Sad and discouraged.

Ennui: Feeling dissatisfied, tired, and bored.

Blues: Feeling depressed, unhappy, and it is a type of sad music.

Low spirits: Lacking spirit.

Downcast: Sad, upset, and without hope.

Vapors: State of depression.

Dolor: State of distress, sorrow.

Blahs: Means depression.

Sluggish: Lazy, tired and inactive.

Heartbreak: Great sadness and emotional suffering.

Hardship: Extreme suffering.

Bummer: Unpleasant situation or condition.

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Sad Meaning Names

Brennan (Irish): It means sorrow.

Dade: Dark one.

Dolores (Spanish): Means sorrows.

Deirdre (Gaelic): Broken-hearted or sorrowful.

Lola (Latin): Lady of sorrows.

Mallory: Unhappy or unlucky.

Tristana (Welsh): Means sad.

Darcy (Irish): Dark.

Bronagh (Irish): Means sorrow.

Devlin (Irish): Means unlucky.

Aharhel: Last sorrow.

Benoni (Hebrew): Sorrow and pain.

Brone (Irish): Means sorrow.

Kek: Darkness God of Egypt.

Drystan (Welsh): Full of sorrow.

Tavarious (African): Means misfortune.

Kedar (Hebrew): Sorrow.

Nerezza (Italian): Means darkness.

Doyle (Irish): Dark stranger.

Ephai (Hebrew): Means gloomy.

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How to Pick A Better Sad Username

Sad usernames are hard to find; one way is to find the words that mean sad and try them as usernames. Now we look at some ways to find them.

Find Words That Mean Depression or Sad

Search for words that have meanings of sad, depression, or dark. You can extend the search by finding the synonym for all these words. You definitely find a better word that is suitable for a username.

Refer Other Languages

If you didn’t find a good word, it’s time to do a deep search. Go for other languages like Hebrew, Italian, Greek, etc. Don’t forget to get the words that have the same meanings. Otherwise, your search will be wasted.

Go for Names

Another way is to search for negative meaning names like depressed, sad, dark names. You will get those names on the internet but in a limited quantity. Try them.


How are these sad usernames? I have spent lots of time making this list. I hope you liked this post. Thanks for reading.

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