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Are you looking for names that mean sad or sad names? If so, you are in the right place to get them.

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These names are commonly not used by parents but are famous for usernames, gamertags, playlists, and more. In simple words, these are totally opposite to regularly used names.

For instance, if a playlist has a sad name, we can expect breakup, sorrow, or dull songs from that playlist.

Likewise, people who prefer sad usernames may have a breakup in life, or they are probably not leading a happy life, and more we can assume.

Due to the low availability of sad names, we have also included names with negative meanings. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

Names That Mean Sad | Sad Names

Aven: Aven is a girl name of Irish origin, and the name means sorrow, which also means force, pleasant, and beautiful.

Casimir: It is the name of Salvin origin and means destroyer of peace.

Devlin: It is an Irish-origin boy’s name with the meaning unlucky.

Jabez: It is a name from the Bible, and his mother gave him birth in pain, and it means ‘he makes sorrow.’

Tristan: It is of Celtic origin, and the name means noise and sorrow, which can be used for boys.

Lola: It is a feminine name in German and Spanish, and the meaning of Lola is sorrows.

Maria: Maria is a name of Latin origin, and it is with the meaning bitter, used for girls.

Mallory: This name is of Norman origin, and it means unfortunate person, unhappy, which can be used for girls.

Aharhel: Biblical name of boys, which means the last sorrow.

Martha: It has different meanings in different origins, but from American origin, it means sorrow.

Claudia: Means lame and is of Latin origin.

Brutus: It has two meanings those are dull and heavy, and it is a Latin boy’s name.

Benoni: Derived from Benjamin and is of Hebrew origin, which means sorrow and pain.

Molly: Feminine given name of Hebrew origin, and it means the sea of bitterness.

Nerezza: Italian origin name of girls, and it means darkness.

Tristesse: Unisex name of French origin, and the name means sadness.

Amaya: The Japanese name for girls, and it means night rain.

Ahlai: Ahlai is a baby girl’s name that means sorrowing and is of Hebrew origin.

Brone: Irish origin name of boys and means sorrow.

Cessair: Girl’s name of Irish origin, which means sorrow and affliction.

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Campbell: It is a Scottish girl’s name that means crooked mouth.

Dugal: It has several origins, and one of them is Scottish; the name means dark stranger.

Valdis: Valdis is a goddess of death.

Thana: It is an Arabic origin name, and it means death.

Akuma: Akuma means devil or demon and is of Japanese origin.

Ekant: It is a Hindu origin name with the meaning alone.

Ajea: It means alone in Arabic origin.

Ainsley: Means alone, solitary, and is of English origin, which can be used for unisex.

Bedad: It is the Biblical boy name of Hebrew origin, meaning solitary.

Lela: It means night, black beauty, and it is a girl’s name of Kiswahili origin.

Trista: It is a girl’s name of English origin, and it means full of sorrows.

Achlys: Means death, mist, and darkness of Greek origin, and it is a girl’s name.

Belinda: It means serpent and is a feminine given name.

Keket: Egyptian goddess of darkness.

Darcel: It is a unisex name, and it means dark.

Nekane: A girl’s name of Basque origin, and the meaning is sorrows.

Tavarious: African-origin boy’s name, and it means misfortune.

Melantha: It is a girl’s name of Greek origin, and the meaning is a dark flower.

Isolabella: A girl’s name meaning lonely.

Mary: It has multiple origins like Hebrew, and the meaning is bitter

Lolita: It is a Spanish origin name, and it means sorrows, a girl’s name.

Azazel: It means scapegoat of Hebrew origin and a boy’s name.

Darcy: It means dark one and is of French origin.

Seth: Evil god.

Lamia: Killer of the child.

Alea: It means risk in Italian.

Kedar: It is a Hebrew origin name that means sorrow, dark one.

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Sad Names for Girls

Even with negative meanings, some parents use those names, but we cannot figure out their reasons behind this. Anyway, here we have some names with sad and dark meanings. Let’s get started.

Achlys: It’s a Greek name, and it means darkness.

Adrienne: The dark one and it also means “from city Hadria.”

Duvessa: It’s an Irish name that means dark beauty.

Pele: Hawaiian goddess of destruction.

Desdemona: It’s an African name that means misery.

Layla: It means dark in Arabic origin.

Brona: It’s both girl and gender-neutral name with the meaning sorrow from Irish origin.

Dolores: It means sorrow in Spanish.

Ares: It means ruin or curse, and it’s of Greek origin.

Claudia: It means lame in Latin.

Bronagh: It is a girl’s name of Irish origin, and it means sorrow.

Cecily: It is a girl’s name from the origins of Welsh and Latin, and it means blind.

Deirdre: It is from Gaelic and Irish origins, and this name is used for girls; it means sorrowful.

Malala: It means sad and grieved, and in Arabic, it means grief-stricken.

Mara: It means bitter of Hebrew origin and also means Joy in Arabic; it is unisex.

Rue: It is of English origin, which means regret, and it is a feminine given name.

Brenna: It means descendent of sad one and a girl name of Irish origin.

Diablo: Spanish origin girl’s name, and it means devil.

Cecilia: Version of Cecily and means blind.

Kali: It means black and is of Hindu origin, a girl’s name.

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Sad Names for Boys

Are you looking for a list of sad boy names? If yes, I got you covered. Below, you can find the names that mean sad for boys. So, let’s get started.

Doilion: It means deceitful, and it’s of Greek origin.

Devland: It’s an Irish name, and it means misfortune.

Jela: It means sorrow and is of African origin.

Pechman: A man with bad luck, and it’s from German.

Brennan: It is of Irish origin and means sorrow; it is for boys.

Abaddon: It is an angel name, and it means ruin and destruction, which is a male-given name.

Abigor: He is a demon of war.

Jobab: It means hated and sorrowful, and it is a biblical name for boys.

Arron: It means to slaughter.

Mort: It means dead sea, and it is a boy’s name.

Samuel: Darkness prince.

Ephai: A Hebrew origin boy’s name, and it means gloomy.

Atropos: It means inevitable, and it is from Greek mythology.

Iniko: Nigerian origin name of boys, and it means trouble time.

Bakar: It means alone and can be used for boys.

Kek: Egyptian god of darkness.

Lilith: It is a demon name, and it means night monster.

Acheros: It is a Latin boy’s name meaning river of sorrow.

Cameron: Scottish origin name, and the meaning is the crooked nose.

Drystan: Welsh boy’s name, and it means full of sorrow.

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Names That Mean Despair

Looking for names that mean despair? Don’t worry; here we have them for you. But what does despair mean? It means “lose or having no hope.”

Pahana: It is a Native American name, and it means lost white brother.

Perdita: In Latin, it means lost.

Perdy: It’s a female name of English origin, and it means lost.

Chilufya: It means memory in honor of a lost one, and actually, it’s a surname.

Diggory: It’s a French name, and it means lost one.

Degory: Another version of Diggory.

Digory: Simple version of Diggory.

Conary: It is an Irish name, and it means lost in antiquity.

Colla: It also means lost in antiquity.

Vondila: It means lost child.

Zetsubō: It’s the Japanese term for despair.

Ushinatta: It’s the Japanese term for lost.

These are the names that mean sad, sorrow, and other negative meanings. There is a very low number of names with sad meanings. I hope you have liked our work, and thanks for reading.

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