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Looking for unisex fantasy names, here we have 100+ fantasy names that are suitable for both baby boys and baby girls.

unisex fantasy names
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Fantasy names became a new trend among parents for naming their babies as they’re different from regular names and also look new.

Fantasy names are taken from fantasy novels and movies; for instance, all the marvel characters’ names are fantasy names.

Likewise, everyone is familiar with Shakespeare’s novels’ names, and they’re very famous among baby names. Jessica is one of my favorites. What’s yours?

Unisex fantasy names are scarce to find, and also, there are no articles on the internet, so we have decided to provide them for you.

Baby naming is a wonderful gift for every parent, and they should give a perfect name for their baby.

If any parent commits any naming mistake that may result in hurting their child when they grow up, be careful in finalizing a name. Now without wasting our time, we get into the topic.

Top Unisex Fantasy Names

Aeryn: A female character from the Farscape TV series.

Frankie: A fictional boy character from the novel ‘The Member of the Wedding (1946)’.

Axton: Lead role name from Borderlands 2 video game.

Beverly: A female character from Star Trek.

Squire: A character from the very old novel Tom Jones(1749).

Echo: A character’s name from Dollhouse. Echo seems like a girl’s name but it can also be used as a boy’s name.

Ezri: A female role from the Star Trek series.

Auryn: Auryn means gold and it is of Celtic origin. A role from ‘The Neverending Story’.

Faris: It means knight and is an Arabic name. It is more known as a boy’s name. A female game character from Final Fantasy V.

Iris: In the Greek origin, Iris means rainbow. A role from The Flash. Iris can be considered a unisex name. If we see some sources, some people mentioned it as a female name while some people said it was unisex.

Enoch: A character from the poem Enoch Arden (1864).

Alyx Vance: A video game character from Half-Life 2.

Morrigon: Goddess of war in Iris origin and a character from the Dragon Age video game.

Nyx: Greek Goddess of night and lead role from comic series NYX.

Fran: A video game role from the Final Fantasy series. It means from France or free man.

Revan: A character from the Star Wars video game.

Jamil: It means beautiful and a role from Anita Blake’s novel.

Arya: A character name from Game of Thrones and also in Star Wars.

Susan: The meaning of this name is lily and is a character from Narnia.

Brooke: A character from the novel Be more chill and several fictional characters are with name Brooke.

Madison: A fictional female video game character from Heavy Rain. It is more famous as a girl’s name.

Seraphine: A name of Hebrew origin it means burning ones. It is famous as a girl’s name. A role from World of Warcraft.

Seren: It means star. This name is more known as a girl’s name but it is a unisex name. A character from the Gossip Girl novel series.

Elexis: A female video game character from the SiN series.

Bailey: George Bailey is a role in the movie It’s a wonderful life (1946)

Shasta: It means “From The Triple-peaked Mountain” and is a male role name from Narnia.

Julian: It means youthful and is a role from Chronicles of Amber.

Blair: A character from the anime Soul Eater.

Reiko: It is of both German and Japanese origin and a fictional female video game role from Rage Racer.

Tyris: A princess role from the Goldex Axe video game.

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Popular Fantasy Unisex Names

Alfie: A fictional character from Peaky Blinder the full name is Alfie Solomons

Aubrey: It means elf ruler. A role from Anita Blake’s novel.

Kairi: A role from Kingdom Hearts game. It means ocean village and it is of Japanese origin.

Christie: A female villain character from the Dead or Alive game.

Vivian: Villain role from the Paper Mario game.

Linden: Linden Cullen is a fictional role from Holby City.

Clay: A fictional role from Pokemon and others.

Brent: David Brent is a fictional character from the television mockumentary The Office.

Rhun: A role from the Dark Tower series.

Lennox: A soldier role from Transformers in the name of William Lennox.

Eric: A character from Chronicles of Amber.

Rilian: It means small stream and a character from Narnia.

Brand: A male role from Chronicles of Amber

Cassidy: It means clever and Hopalong Cassidy is a cowboy hero character from E. Mulford’s novels

Alex: A role from Power Rangers.

Logan: I think it needs no explanation.

Campbell: Billy Campbell is the title character from The Rocketeer

Darby: Randall Darby is a mutant role from Marvel comics

Finn: A character from Star Wars and more.

Asher: It means blessed and is of Hebrew origin. A character from Anita Blake’s novel.

Bree: The name means strength and is a role from Chronicles of Narnia.

Colin: It is more likely a male name and a character name from Anita Blake.

Tirian: It means kind and a role from Narnia.

Eddie: There are a lot of fictional characters with this name. For example Eddie Brock from Venom

Daryl: A role from the horror series The Walking Dead with the name Daryl Dixon.

Billie: Billie Reed is a lead from the soap opera Days of our lives.

Flynn: A famous character Flynn Rider from Disney’s Tangled.

Jordan: A role from Disney Pixar’s film Inside Out.

Carson: It is a Scottish surname and Carson is a fictional character from the Venus series.

Randall: The meaning of this name is wolf shield and a role from the Dark Tower novel.

Fred: It means a peaceful ruler is of Germanic origin. A character from the Discworld novel.

Stevie: Stevie Hunter is a role from Marvel comics.

Bennett: Elizabeth Bennett is a female character from Pride and Prejudice.

Riley: A major character from Disney Pixar’s Inside Out.

Terry: A fictional role from Reno 911.

Addison: A lead role in the ABC TV series Dr. Addison Montgomery.

Finley: A lead from the Disney movie Oz the Great and Powerful.

Adrian: A female fictional character from Creed II.

Robin: A fictional character from DC comics.

Tanner: Bill Tanner is the lead from James Bond

Kendall: A role from the soap opera All My Children with the name Kendall Hart.

Glenn: From the video game Chrono Cross.

Spencer: Character from Beyblade.

Remy: Rat name from Ratatouille and also from Gambit Marvel comics.

Henry: Henry Hawk is a role from Looney Tunes and more.

Harper: There is a number of examples with this name. Just Google it.

Emerson: Fictional characters like Michael Emerson, Radcliffe Emerson, and more.

Cameron: Female character from the TV series Terminator and more references.

Elliott: A character from Mr. Robot and the name is Elliott Alderson.

Jessie: Shorten version of Shakespeare’s Jessica.

Shawn: A role from Barney & Friends.

Morgan: A role name from the Walking Dead.

Ryan: There is a TV series named Ryan.

Quinn: Harley Quinn is a character from DC comics.

Lane: In Mad Men with the name Lane Pryce.

Nova: A fictional role from Marvel comics.

Sage: Member of X-Men.

Reese: John Reese is a role in the TV series Person of Interest.

Gabriel: Character from Minecraft story mode and more are there with this name.

Hadley: Hadley Hale is a fictional role from True Blood.

Jade: A character from Sofia the First.

Reagan: It is a character from Shakespeare’s novel and other examples.

Quincy: A fictional role from Little Einsteins and others.

Parker: As Peter Parker from Spider-Man.

Tracy: Title from Dick Tracy (1934).

Kyrie: A female lead from the video game Devil May Cry 4.

Nikita: A title role from the Nikita series.

Wallace: A character from Pokemon.

Paige: Role from X-Men.

Whitney: A role from Barney & Friends.

Tobin: A princess character from the Dragon Prince novel.

Ray: A superhero name from DC comics.

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unisex fantasy names


What are your thoughts on the above names? I hope you’ve loved this post. It’s difficult to find unisex fantasy names. We spent lots of time finding these names.

Don’t forget to cross-check with other sources, some names have one or more examples, but we took one. Kindly share with others. Thanks for reading. Have a good day.

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