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If you are looking for Japanese names that mean death and demon, you have come to the best place. Japanese have different names with different meanings in which you may find some names popular while others are new.

Japanese names that mean death
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Japanese names are among the world’s most beautiful, unusual, and exotic names. One of the reasons behind this is the Japanese language has a unique structure that lends itself to very different-sounding names.

Nowadays many parents are choosing Japanese baby names because of their cultural heritage and also the impact of Japanese anime. But when it comes to names with negative meanings like death or demon, parents usually avoid them.

If someone chooses these kinds of names, there would be various personal reasons, some of them might be for naming their characters, for profile names, or to avoid them.

Japanese Names That Mean Death

It’s better to avoid names with negative meanings for naming a baby because people believe that negative names can attract negativity into their lives.

So try to avoid them but for now, I have listed some Japanese terms that have the meaning of death. Let’s have a look.

Botsugo: It means after death.

Bushuugi: It means disaster, death, and sorrow.

Chousei: It means passing.

Chuuyou: It means dying young.

Ensei: It means going afar and death.

Heifu: It means dying.

Heishi: It means falling dead.

Hougyo: It means demise.

Jakumetsu: It means nirvana.

Jisei: It means passing away.

Kakure: It means passing away.

Kisei: It means death.

Kyuushi: It means sudden death.

Nehan: It means nirvana, enlightenment.

Noushi: It means brain death.

Nyuumetsu: It means entering nirvana.

Okakure: It means death, passing away.

Oujou: It means passing on to the next life.

Rakumei: It means losing one’s life.

Seikyo: It means death.

Senge: It means the death of a priest.

Senshi: It means death in battle.

Shi: It means death, decease.

Shigo: It means after death.

Shini: It means dying.

Shibotsu: It means death.

Shibou: It means to die or pass away.

Shichi: It means the proper place to die.

Shikyo: It means death.

Shiin: It means the cause of death.

Shouten: It means death.

Sokushi: It means instant death.

Toushi: It means death from cold.

Yousetsu: It means premature death.

Zessoku: It means expiry, passing away.

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Japanese Girl Names Meaning Death

Bukko: It means death.

Eimin: It means eternal sleep.

Kaiki: It means death anniversary.

Seishi: It means life and death.

Shikei: It means the death penalty.

Shisha: It means casualty and deceased.

Shoushi: It means death by fire.

Takai: It means to die.

Tsui: It means the end of life, end, final.

Zetsumei: It means the end of life.

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Japanese Names Meaning Demon

Akaoni: It means red-horned demon.

Aooni: It means blue demon.

Akki: It means evil spirit.

Akuma: It means demon, devil, and fiend.

Chimi: It means mountain demon.

Datenshi: It means fallen angel and satan.

Inma: It means a demon appearing in a dream.

Kibi: It means monster and apparition.

Kubanda: A name of a demon.

Ma: It means devil, demon, an evil spirit.

Mamono: It means demon, monster, and goblin.

Niju: It means demon of ill health.

Obake: It means goblin, monster, and apparition.

Suima: A water demon.

Tsukimono: It means evil spirit and demon.

Youkai: It means ghost, phantom, and demon.

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Japanese Names That Mean Death

How To Pick A Perfect Baby Name

Every parent in the world wants their baby’s name to be perfect. Sometimes, this requires hours of research to find that one perfect name.

Choosing a baby name is a big responsibility and it’s something you love to do. Now, I’m listing some tips to make your process easy.

Get Suggestions

Your friends and family probably have some ideas for names they’ve always liked or ones they think would be good fits for your new baby.

Choose A Theme

Start by choosing a theme. Are you going to go with something traditional or modern? Are you looking for something that has a unique meaning?

Do you want your child’s name to reflect your heritage? Once you’ve decided on a theme, it’s time to begin brainstorming names.

Have An Internet Search

Do a little research on the internet. There are many websites devoted to helping you find the perfect baby names and they can be really helpful when trying to find something that fits your family and personality. You can also look up popular names from past years.

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