Cool Japanese Names That Mean Red (Boys & Girls)

Are you browsing for a cool name for your new little bundle of joy? If so, you are in the right place.

Here I have a list of Japanese names that mean red; you can consider adding to your list of names because Japanese names hold deep meanings and they usually resemble nature and their culture.

Moreover, Japan has become a famous country because of its culture, technology, and cleanliness, and its practices impress everyone.

So, whether you are looking for a cool Japanese name to tribute the Japanese roots or simply searching for some Japanese inspiration, this list of names will help you.

Japanese Girl Names That Mean Red

With many options available in baby names, parents have been trying to be unique among others, and where parents started choosing names with specific meanings.

Besides, baby names that mean red have a separate following because the red color is associated with many notable qualities, such as courage, passion, energy, strength, love, joy, power, etc.

If you are looking for a name that reflects fiery spirit and shades of courage, the below names are for you.

Akane: This Japanese girl’s name means “deep red.”

Akari: This is a popular girl’s name in Japan, and it has different meanings, such as bright red, red plum, and brightness.

Akatsuki: This Japanese girl’s name means “red dawn”, which symbolizes the beginning of a new day and a fresh start.

Akemi: This lovely Japanese name is often given to girls and means bright red beauty.

Ayaka: This Japanese girl’s name means “vermillion summer.”

Beniha: This is a beautiful Japanese girl’s name meaning “red leaves,” and it has a touch of grace and charm.

Hikari: This unisex Japanese name means “red jasmine flower” or “light”, and this name symbolizes illumination, radiance, and clarity.

Himari: This is a lovely and popular Japanese girl’s name with beautiful meanings such as “red sphere” or “genuine red.”

Hinari: This cool Japanese girl’s name means “red love.”

Iroha: This is a female name of Japanese origin, meaning “deep red shine” or “deep red spring.”

Kasumi: This Japanese girl’s name has a gentle and elegant pronunciation, meaning “crimson brilliance” or “deep red flower.”

Kureha: This Japanese girl’s name means “crimson leaf,” it symbolizes the beauty and changing colors of leaves during the fall season in Japan.

Mizuki: This beautiful Japanese name means “auspicious red” or “beautiful moon.”

Riku: This is a unisex Japanese name, and it has meanings such as “deep red plum,” “deep red pear,” and “deep red gemstone.”

Shizuku: This beautiful Japanese girl’s name means “gentle red” and “quiet red.”

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Japanese Boy Names That Mean Red

Akai: Akai is a common surname in Japan, and it translates to “red” in English.

Akeo: This Japanese name means “red young man” or “vermillion life.”

Asahi: This name means “red color morning sun” and is a good option as a name as it reflects qualities like brightness, hope, and new beginnings. This is also a common surname in Japan.

Hinata: This unisex name means “red sun,” and this name has positive qualities such as warmth, brightness, and optimism.

Hisato: This cool boy’s name means “red wisdom” or “long life,” it originated in Japan.

Kouga: The meaning of this beautiful boy’s name means “deep red music” and is of Japanese origin.

Kouki: This boy’s name means “red season” or “red time” and is of Japanese origin.

Kousei: This cool Japanese boy’s name means “deep red star.”

Kurei: The meaning of this cute boy’s name is “lovely red” and is of Japanese origin.

Suzaku: This Japanese boy’s name means “vermillion sparrow,” and this name resembles the element of fire, summer, and the color red.

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Japanese names that mean red

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