135 Witch Last Names With Meanings (+Witchy Last Names)

Are you browsing for a list of witch or witchy last names to pick the perfect last name for your witch character or Halloween costume? If so, I have 100+ cool witch last names list that will help you get your required last name.

witch last names
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In the fantasy world, a witch is a woman who possesses magical powers and uses those powers to help others or harm others. There are good ones and evil ones in witches; evil witches are usually depicted as wearing a black cloak with a cone-shaped hat and flying on a broomstick.

Bonding between a witch costume and a Halloween party is a never-ending process, and without it, we can’t imagine a Halloween party. For that, this set of last names is the perfect fit, and even these are helpful if you are looking for a fantasy character.

Whatever your search intent, this list will definitely help you. So let’s get started.

Witch Last Names

Creating a perfect and heart-throbbing character is a challenging task, and if it doesn’t get a proper name, you can’t justify the character. So, finding the best name for your character is the most important thing after creating a character.

Compared to the other characters in your story, the witch’s name should reflect its character. You can choose a name based on the type of character; if your witch is evil, try names with negative meanings, and vice versa for good witches. To make your selection easy, I also include the meanings of last names. Let’s have a look.

Abaddon: It means ruin or destroy and can be a better last name for a bad witch.

Acacia: This Greek origin name means thorny tree and is a perfect name for a female witch with negative characteristics.

Acantha: It means thorn, and it is of Greek origin.

Acheros: It means river of sorrow and is of Latin origin.

Adbeel: It means grieved by God and is of Hebrew origin.

Adele: This German-origin name means nobility and is better suitable for a good witch.

Agatha: This name is of Greek origin, and it means good; you can use this name for a witch with good characteristics.

Ajax: It means Eagle and is of Greek origin.

Alessa: It means defender, and it’s of Greek origin.

Alvin: It means elf friend, noble friend, and is of Old English origin.

Anika: It means graceful, and it is of Sanskrit origin. This name is perfect for a witch that is helpful to people.

Anita: It means grace in Spanish.

Amaris: It means bitter in Latin.

Anwir: It’s a Welsh name meaning liar.

Ares: He is the blood-thirsty god of Greek origin.

Audra: It means noble strength, and it’s a better pick for powerful witches.

Barrere: It means obstruction and is of French origin. It is a perfect last name for a witch who always creates problems.

Baze: It’s a nickname for a worthless person and is of German origin.

Beatrice: It’s of Latin origin, and it means she who brings happiness.

Belial: It’s of Hebrew origin, and it means worthless.

Bertha: It means radiant, bright one and is of Old German origin.

Bobusic: It means “battle,” and it’s of medieval Italy. This last name could be a better selection for an aggressive witch character.

Bora: It means storm and is of Turkish origin.

Brager: This last name is of Norwegian origin, and it means thundering, roaring. You can give it to a strong witch character in your story.

Bronagh: This name is of Irish origin, and it means sorrow.

Bryn: It means hill in Welsh.

Cameron: It means crooked nose and is of Gaelic origin.

Cara: In Irish, it means friend.

Casimir: It means destroyer of peace and is of Slavic origin.

Cecelia: It means blind in Latin.

Chandley: It’s a nickname for evildoer and is of Middle High German.

Channing: It has several meanings, such as church official, the wise, young wolf, and is of English origin.

Coffey: This last name means victorious, and it is of Gaelic origin.

Corbin: It means little crow.

Courtney: It means short nose and is of French origin.

Crimson: It means dark red color and is of English origin.

Crespo: It means a person with curly or wavy hair, and this last name is derived from the Latin word Crispus.

Dempsey: It is of Irish origin, and it means proud. If you have a proud witch character in your story, this last name is for that character.

Desdemona: It means ill-fated, unfortunate, and is of Greek origin.

Dolores: It means lady of sorrow and is of Spanish origin.

Doyle: It means dark stranger and is of Irish origin.

Eldritch: It means old in Old English.

Etain: It is of Irish origin, and it means jealousy.

Eztli: It’s a Nauhati name meaning blood.

Flammia: It means red flame, ardent, and is of Italian origin.

Flanagan: It means blood red and is of Irish origin.

Fravel: It’s a nickname for evildoer and is of German origin.

Galle: It’s a nickname for an evil person and is of German origin.

Gaukel: It means to perform magic and is of German origin.

Hecate: Goddess of witchcraft and is of Greek origin.

Keres: It means evil spirits and is of Greek origin.

Layla: In Arabic, it means dark or night.

Lenoir: It means dark or black and is of French origin.

Lilith: It’s a name from Jewish folklore, and it means night monster.

Jabez: He is a biblical figure, and the meaning of this name is “brings sorrow.”

Jinx: It means magic charm and spell.

Keir: It means the dark one and is of Gaelic origin.

Khalida: It means immortal in Arabic.

Kikimora: A female evil spirit in Slavic mythology, and it means scarecrow in Udmurt.

Kosior: It means fire rake, or broom, and is of Polish origin.

Lilin: In Jewish mythology, it means night spirits.

Malacoda: It means evil tail and is of Italian origin.

Malafronte: It means evil, forehead, and this last name is of Italian origin.

Malfatto: This last name means doer of evil and is of Italian origin. The best last name for an evil witch.

Mallory: It’s a nickname for an unfortunate person, and it also means unhappy, or unlucky.

Malo: A nickname for an unpleasant person, and it is of Spanish origin.

Molly: This is of Irish origin meaning bitter.

Narfi: It means narrow and is of Norse mythology.

Nerezza: This Italian name means darkness.

Nukpana: It is a native American name, and it means evil.

Nyx: It means night in Greek.

Onyx: It means black gemstone in English origin, and in Greek, it is a nail.

Perdita: In Latin, it means lost.

Phobus: It means fear.

Quade: It is a nickname for an evil man and is of German origin.

Saskia: It means one who has a knife, and it is of German origin.

Selene: It means moon in Greek.

Sidero: It means an evil nymph and is of Latin origin.

Simon: It means flat-nosed and is of Greek origin.

Teivel: It means devil and is of Yiddish origin.

Tristana: This is of Celtic origin, and it means sorrowful.

Ubel: It means evil and is of German origin.

Ubelhor: It means evil lord.

Voland: It’s a French last name, and it means to fly.

Zillah: It is of Hebrew origin meaning shadow, shade.

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Witch Last Names from Literature, Movies, And Television

  1. Abbott
  2. Aching
  3. Alonso
  4. Armstrong
  5. Bagshot
  6. Baily
  7. Beauchamp
  8. Bell
  9. Beryl
  10. Blake
  11. Bones
  12. Bright
  13. Brown
  14. Cackle
  15. Candy
  16. Carrow
  17. Cherrytree
  18. Claire
  19. Clara
  20. Clayton
  21. Clearwater
  22. Cleary
  23. Deane
  24. Delacour
  25. DeSpell
  26. Dumbledore
  27. Edgecombe
  28. Evans
  29. Frog
  30. Gesserit
  31. Granger
  32. Grimm
  33. Gorgon
  34. Hallow
  35. Hag
  36. Harkness
  37. Hufflepuff
  38. Jorkins
  39. Lestrange
  40. Madison
  41. Malfoy
  42. Nightshade
  43. Ravenclaw
  44. Rosmerta
  45. Sefton
  46. Sinistra
  47. Spellman
  48. Tonks
  49. Vance
  50. Warren
  51. Weasley
  52. Zatara
witch last names

That’s all for witch last names; I hope you got a perfect name for your witch character or Halloween costume. If you liked the post, kindly share it with others. Thanks for reading.

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