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Are you browsing for cool Japanese twin names and struggling to get a perfect one? Don’t worry; I’m here to help you.

Japanese twin names
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Getting regular twin names is a piece of a cakewalk, but it’s not the same for Japanese twin names. Oh, I forgot to wish you, first of all, congratulations on the arrival of sweet and cute twins.

Baby naming is a beautiful part of anyone’s life, and it should be done carefully, so don’t make it hurry. Japanese names are unique, and they have beautiful meanings. These are now common among baby names because of their cultural significance and uniqueness.

I don’t know what made you go with Japanese names, but you made a perfect decision that might surprise your kids. And naming twins is not like naming a single baby; you need to spend a double amount of time to bring perfect names from the ocean of names.

So, spend some quality time choosing names for your beautiful twins, and don’t forget to check the meanings of names.

Japanese Girl Twin Names

I have made this list with names that start with the same letter and have the same rhyming. Here some names will be repeated with other combinations, so I have provided meanings of these names at the bottom of the article.

  1. Ahmya, Ayaka
  2. Katana, Kaiya
  3. Midori, Mizuki
  4. Aika, Aiko
  5. Chiyo, Sachio
  6. Akako, Akasuki
  7. Akira, Amaya
  8. Fumiko, Hanako
  9. Anka, Annya
  10. Akina, Akira
  11. Hanako, Chikako
  12. Hana, Rikona
  13. Katana, Ayaka
  14. Ami, Amida
  15. Amaya, Amida
  16. Akako, Chikako
  17. Azami, Azumi
  18. Amida, Fujita
  19. Aki, Akasuki
  20. Akiko, Akina
  21. Emiko, Akiko
  22. Ayaka, Amaya
  23. Cho, Chiyo
  24. Sakura, Akira
  25. Chika, Chikako
  26. Chika, Chizu
  27. Akira, Takara
  28. Cho, Chieko
  29. Aiko, Chiyo
  30. Chika, Ayaka
  31. Chiyo, Chieko
  32. Dai, Daitan
  33. Hanan, Daitan
  34. Eiko, Emiko
  35. Emiko, Emiyo
  36. Fumiko, Emiko
  37. Eri, Erity
  38. Aiko, Chieko
  39. Etsu, Etsuko
  40. Mitsuko, Etsuko
  41. Fumiko, Fujita
  42. Hanako, Junko
  43. Gen, Gin
  44. Sachio, Emiyo
  45. Hana, Hanan
  46. Hana, Rikona
  47. Hana, Hanako
  48. Hoshi, Kazashi
  49. Hanan, Haneen
  50. Suzuki, Haruki
  51. Haruki, Hayami
  52. Hideko, Hideyo
  53. Hiro, Hiromi
  54. Chieko, Hideko
  55. Hiromi, Hoshi
  56. Jin, Jun
  57. Jun, Junko
  58. Katsumi, Kazashi
  59. Kaiya, Kawa
  60. Etsuko, Hideko
  61. Kaori, Katsumi
  62. Kazuko, Kiko
  63. Kazuko, Keiko
  64. Keiko, Kimiko
  65. Kazuko, Etsuko
  66. Kimiko, Komako
  67. Kumi, Kuni
  68. Kyoto, Kyoko
  69. Sakura, Takara
  70. Machiko, Maiko
  71. Makiko, Maiko
  72. Masako, Mayako
  73. Mayako, Mayuko
  74. Michiko, Mihoko
  75. Misako, Mitsuko
  76. Miyoko, Momoko
  77. Misako, Kazuko
  78. Namiko, Nanako
  79. Miyoko, Namiko
  80. Nanako, Naoko
  81. Michiko, Nanako
  82. Natsuko, Nayoko
  83. Mitsuko, Nyoko
  84. Nyoko, Noriko
  85. Rieko, Rikako
  86. Rikona, Rinako
  87. Takara, Sakura
  88. Risako, Ritsuko
  89. Tadako, Sachiko
  90. Rumiko, Ritsuko
  91. Sachiko, Sachio
  92. Sakura, Sakurako
  93. Sanako, Satoko
  94. Sayoko, Setsuko
  95. Shina, Shino
  96. Suki, Sumi
  97. Suki, Suzuki
  98. Tokiko, Yosuko
  99. Tadako, Takako
  100. Takara, Tama
  101. Yumiko, Mizuko
  102. Tamako, Tamiko
  103. Tanaka, Takara
  104. Yukako, Tamako
  105. Tokiko, Tomiko
  106. Hana, Tanaka
  107. Ume, Umi
  108. Eri, Umi
  109. Umi, Usagi
  110. Yoko, Yosuko
  111. Chikako, Yukako
  112. Yoshiko, Yukako
  113. Yukako, Yukiko
  114. Tokiko, Yumiko
  115. Yumako, Yumiko
  116. Yumiko, Yutsuko

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Japanese Twin Boy Names

  1. Akihiko, Akihiro
  2. Akihiro, Kentaro
  3. Amida, Arata
  4. Kazuhiko, Akihiko
  5. Akemi, Akira
  6. Kentaro, Takahiro
  7. Daichi, Daisuke
  8. Haru, Haruo
  9. Hiroshi, Hiroyuki
  10. Kaori, Katashi
  11. Kichi, Daichi
  12. Kazuhiko, Kentaro
  13. Namiyo, Takiyo
  14. Kenji, Kentaro
  15. Kichi, Kishi
  16. Saburo, Takahiro
  17. Kioshi, Kishi
  18. Michi, Kichi
  19. Kiyo, Kiyoshi
  20. Masahiro, Masuyo
  21. Ryo, Kiyo
  22. Osamu, Haru
  23. Michi, Michiya
  24. Minori, Michi
  25. Namiyo, Naoko
  26. Osamu, Ozuru
  27. Ringo, Ryo
  28. Ryuichi, Ryuji
  29. Saburo, Sadao
  30. Satoshi, Seiichi
  31. Sen’Ichi, Seiichi
  32. Shuji, Sun’Ichi
  33. Taishiro, Taiyo
  34. Takahiro, Takiyo
  35. Teruma, Tetsuya
  36. Tomo, Torio
  37. Kentaro, Ringo
  38. Yogi, Yori
  39. Kiyo, Torio
  40. Yori, Yoshi
  41. Yuki, Yukio
  42. Yuki, Yoshiyuki

TRY: 3 Letter Japanese Names

You can make many combinations using the above names with the same rhyming, so try yourself to make a unique set of names for your twins.


Here some names have Kanji meanings in which a name is formed with one or more words, and all of them have separate meanings. Kanji is a script used in the Japanese language.

Ahmya: Black rain

Ayaka: Colorful flower

Aika: Love song

Aiko: Little loved one

Akako: Red

Akasuki: Bright helper

Akira: Bright, clear

Amaya: Night rain

Anka: Apricot, flower

Akemi: Bright

Aki: Autumn, bright

Akihiko: Bright boy

Akihiro: Bright, luminous

Akiko: Bright child

Akina: Bright greens

Ami: Love, beautiful, kindness

Amida: Large hill, progress, slanting

Arata: New

Ayaka: Bright, start

Azami: Beautiful, gauze, beauty

Azumi: Love, serene

Chieko: Thousand, blessed, child

Chika: Wisdom, good

Chikako: Friendly, parent

Chiyo: Thousand, geneartions

Chizu: Thousand, crane

Cho: Butterfly

Dai: Big

Daichi: Big, ground; big, smart

Daisuke: Big, help someone

Daitan: Daring

Eiko: Sharpness, child; clever, child

Emiko: Blessed, child

Emiyo: Blessed, beautiful generation

Eri: Blessed, beautiful

Erity: One who’s special

Etsu: Rejoice

Etsuko: Joy child

Fujita: Rice field

Fumiko: Beautiful, child

Gen: Spring

Gin: Silver

Hana: Flower

Hanako: Flower girl

Hanan: Flower child

Haneen: Flower child

Haru: Spring

Haruki: Spring, tree

Haruo: Spring, husband; spring, man; spring, in

Hayami: Early, beauty

Hideko: Great, child

Hideyo: Great, world: great, generation

Hiro: Big; broad-minded

Hiromi: Generous beauty

Hiroshi: Generous; prosperous

Hiroyuki: Big, fortune; leading widely, conqueror

Hoshi: Star

Jin: Tenderness

Jun: Shield; truth; pure

Junko: Pure, child

Kaiya: Forgiveness

Kaori: Fragrant

Katana: Sword

Katashi: Hard, firm

Katsumi: Wins, beauty

Kawa: River

Kazashi: Hair ornament

Kazuhiko: Calm, virtue

Kazuko: Calm, child

Keiko: Blessed, child

Kenji: Intelligent second son

Kentaro: Sharp, big boy

Kichi: Luck

Kiko: Happy, come; princess, child

Kimiko: Princess, beauty, child

Kioshi: Silent

Kishi: Hope, samurai; bright, samurai

Kiyo: Purity

Kiyoshi: Bright, clear

Komako: Frame, child

Kumi: A long time, beauty

Kuni: Country

Kyoko: Mirror

Kyoto: A Japanese city name

Machiko: A city, child

Maiko: Dance, princess

Makiko: True, child

Masahiro: Brave, big; brave, rich

Masako: Elegant, prosper, child

Masuyo: Benefit, world

Mayako: Blackened eyebrows, flower; true, father, child

Mayuko: Cocoon, child;

Michi: Myself; be delighted

Michiko: Beauty, smart, child

Michiya: Beauty, smart, call

Midori: Green

Mizuki: Moon

Mihoko: Beauty, ear, child; kindness, guarantee, child

Minori: Season; sincerity

Misako: Kindness, cherry blossoms, child

Mitsuko: Light, child

Miyoko: Beautiful, child

Momoko: Plum, child

Namiko: Wave, child

Namiyo: Mediocrity, generation

Nanako: Seven, child; seven, rainbow; greens, child

Naoko: Aspire, child

Natsuko: Summer, child

Nayoko: Honest, pure, child

Noriko: Benevolence, child

Nyoko: Gem, treasure

Osamu: Discipline

Ozuru: Big stork

Rieko: Logic, blessing, child

Rikako: Gallant, summer, child

Rikona: Pear, powder

Rinako: Glassy, apple tree, child

Ringo: Forest, apple

Risako: Gallant, morning, child

Ritsuko: Pear, child

Rumiko: Flow, beauty, child

Ryo: Excellent

Ryuichi: First son of the dragon

Ryuji: Dragon, second

Saburo: Third son

Sachiko: Happiness, child

Sachio: Fortune, hemp

Sadao: Decisive man; complete, zero

Sakurako: Cherry blossom, child

Sakura: Cherry blossom, bloom

Sanako: Smart, calm, child

Satoko: Wise, child

Satoshi: Smart, history

Sayoko: Help someone, good, child

Seiichi: Sincere, first

Sen’Ichi: Hermit, one; Thousand, one

Setsuko: Temple, child; snow, child

Shina: Virtue, good

Shino: Trust, you; aspire, you

Shuji: Excellent, second son

Suki: Beloved

Sumi: Beautiful, clear

Sun’Ichi: Dimensions, one

Suzuki: Bell tree

Tadako: Sincere, child

Taishiro: Ambitious boy

Taiyo: Sun, ocean

Takahiro: Precious, broad-minded

Takako: Precious, beautiful

Takara: Treasure

Takiyo: Waterfall, living

Tama: Globe, ball

Tamako: Auspicious, child

Tamiko: People, child

Tanaka: Multi, incense

Teruma: Morning sun, true

Tetsuya: Philosphy, intelligence

Tokiko: Time, child

Tomiko: Wealth, child

Tomo: Friend, wisdom

Torio: Bird’s tail

Ume: Plum

Umi: Beautiful, ocean

Usagi: Rabbit; moon, princess

Yogi: Participate, righteousness

Yoko: Ocean, child; sunshine, child

Yori: Reliable

Yoshi: Ceremony; fortunately

Yoshiko: Joy, child

Yoshiyuki: Beautiful, fortune

Yosuko: Rely, assistant

Yukako: Possess, excellent

Yuki: Snow, happiness

Yukiko: Happy, child; snow, child

Yukio: Snow, male

Yumako: Friend, be full, child

Yumiko: Reason, beauty, child

Yutsuko: Superiority, harbor, child

Japanese twin names

I hope you have got your Japanese twin name but make sure to check the meanings before selecting the names. Some names have one or more meanings, so check them using other sources also.

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