98 Cool Anime Last Names With Meanings

Looking for cool anime last names? We’ve got you covered! In this article, we’ll show you 110+ last names that are anime-inspired that you can use or give to your character.

anime last names
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If you are an anime lover, you are definitely familiar with anime names and the last names of characters. Anime is more than just a movie or series for some people, and they make it a part of their lives.

Anime names and last names are popular because they are unique and have beautiful meanings. And these are the best choice for people who want something new and unique.

These anime last names are better suitable for naming your characters or even using them for gamertags and usernames. There are many famous anime shows and movies so finding the better one is not that easy task.

This is why we made this list for you; in this list, we have included the last names of famous anime characters and also their meanings. So let’s get started.

Anime Last Names

The last names of anime characters usually have Japanese names, and most of the Japanese names are based on the kanji, which is a part of the Japanese writing system. In Kanji, names usually have one or more words, and every word has its meaning. In the below list, we differentiate meanings with a semi-colon (;).

Tokisaki: Time.

Aisaka: Slope, indigo; mutual.

Oshino: Push, stop; plains, field.

Yukinoshita: Yuki means snow; Shita means under.

Itadori: It’s the name of a medicinal plant and ita means tiger.

Oikawa: Reach out, cause; stream, river.

Souma: Smoothly; true.

Liebert: Beloved, and it’s from Yiddish.


Trafalgar: It’s of Arabic origin, and Taraf means edge.

Brando: This last name is of Germanic origin, and it’s evolved from the brand, which means sword.

Smith: It’s an occupational name for people who work with metal.

Souryuu: Blue dragon.

Zoldyck: To be superior.


Makise: Breed, care for; rapids, current.

Okazaki: Hill cape.

Scarlet: Red containing color.

Shiina: Chinquapin; name.

Midoriya: Green valley.

Nishimiya: West; temple.

Nico: Victory.

Gremory: Devil demon.

Saiki: Fortune; hope.

Senjougahara: Battlefield.

Azusagawa: Catalpa; river.

Kurosaki: Black; Promontory.

Natsuki: Summer; life.

Toosaka: Door; slope.

Ishigami: Stone; above.

Miyamura: Temple; town.


Hatake: Field.

Satou: Bloom; peach

Gasai: Picture.

Hashibira: Break; flat.

Todoroki: Roar, thunder; tree.

Dazai: Guilt, sin.

Kaneki: Gold; tree.


Miyazono: Shinto shrine; park.

Heiwajima: Flat; harmony; island.

Akabane: Redwings.

Bakugou: Prideful explosion.


Fujiwara: Wisteria plain.


Ayanokouji: Design; small; road.

Katsuragi: Arrowroot, castle.

Hinata: In the sun; facing the sun.

Sakata: Rice paddy at the slope.

Akemi: Bright, beauty.


Okabe: Hill section.

Ackerman: Man of oak.

Ikari: Anchor.

Hyuuga: Sunshine, yonder.

Okumura: Secluded village.

Ayanami: Twilled waves.

Kamado: Stove.

Reigen: Soul; origin; heaven; the emperor of Japan.

Matoi: Wear.

Sakurajima: Cherry Blossom Island.

Emiya: Protection.


Nara: Happy.


Michaelis: It is from the Japanese word mikaeri which means repayment.



Yukihira: Happiness, blessing; even, peace.

Agatsuma: My wife.

Suzuya: Cool; start.

Elric: Elf ruler.

Kageyama: Shade, negative; mountain.

Kirigaya: Paulownia; valley.


Uchiha: Have, thousand, wing.

Hirasawa: Even; swamp.

Kaiki: Beautiful, chic.

Oreki: Occasion; tree.

Usui: Mortar well.

Misaka: Three; slope.



Orihara: Opportunity field.

Yagami: Eight, god.

Takanashi: No hawks.

Nakano: Central field.

Araragi: Fire; mercy.


Tachibana: Wild orange.

Gojou: Help, rescue.

Shinomiya: Four; shrine, princess.

Izumi: Spring of water.

Onodera: Small; plains.


Yuuki: Courage, bravery.

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anime last names

How To Select A Last Name for A Character

When you are planning to establish the characteristics of a character, a perfect last name is the best way to do that because it automatically exposes the behavior of a character based on its history and meaning. So you should be diligent while choosing last names for your characters.

Choose A Relevant Last Name

Consider choosing a last name that is relevant to the personality of your characters. So, viewers can easily identify the behavior or role of a character in your story. For example, if your character has a political background consider using last names with political meanings. If your character is playing an antagonist role, consider using last names with negative meanings.

Try Using the First Name As the Last Name

We have many first names with beautiful meanings; when it comes to last naming your characters, you can try different approaches, such as trying first names as last names. But remember, the meaning should replicate the personality of your characters.

Consider Culture Background

One of the important things while choosing last names is to consider the cultural background or origin of the characters of your story. Every origin has its last names lie the US has its last names, while India also has its last names, so if you use US last names, viewers can understand that your character is from the US, and vice-versa if you use Indian last names.

Use Last Name Generators

If you want to make your work faster, consider using online last name generators, they will do your work in seconds with minimum inputs. It’s the best way to save time, but there’s no guarantee of perfection. So, this method is only recommended if you don’t have enough time to choose last names for your characters.

That’s all for anime last names, I hope you enjoyed this article. Thanks for reading.

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