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Are you struggling to find out the best female character names for your newly created story or for something else? If so, there is no need to worry because I’m here to help you in this process.

female character names
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Finding the best and most suitable names for characters is one of the biggest challenges in creating a story because a character’s name should reflect their gender, behavior, and also their family.

But always, these are not mandatory but choosing the names that imply their character is the best thing because readers can easily connect with the roles. For example, if you are about to choose a name for a negative character, then pick the names with dark or negative meanings.

If you want to be more accurate about your character, then choose a name that clearly resembles the character’s role. For instance, if you want to depict a character as unlucky, go with the name “Mallory” because it means unlucky or unfortunate.

Having said this, it may consume some of your time, but finally, it is worth the time, and this won’t take more time if you do this thing frequently.

I’m glad that you are spending some time choosing good names for your story’s characters, but some people don’t pay this much attention while naming their characters.

But one should be diligent because names are the best part of character development, and they give readers a glimpse of characters.

And now, without wasting our time, let’s start finding the best names for your female character.

Female Character Names

Adele: This name means “kind,” and you can pick this name for any kind-hearted or sensitive character in your story.

Amara: This name means “eternal beauty,” and it could be the best name for a female protagonist.

Arabella: This name means “beautiful eagle,” and you can pick this name for a beautiful antagonist.

Ariel: This name means “lion of God,” and it will be the best pick if you have any tough female characters in your story.

Arya: This name means “noble” and is quite popular with GOT.

Aurora: This name means “dawn” and is suitable for any motivational character.

Ausha: This name means “energetic” and “courageous,” and this could be a better name for a brave character.

Bella: It means “beautiful” and is for a beautiful female character in the story.

Belinda: This name means “beautiful” in Spanish.

Calla: The meaning of this name is “beautiful,” and another good name for a female lead.

Catherine: This name means “pure,” and you can use this name for a pure-hearted character in your story.

Diana: The meaning of this name is “divine,” and you can pick this for any supporting character of the protagonist.

Danica: The meaning of this name is “morning star,” and you can choose this for the energetic character.

Delilah: This name means “delicate” and is of Hebrew origin.

Eleanor: This name means “mercy” and is good for any sensitive or merciful character.

Emilia: The meaning of this name is “eager” and is perfect for any anxious character in your story.

Eva: This name means “life,” and this short yet beautiful name is perfect for the female protagonist.

Fila: This name means “loving,” and it could be suitable for a love story.

Fiona: This name means “fair,” and this will be a good choice for a beautiful female lead character.

Gabrielle: This name means “God is my strength,” and this is the best pick for a strong female character.

Gemma: This name means “precious stone” and is of Italian origin.

Gloria: This name means “glory” and is a Latin name.

Haley: This name means “hero” in Norse, and you can use this name for the female protagonist.

Heidi: This name means “nobility,” and if you have any great character in the story, go for this.

Julane: The meaning of this girl’s name is n”pretty,” and this is the cute name for your pretty female character.

Lena: It means “ray of light,” and you can go with this name for an inspirational character of your story.

Juliet: This name means “youthful,” Pick this name for a youthful character.

Laina: This name means “the pathway,” if your story has a helping character, this could be the best one.

Layla: The meaning of this name is “night,” and pick this for an antagonist role.

Liliana: This name means “pure” and “innocent,” and most stories have an innocent character; this is for them.

Lola: This name means “sorrows,” and given this name for a sad character.

Martha: This name means “the lady,” and this could be the best choice for a lead character.

Mia: This short and cute name means “beloved,” and this is perfect for the female protagonist character.

Minnie: This name means “intellect,” and if you have any intellectual character, this is for them.

Nadia: This beautiful name means “hope,” and this would be the best name for a game-changer in the story.

Phoebe: This name means “bright,” and you can use this name for a positive character.

Phoenix: It means “dark red,” and you can pick this name for a negative role in your story.

Ramona: This name means “wise protector” and is good for any heroic role.

Raquel: This name means “innocent,” and chose this name for a calm and innocent character.

Raven: This name means “dark-haired,” and it’s also the name of a blackbird.

Rowan: This name means “little redhead,” and you can use this for any redhead kid.

Ruby: This girl’s name means “precious stone,” and this can be a good choice for the female lead character.

Sansa: This beautiful and simple name means “charm” and is of Indian origin.

Sarah: This name means “princess” and is another best choice for the protagonist’s character.

Scarlett: This name means “red,” and this could be good for a violent character.

Sophia: The meaning of this name is “wisdom,” and it can be a better name for any elder character who always gives suggestions.

Tansy: This name means “immortality,” and you can use this for the main lead in the story.

Tiana: This name means “fairy queen” and is good for a female lead character.

Trista: This name means “noise,” and this is the best pick for the most disturbing character in your story.

Zara: This name means “radiance,” and you can give this to any attractive character.

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Have you found names for your female characters? If not, don’t worry; below, we have another list of names. Let’s get into them.

Abagail: Father of joy.

Ada: Noble.

Addyson: Awesome.

Adeline: Noble.

Agatha: Good and honorable.

Aimee: Beloved.

Ainsley: One’s own meadow.

Aisha: Life.

Alana: Fair.

Alaina: Rock.

Alena: A torch or light.

Alina: Noble.

Amelia: Industrious.

Amina: Peaceful.

Amira: Leader.

Amora: Love.

Ana: Grace.

Anastasia: Resurrection.

Anika: Graceful.

Anna: Grace; favor.

Annie: Grace.

April: Open.

Aria: Warlike.

Ashlyn: Dream.

Avery: Elf king.

Aziza: Beloved.

Baylee: Fortification.

Bertha: Radiant.

Bonnie: Pretty.

Brenda: Firebrand.

Brooke: Stream.

Bryn: Honorable.

Brynn: Hill.

Cadence: Rhythm.

Caitlin: Pure.

Callie: Beautiful.

Carmen: A song or poem.

Catherine: Pure.

Caroline: Free woman.

Cassidy: Curly.

Cecelia: Blind.

Celeste: Heavenly.

Charlotte: Free.

Clara: Clear or bright.

Cora: Maiden.

Cynthia: Luminous.

Daisy: The flower.

Daleyza: Delightful.

Dulce: Sweet.

Eden: Delight.

Elle: Light.

Elizabeth: God is my oath.

Emma: Universal.

Esther: Star.

Emely: Rival.

Eva: Life.

Evangeline: Bearer of good news.

Evelyn: Desired.

Everly: Boar meadow.

Faith: Belief or trust in something.

Felicia: Happy.

Frances: Free.

Georgia: Farmer.

Gillian: Youthful.

Gina: Queen.

Giselle: Pledge.

Grace: Elegance or beauty.

Gracie: Goodwill.

Greta: Pearl.

Hailey: Hero.

Haley: Heroine.

Hannah: Grace.

Harper: A harpist or someone who plays the harp.

Hella: The sun.

Hillary: Cheerful.

Imani: Faith.

Irene: Peace.

Iris: Rainbow.

Isabella: Devoted to God.

Jade: A precious stone.

Jasmine: A flower.

Jaycee: Healer.

Jayla: Charity.

Jemma: Jewel.

Jolie: Pretty.

Julia: Youthful.

Kara: Friend.

Kate: Pure.

Katherine: Pure.

Katrina: Pure.

Kelly: Warrior.

Kiara: Bright.

Kora: Maiden.

Kyra: Sun.

Laney: Torch.

Leah: Weary.

Leona: Lion.

Lily: A flower.

Livia: Life.

Lola: Sorrows.

Luna: The moon.

Lucille: Light.

Mabel: Lovable.

Margaret: Pearl.

Mara: Bitter.

Mariah: Bitter.

Marina: Of the sea.

Maya: Illusion.

Melanie: Black.

Miranda: Worthy of admiration.

Miriam: Bitter.

Mona: Alone.

Monica: Counsellor.

Myla: Merciful.

Naomi: Pleasant.

Natalie: Christmas day.

Nina: Gracious.

Nora: Light.

Nyla: Winner.

Olivia: Olive tree.

Paige: Young servant.

Paloma: Dove.

Penelope: Weaver.

Quinn: Wise.

Rachel: Ewe.

Rebecca: To tie.

Renee: Reborn.

Rosalie: Rose.

Ruth: Friend.

Samantha: Listener.

Savannah: Grassland.

Serena: Tranquil.

Sophie: Wise.

Stephanie: Crown.

Stella: Star.

Talia: Dew from heaven.

Tessa: Harvester.

Thea: Gift of God.

Tiana: Princess.

Ursula: Little bear.

Vanessa: A butterfly.

Veronica: Victory bringer.

Victoria: Victory.

Vivienne: Alive.

Willow: A type of tree.

Zara: Princess.

Zariah: Shining.

Zoe: Life.

Zora: Sunrise.

Zuri: Beautiful.

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female character names

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