75 Badass German Names (Boys & Girls)

Are you busy finding the best and most unique name for your new little one? Sorry to disturb you but let me help you in this process, as I have an excellent collection of badass Geman names to choose from.

German baby names are one of the popular choices among exotic ones, and these are perfect if you have German roots or love German traditions.

And baby naming is one of the most important and cherishable moments of everyone’s life so to make it more beautiful find a name that is unique and outstanding.

Now, let’s explore below-listed names.

Badass German Girl Names

Ada: This German name means “noble” or “serene,” reflecting a sense of grace and elegance.

Adele: With Germanic origins, Adele means “noble” and “kind,” symbolizing a generous and gentle nature.

Agnes: Derived from Greek roots, Agnes means “pure” and “chaste.”

Alina: Originating from Germanic roots, Alina translates to “noble,” “bright,” and “beautiful.”

Amelia – This Germanic name means “industrious and striving,” representing a strong and determined nature.

Annika: With Swedish origins, Annika signifies “grace” and “favor.”

Astrid: Derived from Old Norse, Astrid means “divine strength.”

Carla: This Germanic name means “free woman.”

Celeste – With Latin roots, Celeste means “heavenly; divine,” representing a celestial and ethereal nature.

Charlotte – This elegant name has both French and German origins, meaning “free woman; feminine form of Charles,” reflecting independence and strength.

Clara: With Latin roots, Clara conveys “clear” and “bright.”

Dorothea: Derived from Greek, Dorothea means a “gift of God.”

Edith: Originating from Old English, Edith embodies being “prosperous in war.”

Eleanor – This name is derived from Greek origins; Eleanor translates to “bright, shining one,” symbolizing intelligence and radiance.

Elizabeth – With Hebrew origins, Elizabeth means “God is my oath; consecrated to God,” representing devotion and faith.

Emilia: This name has both Germanic and Latin roots; in Germanic origin, Emilia is derived from the name Amalia, which means “work” or “industrious.”

Erika: With Germanic origins, it means “eternal ruler,” representing enduring leadership and influence.

Frieda: Originating from Germanic roots, Frieda represents a “peaceful ruler.”

Gabriella: This name is derived from Hebrew origin, and it means “God is my strength,” symbolizing reliance on God.

Genevieve: With French origins, Genevieve means “woman of the race,” representing femininity and inner strength.

Greta: This name is derived from German, and it signifies a “pearl.”

Isabella: This name has Hebrew origins, and it translates to “devoted to God,” symbolizing strong faith and commitment.

Juliette: With French and English origins, Juliette translates to “youthful; downy,” reflecting a youthful and charming nature.

Katherine: This name is derived from Greek origin; Katherine means “pure; clear,” symbolizing purity and clarity of character.

Lena: This name has multiple origins, and it means “light” or “alluring.”

Lillian: This English origin name means “pure; innocent,” representing a gentle and virtuous nature.

Luisa: This Germanic name means “renowned warrior.”

Madeline: With English and French origins, Madeline translates to “tower of strength.”

Matilda: Derived from Germanic roots, Matilda means “mighty in battle.”

Margaret: This name is derived from Greek origins; it means “pearl,” representing elegance and beauty.

Seraphina: With Hebrew origins, Seraphina translates to “burning ones; fiery.”

Sophia: This Greek name means “wisdom; knowledge,” symbolizing intelligence and insight.

Valentina: This name has Latin origins and means “strong, healthy, brave,” representing inner strength and courage.

Victoria: With Latin origins, Victoria signifies “victorious; conqueror,” symbolizing triumph and success.

Vivienne: This French name translates to “alive; lively,” reflecting vivacity and energy.

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Badass German Boy Names

German has many famous names that originated outside of German. So, please don’t get confused by their origins.

Let’s get into the list of boys’ names.

Adam: It is a male given name of Hebrew origin meaning “man” or “earth.”

Adrian: This Latin name means “from Hadria,” a town in Italy.

Alaric: It is a Germanic name meaning “ruler of all.”

Albert: This Germanic name means “noble” or “bright.”

Alexander: It is a Greek name meaning “defender of mankind.”

Alfred: This English and Germanic name means “elf counsel.”

Anton: It is a Latin name meaning “priceless” or “invaluable.”

Armin: This Germanic name means “whole” or “universal.”

August: It is a Latin name meaning “great” or “venerable.”

Axel: This Hebrew name means “father of peace.”

Bernd: This German name is a short form of Bernhard, meaning “brave as a bear.”

Carl: This name is of Germanic origin and means “man” or “free man.”

Christian: It is a Latin name meaning “follower of Christ” or “belonging to Christ.”

Conrad: This Germanic name means “brave counsel” or “bold advisor.”

Daniel: It is a Hebrew name meaning “God is my judge.”

Dietrich: It is a Germanic name meaning “ruler of the people.”

Eduard: This name is of German and French origin and means “wealthy guardian” or “rich protector.”

Emil: It is a German and Scandinavian name meaning “rival” or “eager.”

Eric: This name is of Germanic origin and means “eternal ruler.”

Ernst: It is a German name meaning “serious.”

Franz: This German name is a form of Francis and means “free man.”

Friedrich: It is a German name meaning “peaceful ruler.”

Gabriel: This Hebrew name means “God is my strength.”

Hermann: It is a German name meaning “army man” or “soldier.”

Hugo: This German name means “intellect.”

Karl: This German name is a variant of Charles and means “free man.”

Klaus: It is a German short form of Nicholas, meaning “victory of the people.”

Leon: This name has Greek origins and means “lion” or “brave.”

Leopold: It is a German name meaning “bold people.”

Ludwig: This German name means “famous warrior.”

Lukas: It is a German form of Lucas and means “bringer of light.”

Markus: It is a Latin form of Mark and means “warlike.”

Oskar: This Germanic name means “spear of the gods.”

Peter: It is a Greek name meaning “rock.”

Richard: It is a Germanic name meaning “brave ruler.”

Rolf: It is a Germanic name meaning “famous wolf.”

Stefan: This name is of Greek origin and means “crown.”

Theodor: It is a Greek name meaning “gift of God.”

Vincent: This Latin name means “conquering.”

Walter: It is a Germanic name meaning “ruler of the army.”

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Badass German Names

That’s all for now; I hope you have found your desired German name for your little one. Thanks for being here.

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